Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lord forbid I defend the Palins, however, as the video clearly shows, there's something a little twisted by some folks on the left's point of view. Naturally, this would be shown on MSNBC.

Anthony Weiner is a person in whom the public trust has been bestowed. What he did was sick, perverted, and represents complete moral corruption, a sense that the rules don't apply to him.

Now can Sarah Palin be held responsible for her daughter getting knocked up? Only indirectly. Naturally people might speculate she was too wrapped up in her career or was not a responsible mother, but most folks who've had teenage daughers know things happen.

As for Bristol Palin, she was irresponsible. She exercised bad judgment and a lack of maturity. Bristol can be held up as an example to show the importance of avoiding premature and immature sexual encounters and if participating in the elicit act practicing proper protection. There is nothing wicked, no intent to take advantage of others, nothing perverted about her conduct.

Politics aside, where Weiner, of course, represents the extreme left of the Democratic party, how he conducts himself is the ultimate example of a throughly horrible human being, a sick and twisted mean-spirited man who lacks respect towards others and any trace of civil behavior.

For those liberal apologists who keep carping that Weiner didn't break any laws, first it's premature to say that. Second, if being a responsible person worthy of virtue only means obeying the law, that's an awfuly low standard. Weiner is the poster child for what a horrible, detestable, thoroughly rotten human being is all about.

We offer no sympathy for Weiner. We hope that Mrs. Weinder can steer threw this situation without having her life ruined anymore than what being in the company of a total bucket of scum has already inflicted upon her. God forbid, how sad it would be if reports of her being pregnant are true. Let us pray that there is nothing genetic to Weiner's hateful character, that Mrs. Weiner can divorce this scum bag, and that she can find a man who will love her and treat her child with unconditional love.

No matter how cynical we might be about the political process, we must accept that Anthony Weiner is exceptionally bad no matter who on Capitol hill might be compared to him. Even Nancy Pelosi has moral fabric Weiner lacks.

As for MSNBC and their panelists, what does anyone expect from a corrupt network of left-wing advocates.


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