Saturday, June 4, 2011

NEVER Forget Tienanmen: The World MUST be Watcing!


June 4, 1989, as the evil of communism was falling around the world, oppressed countries like Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Soviet republics were gaining their freedom from the totalitarian grip of corrupt hard core socialism, the people of China sought to truly be a "people's" republic of China as peaceful demonstrations broke out around the vicious, corrupt, oppressive country nowhere more obvious to the eyes of the world than in the heart of Beijing, Tienanmen Square. Refusing to consider any measure of reform, Chinese tanks and troops converged upon the peaceful gathering of their brothers and sisters brutalizing those who would not submit to the force of communism's iron boot on their throats.

In the 21 years since the wicked Chinese regime showed its true colors butchering its own people, China has marched on to where it is rapidly becoming the world's most powerful economy poised to overtake the United States in just a matter of a few years. In 1997, the British Government handed over Hong Kong to the Chinese Government giving them one of the world's most sophisticated financial hubs. While beating the crap out of the Tibetans and dissidents, the Chinese regime dressed up its capital city to put on a great public relations display hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics with the world media restricted what images they could broadcast to the rest of the world showing the wretched conditions for much of the population and the ever visible signs of gasping pollution, a matter which just doesn't matter to the murderous minions of madness.

Chinese Hegemony is growing at an astonishing pace supported by the United States economy both seeking cheap finished goods and using Chinese resources as a constant line of credit to prop up a deficit ridden economy. The United States weakness and lack of economic resolve is transfusion power and strength that was once America's and is now Chinese, and for what?

The government in Beijing is the same band of belligerent blood-thirsty cutthroats who killed their own people 21 years ago today. We must recognize the Chinese are not our friends. They are using us and we're begging to them to use us. The results could be catastrophic making some future date  where Chinese tanks marching on Time Square or the Mall in Washington DC not seem all that improbable.

Remember the chants of the Chinese demonstrators before their slaughter, "The world is watching, the world is watching." In 2011, we and the rest of the world damned well better be watching and know what is going on.

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