Sunday, June 12, 2011

Having Fun With MORONS!!!

While we're inclined not to argue with idiots since they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience every time, we couldn't help but want to have a little fun with Alex Jones and his zombie droids. Fervert in their stupidity and resolute in their paranoia, this is the world of Infowars and Prison Planet, two places where Alex Jones assembles his horde of likeminded droids, so this weekend's events made us take a little look into the alternate reality of One of the things that really gets them upset is the Bildersberg Group which meets at some ritzy resort or hotel every couple years. All kinds of big shots: corporate executives, scientists, big shots in government, and others with lots of wealth, success, and achievement from the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and other great nations gather for a couple days to wine, dine, network, listen to speeches and discuss the affairs of the day.

Holy creepers, jeepers, what this really must be is a meeting of the New World Order, in what seems to be a plot almost like those from a James Bond Movie, a cabal of malicious forces who are over the world. We just haven't established who the Mr. Big bad guy is and we assure the world, Alex Jones, the paunchy loud mouth is NO James Bond. For the paranoids who buy into this nonsense, this event gives them the creeps and gives assholes like Alex Jones some great stuff to scare his audience of sheepish paranoids CRAZY!!!!!

They're more worried that the government is dumping stuff in our drinking water that will make us mindless compliant zombies than what's going on with our economy, the lack of an energy policy and other such things that affect our day to day lives.

How sad it is to see how the kind of inferior people who follow Alex Jones and his partner the mysterious Dr. Watson react when confronted with truly great people of accomplishment and prestige. They're too low to even be jealous -- the realization that they are so insignificant comparing their retched little lives of talk show madness to the great leaders of our time -- knowing they are but a grain of sand compared to the great Rock of Gibraltar is too much too take. The big rock is on the move to crush them. Boo-sobbing-hoo!!!!

For fun, we've set up a our "rightminded fellow" as a chat member to comment on their site. We decided to have a good old literary drive by shooting trying to infuse a little rational thinking into their dialog. It will be fun to see how those freaks react. STAY TUNED....


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