Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leftist Demonstrators Force Karl Rove Off the Stage in California

Who the hell are the cry-babies in the media and Democratic party to complain about some alleged bad behavior during last weekend’s Tea Party rally in Washington, DC where there were thousands on hand and possibly a few shouted inappropriate hate comments, racial epitaphs, at a couple black congressmen though no one reported specific incidents nor were there any tapes or recordings of such? One congressman was apparently spat upon but the “smoking gun” video is most inconclusive.

Meanwhile, what do these same people have to say about episodes that are all too common when prominent Republicans and conservatives attempt to make public appearances? How do they justify such? If the behavior they allege is unsatisfactory in the Tea Party gathering, then what should be the reaction to the following?

Last night, Karl Rove appeared at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California to discuss his book “Courage and Consequences: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight.” Approximately one hundred guests were in attendance for the book signing.

Promptly, demonstrators including the co-founder of the radical anti-war group, Code Pink, rushed the stage. Their leader, Jodie Evans approached Rove with handcuffs claiming to make a citizens’ arrest charging him with “outing a CIA agent,” “you lied to take us to war…” and “totally ruining the country.”

Another demonstrator shouted, “The only comfort I take is that you’re going to rot in hell.”

Rove responded that the mob attack represented, “totalitarianism of the left…they don’t believe in dialog…they don’t believe in courtesy. They don’t believe in first Amendment rights for anyone but themselves.” Well said, Mr. Rove.

Dave Bryan, a reporter for KCAL, Los Angeles’ CBS station, reported from the event noting security was lax leaving Mr. Rove to essentially fend for himself.

This episode so beautifully reveals the total hypocrisy and moral relativism of the so-called progressive elitists. While they go out of their way to take items out of context and use them to scream abusive speech and prejudices exhibited by those against whom they disagree, when the table is turned they are silent. In the same week they attempted to identify Sarah Palin as inciting hated and violence, one of their key protest groups engages in violence.

It’s clear that the law in Obama nation is that if you’re on the left, the ends justify the means. Whether it’s obliterating rules for the legislative process being manipulated and voided by the house and senate and providing massive earmarks to gain votes or an episode like this idiotic behavior in Beverly Hills, the attitude seems to be one of a bizarre form of entitlement, “We can do whatever we want because we’re right.”

Sadly, many institutions now are thinking twice before booking conservative speakers under the threat of violence that is routine at northeast and west coast campuses but has even spread to relatively civil environments like Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

In a land where we supposedly believe in equal protection under the law, clearly some people do not count to the citizens of Obama Nation.

This should make the rest of us fighting mad.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 6 -- Martinsville Madness -- Hot Finish for Rain Delayed Race

For fans who could watch today’s’ Goody’s 500 at Martinsville, the delay was worth the wait particularly in the final laps when the old short track bump and grind was at its best leaders changing, tempers flaring, and quite a remarkable finish for a driver who would have been undergoing knee surgery were it not for yesterday’s start being rained out.

The race turned out to be a strong one/two finish for Joe Gibbs Racing with Denny Hamlin bringing home the grandfather clock and Joey Logano finishing second. An angry Jeff Gordon finished 3rd. While Ryan Newman who was angry at Gordon, finished fourth.

Looking at the last ten official laps and the laps added on for facilitating a green/white/checker finish, the drama played out in a most entertaining fashion.

Lap 490, Jeff Burton would not pit though it appeared he was experiencing tire trouble. He and fellow Virginian, Denny Hamlin had been fighting for most of the second half of the race for the lead spot. Two laps later, Burton’s tire gave out forcing his car into the wall bringing out the caution flag. In what would seem a surprise move, Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin entered the pits for four fresh tires turning the lead over to Jeff Gordon. They would line up Hamlin 9th and Busch 10th for the restart.

When the green flag dropped for lap 496, Gordon led with Matt Kenseth 2nd, Ryan Newman 3rd, Ryan Newman 4th, and Joey Logano 5th. The following lap, Newman jumped to 2nd while Denny Hamlin was knocking his way through the field with fresh rubber reaching 4th place by lap 498.

Lap 499 brought out the next caution as Kyle Busch, perhaps a bit over anxious spun sideways collecting Paul Menard and Marcos Ambrose ruining his top 10 finish.

Seven laps would be run under caution with the green flag dropping for lap 506, Jeff Gordon in 1st, Ryan Newman in 2nd, Matt Kenseth in 3rd. Denny Hamlin in 4th, and Joey Logano in 5th. As the white flag dropped for lap 507, Denny Hamlin pushed aside Ryan Newman as Matt Kenseth rushed for the corner attempting to take the lead causing Jeff Gordon to full control of his car as Kenseth’s car slid along the wall removing his car from the action. Thanks to this tangle, Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano sped past Gordon, to achieve the one/two finish for Joe Gibbs, the team’s first win for 2010.

To say tempers were a little short after the race would indicate….well, it was a NASCAR short track race. The drivers will have an extra week to recover with the Easter break falling before their next race in Phoenix, Arizona.

So where’s Jimmy? Wasn’t Jimmy Johnson Mr. Inevitable after Bristol especially given his success at Martinsville?

Jimmie Johnson was never a factor in the race struggling with an ill-handing race car languishing in the middle of the pack for most of the race, but with each pit stop, Chad Knaus and crew continued to work adjusting the car for the better resulting in a 10th place finish making it Jimmie Johnson’s 15th straight top 10. For what was looking like what was intended to be a lousy day for the #48 team, Johnson’s consistency along with a major mishap for former points leader, Kevin Harvick and second place driver, Matt Kenseth getting pushed aside by an irate Jeff Gordon in a late race skirmish for the win allowed what seemed inevitable with every race after a difficult Daytona 500. Jimmie Johnson now holds the points lead.

Also of note was the horrible finish for Kevin Harvick whose car troubles dropped him to a distant 35th finish moving him from 1st down to 4th in the standings. Despite his late race tire trouble, Jeff Burton gained two positions in the standings, now in 5th and Jeff Gordon who was one unhappy camper at the end of the race gained four positions in the points standings. Joey Logano came back forcefully after a couple futile weeks picking up four positions to stand in 13th place just outside the chase field. Ryan Newman whose season started so horribly gained four positions closing in on the top 20 now in 22nd.

PC Police in Davenport, Iowa Want No Good Friday to be Just Okay

Here we go again. Another city is being “politically correct” with yet another assault on Christianity adding further insult to injury for the vast majority of the American population who identify themselves as Christian.

In this instance the city of Davenport, Iowa has removed “Good Friday” from its municipal calendar in favor of “Spring Holiday.” There is one valid argument, that of the observance of Passover which occurs on the same lunar calendar. The solution then would be “Good Friday/Passover.” The city recognizes the holiday in accordance with when the Christian holiday observes its sacred day which is determined by the ancient lunar calendar.

The change was recommended by the Davenport Civil Rights commission suggesting the holiday should be named something more “ecumenical.” The move was made without even informing the town council which supposedly is responsible for approving such measures. The change was presented by Craig Mulin, city administrator, through memos to municipal employees.

The chairman for the city’s Civil Rights Commission, Tim Hart issued a statement which said in part:

"We merely made a recommendation that the name be changed to something other than Good Friday. Our Constitution calls for separation of church and state. Davenport touts itself as a diverse city and given all the different types of religious and ethnic backgrounds we represent, we suggested the change."

Ah, isn’t that the modern day politically correct shallow bureaucratic response?

We’ve been taught since 1960’s that there is this immobile, steadfast wall that separates church and state. Oh really? What does the constitution really say?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The framers of the Constitution did not want the United States to establish a national church such as the Church of England or nationally sanctioned recognition of Catholicism as was prevalent in much of Europe. Further, some states were founded by members of certain faiths who sought to create their own faith-based colonies in the New World. The constitution sought to be sure the national government would not mandate any particular religion. In essence when speaking of the “establishment clause” that is what’s at stake. The second aspect is “the free expression thereof” which guarantees all citizens to practice their religion without any legal interference.

When someone can demonstrate how anything any institution of federal, state, or local government has made a law respecting the establishment of religion, bring it on and let’s see what it says! Good Friday on a municipal calendar hardly raises itself to this.

One has to ask those who are so quick to dismiss expressions from public any display of anything remotely Christian, what is it they find so threatening? Could it be some of the basic principles of Christianity demand a higher level of behavior than some are willing to hold themselves responsible for displaying?

Otherwise, it would seem like they could handle what they find objectionable the same way most of us handle such things that aren’t too blatantly stuffed in our faces, IGNORE IT!!! After all, isn’t that what they encourage the majority population to do with all the baseless trash and obscenity that is almost pandemic in the world of entertainment these days?

Thankfully this story has a happy ending, for now, but what will the PC Police fix their eyes on next?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 6 -- Martinsville: There's Rain in Them Thar Hills

Rain cancelled qualifying. Rain postponed today's race. Rain is strongly in the forecast for tomorrow. It's early spring in the Virginia mountains where rain (or worse) is a strong possibility. And so it is in the southern Virginia mountains this last weekend of March.
Fortunately for the drivers, the have next weekend off in observance of Easter and Passover before heading back out west for the spring race in Phoenix, Arizona where rain is seldom an issue.
The real losers in this dilemma are the fans, many of whom are weekend warriors who cannot stick around and hopefully see action tomorrow but don't rule Tuesday out. Smaller crowds mean less vendor sales and a financial hit to them and the racetrack itself.
Such is life in outdoors sports where weather can create safety and competitive problems. NASCAR has made some adjustments to its schedule in fairly recent history to deal with some potential weather issues such as moving the first Richmond race from the first weekend in March to early May. Moving Talledega's July race to the fall also helps protect the race fan from the beastly heat of a deep down in Dixie summer. Surely going from Daytona to Fontana to Las Vegas also makes sense.
Nothing is better for NASCAR than having the stands full of happy comfy race fans. In an environment where even Bristol did not sell out for its first race of 2010, the sport should make every effort to evaluate its schedule and line up races at the best possible time to attract the most fans, and maybe some of the long 500's could be cut back so fans can get back home safely after a Sunday afternoon of racing.
Perhaps the lesson in today's rain out is that at least there is one thing that can keep Jimmie Johnson from collecting another trophy -- or grandfather clock, RAIN!!!

Sarah, Sarah Palin, Are You Deaf or Something...Isn't Your Fifteen Minutes of Fame Over Yet?

Sarah Palin -- Are YOU serious?
We don't question Sarah Palin's stance on most issues. We question her judgment, her ability to reason, her intellectual ability, emotional maturity, and ability to deal with nuances and subtle distinctions inherent in complex issues.

She's been on a tear again this past week, first hitting the campaign trail in Arizona to help John McCain's senatorial re-election bid. Then it was off to Nevada, Harry Reid's home town to serve as keynote speaker for a tea party gathering.

Her shrill recitation of talk-show conservative bumper sticker lines might serve well to stir up a crowd of blood thirsty citizens fearful of the state of the United States economy, angry about the seizure of the American medical system and how the Democratic party thrust it upon the country, and the ever increasing roll of the nanny state. While she might be able to recite the headlines, she can't tell the story. She can't provide any analytic or creative perspective. Everything is in slogan ready headline form, easily shouted to a crowd, but where's the rest?

Where's the rest for a person who is supposed to be a leader who does not complete choosing for nebulous reasons to resign?

Where's the maturity and sophistication differentiating between truly sick abuse and just the routine abuse a figure of his stature would endure from the "lame stream" media?

A true leader must walk the walk, talk the talk, and show some mature judgment. Examine the photo that accompanies this article and decide for yourself if this is anyway for a person who seeks to be respected and seen as something more than a simplistic rube from the wilderness of Alaska. Would anyone from a school's PTA President to a Corporate Executive to a television commentator get away dressed like a biker chick or a dominatrix?

Hell no! It's all about showing mature judgment? For a person who some champion for her "common" touch what seems so lacking in her whole presentation since we first met her late in the summer of 2008 is common sense.
The sooner Sarah Palin gets out of the way the better. For Americans who believe in limited government, a constitutional democracy, and cannot accept the quasi-socialist attempt to transform American society thrust upon us by the Obama Administration and Pelosi led House of Representatives, strong leadership with a mature logical voice is desperately needed. That voice is not the shrill whining of the former governor of Alaska.
Surely the "leather goddess" garb will get its share of attention at the hands of late night commedians

Get Well, Mrs. Bush!!!

We note with sadness that Barbara Bush, wife of Bush #41 and mother of Bush #43 has been hospitalized. Indications are she was not feeling well and will undergo a series of tests.

Our prayers are with the feisty free spirit who's sharp wit and shoot-from-the-hip style made her a very beloved first lady outside of the left-wing loony land. Her contributions to many charitable causes including adult literacy deserve much praise.

She's truly an American treasure who represents the "greatest generation" so well.

Get well Mrs. Bush. We're counting on your wit and charm to delight America for many, many more years!!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Orioles' Decade Team: ARGHH!!!!!!

Major League Baseball Announces “All-Decade” Team for Orioles

2010 begins a new decade and could there have been a worse decade for the Baltimore Orioles?

It was 0-10 for the decade, not a single winning season looking much more like the St. Louis Browns the hapless team that was hustled out of Sportsman’s Park virtually unnoticed to become the Baltimore Orioles in 1954, a miserable team that would play .500 ball in 1957 showing the potential for what would become a winning team in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s, and at least playing to five winning seasons in the 90’s with two playoff appearances.

Within hours of losing to Cleveland in the American League Championship Series in 1997, a season where the Orioles were in first place for every single day of the season, the unraveling began, as Davey Johnson resigned under pressure and General Manager Pat Gillick also resigned. A series of boneheaded moves, a virtually nonexistent farm system, and miserable lack of leadership began to set in with a losing record though just below .500 in 1998 and never having a winning season since. Remember the Albert Belle signing? How about Syd Thrift’s rambling press conferences on organization moves sounding like Foghorn Legborne with Alzheimer’s disease?

As such the Orioles tumbled from being one of professional sports’ most respected operations to joining the ranks of the Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Clippers, and start and park NASCAR teams.

How bad was the last decade? Let’s look at the recently released team of the decade published by Major League Baseball. Look over the list. Little commentary is necessary!

C Ramon Hernandez
1B Jeff Conine
2B Brian Roberts
SS Miguel Tejada
3B Melvin Mora
OF Jay Gibbons
OF Adam Jones
OF Nick Markakis
DH Aubrey Huff
SP Rodrigo Lopez
SP Erik Bedard
SP Jeremy Guthrie
SP Sidney Ponson
SP Daniel Cabrera
SU B.J. Ryan
CL Jorge Julio
MGR Mike Hargrove


The brightest spot is at second base. Brian Roberts could be the bridge between the Orioles legacy through Cal Ripken to a possible winning team in the near future. He’s done everything to be expected of an all star second baseman and leadoff hitter while being a great model player in the community spending much time with ailing kids in local hospitals.

Nick Markakis and Adam Jones are two thirds of what could be one of the best outfield ensembles in all of baseball.

Surely Melvin Mora deserves an unsung hero’s award. Becoming the Orioles’ starting third baseman with the retirement of Cal Ripken, he was a dependable bat in an often miserable lineup and fielded his position well becoming the player to man the hot corner second only to Brooks Robinson in games played at third.

Seeing the inclusion of Jay Gibbons and Sydney Ponson confirms what Orioles fans suspected all too often in the last ten years. Yes some of the Orioles truly were dopes.

2010 begins a new decade and the Orioles have a great outfield, one of the most promising young players at catcher, and a superb double-play combination at shortstop and second bass. Three of the Orioles starters are products of the Orioles organization or acquired via rebuilding trades engineered by Andy McPhail. There are more future Birds close to being ready who will likely spend 2010 in Norfolk.

The next decade should show a much better team than what disgraced Camden Yards for the past decade. Will they be good enough to take on the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, time will tell, but ten years from now, we feel confident there will be no embarrassments like Daniel Cabrera and Sydney Ponson.

For those looking for hope, consider the list above as representing supposedly the best for the entire past ten years. Compare that to the lineup that will take the field on opening day and decide which team you would rather watch.

The future’s so bright we gotta wear shades.

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 6 -- Martinsville: Can Anyone Stop Jimmie Johnson?

Qualifying was rained out and what last week’s race at Bristol served as the first major milestone in the 2010 season comes into play as qualifying at for tomorrow’s race at Martinsville has been rained out. Thus the field lines up according to 2010 owners’ points putting Kevin Harvick on the poll and Matt Kenseth to his side. Jimmie Johnson is in the sweet spot in row two.

The biggest news quite possibly is that Sprint Cup race cars will return to a conventional blade spoiler as the aero-wing has been abandoned. Early test reports are favorable but it is also a racing aesthetic. The wings just didn’t look NASCAR and fans complained as such. Unlike in the past, the spoilers are absolutely uniform. NASCAR supplies them and they must be kept at the designated angle. You won’t see pit crews banging on the spoiler during a race to get more favorable aerodynamic effects. NASCAR simply will not allow for any tweaking whatsoever with the new race car. It makes this fan wonder, did IROC truly die or was it inbred into Sprint Cup where NASCAR has moved solidly toward standardized everything short of decals and who makes the drive train.

The 2010 Sprint Cup season hit its first major milestone with the conclusion of the Food City 500 t Bristol, Tennessee. Five races down, 22 races until the Chase begins and 31 races until Homestead when the season ends and a champion is crowned. Here we go again, but is it too soon to talk about inevitability?

Does it not feel like it is inevitable Jimmie Johnson will win the 2010 Sprint Cup Championship, his 5th in a row, putting him all alone in 3rd for most championships closing in on Dale Earnhardt’s and Richard Petty’s seven championships. Five in a row would certainly further his own mark of achievement, racking up the consecutive honors.

For those who do not welcome a Johnson championship, there is a glimmer of hope, despite his winning three out of five races this season; he’s still only 3rd in points. He did succumb to a fate not characteristic of championship drivers, a DNF and 35th position in the Daytona 500. He finished outside the top 10, 12th in Atlanta. How many drivers would love to consistently finish somewhere around 12?

For all that misfortune, Johnson is only 14 points out of the top spot which provides the modest feat of overcoming Kevin Harvick and Matt Kenseth one of just finishing slightly ahead of them at Martinsville, a track that has been very, very good to Mr. Johnson.

Want to be scared even more? Up to this point, Bristol was one track that had eluded Johnson’s mastery. There are fewer and fewer tracks where Johnson has not taken the checkered flag, trophy, and big check.

Kevin Harvick has stood atop the points from week two onward. Whatever hardware problems the Richard Childress gang endured last year have been resolved. Jeff Burton is also in the all important top 12 but a horrible wreck almost sunk teammate, Clint Bowyer who clings to the 12 spot.

Roush/Fenway is looking like an operation ready to grab a trophy or two with Matt Kenseth in 2nd in the points and Greg Biffle in 4th. Carl Edwards leapt forward to 13th spot with his 6th place finish gaining seven positions in the points erasing some of the trauma from the misery of Atlanta.

Look who’s back in the top five after fumbling through much of the early season, Tony Stewart while maybe Dale Earnhardt Jr. is finally getting his act together. Junior picked up five positions in the points standings to secure 8th place with his tough 7th place run.

Perhaps one of the most interesting stories of the young season is Paul Menard who after breaking in with DEI then moving to Yates is now looking like a mature, solid competitor with Richard Petty racing with essentially the same crew he worked with last year. He continues to hold down his top 10 position in 9th place.

Joey Logano’s hot start has been interrupted by the accident bug now all the way down to 17th place while Mark Martin’s misfortune pushed him down nine positions all the way down to 16th. In the “sucks to be me” department, surely Kasey Kahne cannot be loving life. Here’s a fellow who’s looked to have had great equipment looking sharp in practice but somehow can’t avoid being attacked by on track misfortune falling another six positions.

As unpredictable as short track racing is supposed to be, Martinsville has been Johnsonville and that’s not the brand of the hotdogs sold at the race track, those jumbo artery destroying delights with loads and loads of red dye.

Jimmie Johnson is still a fairly young driver who hasn’t even raced for a full decade. How many more grandfather clocks does a man need? Well, tomorrow afternoon, one of the 43 drivers starting at Martinsville will become the proud owner of one. It’s hard not to bet on the champ.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lefties Never Cease to Entertain

Check this out! There's yet another group of left wing loonies who must be way out there if the Stupak amendment or Rahm Emanuel make their list. As if MoveOn.org, Acorn (pronounced a - con), and all the various little hate groups Obama has working for him, who the heck is Credo Action?

So they thought it would be cute to create their own March Madness to identify the most evil villain in their dopey little world. Why don't we chain them to their chairs in an iMax theater and give them about eight hours of Ann Coulter.

Here's their dopey little bracket.... D'oh!!!

Hey Boomer, Feeling Old??

It was on this date in 1958 when Elvis Presley reported for duty as a soldier in the United States army. And when was the last time anyone in the entertainment industry served in the military?
While some deserve much credit travelling the world for entertaining our troops, all too often we hear of the Hollywood crowd badmouthing efforts to defend our country and way of life. How quickly they take advantage all those who sacrifice so that "the beautiful people" can enjoy lounging around their swimming pools in Malibu and Beverly Hills. Some even embrace our enemies like Hugo Chavez.
It was a more innocent and appreciative world fifty two years ago.

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Time to Fight Hard Before It's Too Late

NO LAUGHING MATTER: The Terrible Troika
Right Minded Fellow cannot conceal something – I absolutely despise the terrible troika, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. It’s one thing to talk about issues. Plainly put, their brand of socialism is un-American. Go back to the founding of the Republic and understand that the basis of our society is one of LIMITED government. The whole thrust of the Constitution is to protect the sanctity of individual freedom and that checks and balances are not only established to keep the national government in line, but the roll of states is essential.

With the attempt to seize control of the nation’s medical system, we see an attempt at overt denial of limited government and that the notion of requiring individuals to buy something simply for living in the United States is absurd. We do not deny the feds have some roll in medicine but not to run and control it. This is where it gets personal. There is no denying the American public overwhelming does not want Obama-Care. We’ve seen the legislation loaded with special giveaways to gain key legislators’ votes. There are also sellouts and giveaways to special concerns who are either part of the troika’s strongest contributors or those who need favors to be bought out to gain support…as in trashing Medicare advantage for AARP. As such, the legislation is thousands of pages long loaded with huge increases in the size of the Federal bureaucracy and additional departments and agencies that once implanted become as overwhelming as an infestation of kudzu.

The notion of the elected leaders is that they shall represent us not rule us, to lead us not to compel us. How many more ways can the people of the United States make it clear, we do not want the complete Federal takeover of our medical system.

The special interest groups that have this unholy troika’s attention does not represent America, they represent narrowly defined special interests often at odds with the greater public good. Why should labor unions have more influence on the medical system than the doctors whose expertise the system depends upon?

Never before in American history has the national government in one sweeping move attempted to so overwhelmingly change the one of the most fundamental aspects of our day-to-day lives, our health care.

Looking at how this troika conducts its business is so patently offensive to a free and intelligent society. Who doesn’t get the sense that they are implying “we’re doing this because you’re not smart enough to know what’s good for you”? What do we make of Nancy Pelosi imploring her colleagues if we want to see what’s in the proposal let’s pass the measure and then we’ll see? How can we trust the Senate when several Senators apparently needed some special consideration written into the bill as provided by their Majority Leader Harry Reid? How does the public accept the manner in which the President of the United States has talked down to the public while questioning the morals of those who oppose him?

This means war. It’s time for nationwide civil disobedience and all-out protest. Where ever shall the terrible troika travel they shall be met by angry every day Americans insulted to the core by the outrages the troika has thrust upon them. They must be held to account and criticized viciously using all available forums – town hall meetings, public gatherings, the broadcast media and the press. The message must go out loud and clear, those who support Obama/Pelosi/Reid are enemies of the people subject to massive public scorn and rebuke.

From the end of World War Two until Ronald Reagan’s vision took hold, we fought the growing tide of world socialism. We ended the cold war against a system where an all powerful government collapsed upon itself.

The terrible troika are not simply political figures with whom we disagree, they are the enemy of the American people, our way of life, our Constitutional heritage and must be dealt with accordingly.

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 5 -- Bristol, Good Old Short Track Chaos as First Milestone Nears

This Sunday’s race at Bristol is an important milestone in the 2010 Sprint Cup season. At the end of the race, cars in the top 35 based on owners’ points will be guaranteed a starting position the following week. The remainder must qualify to race. Here’s where the “start and park” teams really make it ugly. Some of them are pretty good at qualifying, but they’ll be around until about the first pit stop and be gone. They arrive at the track with no intention to race a full race and often don’t even have a full legitimiate pit crew. Some ask what’s the big deal? Others contend that those who don’t like what’s going on should just out do them in qualifying. Our position is clear. All teams must have a full crew and equipment to be able to complete a whole race. Whether NASCAR can summon the resolve to ban them outright or continue to put the screws to the teams to force them to either become race ready or go home, it’s time for this insanity to end.

Look at the teams that failed to qualify, the #13 Toyota driven by Max Papis sponsored by GEICO and the #36 Chevy driven by Mike Bliss sponsored by Wave Energy drink. These teams were prepared to race the entire race and have sponsorship that will be none to happy they won’t have their advertising zipping around the Bristol, Tennessee race track. Meanwhile, Dave Blaney in the #66 Toyota, Prism Motorsports team qualified an amazing 3rd. How’s that for cluttering up the competition where cars get bunched up and bumping very quickly and what does a non-competitor do to wad up the works. We’ll have to keep an eye on the #55 Toyota for Prism. Its driver is Michael Waltrip this week. Would they dare put together this driver/team combination and not be racing?

Joe Nemechek shows “Computer Works” sponsorship. Will he finally race? How about Aric Almirola in the #09 Chevy sporting Phoenix Construction/Graceway Pharmaceutical sponsorship? Casey Mears finally makes the field in the #90 Chevy with Juiced Air Freshener/Smell My Car.com sponsors. The word from some of these teams is that if they’re sponsored, they’ll race. We’ll see. There are only two unsponsored teams this week from the Prism operation.

This is a topic we’re sick of discussing. We believe the honor to start in a premier NASCAR event should not amount to welfare for underfunded teams. Sprint Cup is the big leagues. This is no place for teams not prepared for the highest level of competition. This is a dreadful distraction from the true stories of competition which at Bristol can be many. There is no sanctity to having a full 43 car starting field. Up to 1997, not all races were open to 43 cars and was anyone complaining then?

Eyes will be on Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski after their conflicts at Atlanta. Surely, Carl Edwards will not want to be seen as going over the line while he’s on probation. Hopefully NASCAR’s response was not too nuanced for Kesolowski to understand. This young driver has quickly alienated the field and shows the lack of respect that translates into not being able to buy a break on race day. Surely none of his comments to the media after races help his cause. Contrast his approach to that of Joey Logano or Danica Patrick at their positions on the learning curve to become successful NASCAR drivers. While Logano has caused some tie-ups on the track, drivers don’t stay mad at him long because he knows how to conduct himself. Patrick has gone out of her way to maintain a low profile in the garage area and build relationships with her more senior drivers.

It looks like somebody behind the #26 Ford operation realized the need to shake things up. Boris Said just was not effective. David Stremme takes his place. Will it be too little too late as the awesome deadline is at hand? The race will bear the answer.

Not escaping attention is the success shown by Scott Speed and Paul Menard whose fortune so far in the sport has not been good. Both are in the top 12 going into race #5. Toward that end, Menard starts a respectable 12th.

Joey Logano got off to a quick start but Atlanta was brutal being collateral damage in the wreck that put Carl Edwards behind the wall thanks to Brad Kesolowski’s blunders. Not losing a beat, he is poised to quickly bounce back winning his first poll to start Sunday’s field.

Qualifying has not been strong for the Ford effort particularly Roush/Fenway. With Matt Kennseth in 7th and Edwards in 8th, improvement is noted.

Top 12 Qualifiers:
1. #20, Joey Logano, Toyota
2. #2, Kurt Busch, Dodge
3. #66, Dave Blaney, Toyota
4. #48, Jimmie Johnson, Chevy
5. #24, Jeff Gordon, Chevy
6. #42, Juan Montoya, Chevy
7. #17, Matt Kenseth, Ford
8. #99, Carl Edwards, Ford
9. #47, Marcos Ambrose, Toyota
10. #00, David Reutimann, Toyota
11. #14, Tony Stewart, Chevy
12. #98, Paul Menard, Ford

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 March Madness: Hoop-de-Doo and Keep an Eye on Miss Betty

March Madness has arrived! The NCAA College Basketball Championship series is one of the most unique and enjoyable events on the sports calendars for it truly is an all-American event from the Pacific Northwest to Florida to New England to Southern California and all the heartland in between, the great colleges and universities and some no one’s ever heard of are playing for the national championship. Three weeks sixty five teams will be reduced to one, the national championship.

Management at work looks the other way and who cares if gambling is a no-no, but everyone from the suits in the corner office to the kid in the mailroom have their brackets filled out, and isn’t it funny how the office sports prognosticators seldom win? Last year it was Betty with the big thick glasses in accounting. The year before that, it was that cute little honey who works for the head of payroll. The year before that, it was that kid from Korea working in I.T. This year, everyone started today dreaming of winning the big price, but the upsets are already underway.

Your humble writer here plays three sheets each year – the well researched, the “play the hunch,” and the wishful thinking. As such, we have Kansas, Duke, and Maryland atop of three separate brackets. How strange it feels not to have picked the North Carolina Tar Heels on any sheet. Last year’s champs are this year’s chumps playing for honor in the lowly NIT tournament. Talk about turnarounds, their participation in the NIT doesn’t even rate the Dean Dome. It’s closed for renovations so the old Carmichael Auditorium once again hosts the men’s team.

Aside from the University of Maryland’s #4 bid, the region is represented by Morgan State representing the MEAC conference. The Georgetown Hoyas look strong as a #3 seed for the Big East. Richmond represents the Atlantic 10 as a #7. Not to far from Crab Town, two Big East teams, West Virginia and Villanova enjoy #2 seeds. Yet, the biggest story of the tournament so far comes from down at the other end of the Chesapeake Bay. Old Dominion, a #11 slot, representing the Colonial Conference the same conference as Towson University, upset Notre Dame. It took overtime for Villanova to claim its victory over the lowly Robert Morris.

True to form, within the first four games, great stories have emerged and the once mighty Florida Gators are already finished. Thirty two games in two days and even Betty in accounting and the Korean Kid are keeping track.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Baltimore's Shame

As of this posting, there have been 28 homicides in Baltimore. That's one murder about every 2 1/2 days. The spin-meisters will applaud that the murder rate has fallen this year.

Does anybody think that the city has been snowbound for so much time might have inhibited the life on the street out of which many of the murders arise.

Little old white ladies in Roland Park needn't worry. Yuppies in Canton, Fells Point, and Federal Hill haven't a care. EVERY SINGLE MURDER IN BALTIMORE STILL HAS A BLACK MALE AS THE MURDER VICTIM.

Racism is far more complicated that the faux-moral outrage and indignation we see reacting in horror to the utterance of the horrible "N" word. The verbalizing "Nigger" is indefensible especially when used to demean and dimiss others. There are reasons why the murder profile in Baltimore tallies up the way it does and it is not by coincidence that the only murder victims in Baltimore so far this year are black males.

Let the politicians and social activists say what they will, our brothers, members of our community at large are being written off as second class citizens.

It's time to raise expectations across the board. It's time for schools to stop making excuses for why male black students are not achieving and realize no matter what their background consists of, it is still the school's responsibility to teach all students effectively.

All these things interrelate. However, since the horror of death seldom reaches most neighborhoods, it's so easy to brush off the hard realities. It's far more complicated than simply gang violence, the drug trade, and broken families. The solution is far from unobtainable.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Couldn't Resist: What Needs to be Done with Glenn Beck

Do you think you could get a real "bang" out of this?
Could we get Glenn Beck dressed up in a Bullwinkle costume and plop him down in Sarah Palin's backyard?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York Legislator Seeks to Ban Salt in New York Restaurants

Gee does this idiotic nonsense apply to those big soft pretzels the street vendors sell?

This is the kind of stuff that can make a mild-mannered person hate the government. Legislation has been introduced in the New York State Legislature that would make using salt in the preparation of food in restaurants ILLEGAL. The bill, introduced by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, Democrat, Brooklyn, A. 10129, stipulates:

"No owner or operator of a restaurant in this state shall use salt in any form in the preparation of any food for consumption by customers of such restaurant, including food prepared to be consumed on the premises of such restaurant or off of such premises,"

If this isn’t the “nanny state” run amuck, what is it?

While this writer sure would like to leap over the lunch counter at Burger King, Wendy’s, or McDonalds and slap around the fries boy for the liberal amount of salt, perhaps enough to make Lake Superior an inland sea, judicious use of salt is necessary for many recipes to be enjoyed to their fullest.

Do we really need the government to micromanage our every decision? This is invasive government out of control, but is this not the logical consequence of what we might expect with government controlled health care? The government’s rationale could be that in order to reduce their costs they could outlaw certain behaviors that statistically would show to raise costs – in this case that excessive salt consumption raises the risk of hypertension. Surely, sugar could be the next target?

Perhaps it is reasonable for chain restaurants that have the capacity to have their food properly assayed could provide nutritional information in their menus; however, such legislation could be grossly unfair to small, often single establishment, restaurants, such as the fine selection of dining venues in Baltimore’s or New York’s “Little Italy.”

Hopefully more rational heads will prevail when this measure comes up for a vote in the New York legislature. Still, just the thought that an elected representative could have the sheer audacity to introduce such an obscene and onerous bill is absolutely terrifying and testimony of the total lack of respect some politicians have for the public they serve. Their attitude is clearly the public is too stupid too look out for themselves and make proper decisions. The state must intercede to protect these pitiful little dumdums.

Text of Bill A 10129:

More background from New York media, WNYW-TV.


Edwards Gets Three Race Double Secret Probation

Step aside Kyle, NASCAR's new I'enfant terrible.
Tuesday is lay-down-the-law day in NASCAR, and this time around fans got an interesting look at NASCAR’s attempt to control its “animal house.”

While NASCAR gives its fans a much broader look behind the scenes that most sports do, on some subjects, what’s going on in the garages, we only see the tip of the iceberg. Such is probably the case with the Carl Edwards/Brad Keselowski conflict.

Who wouldn’t think that a three race probation, no fines, no suspension, is barely a slap on the wrist? The earlier penalty being parked for the rest of the race at Atlanta only had minimal impact on Edwards since he was already laps down from the earlier fracas with Keselowski.

The whole situation would have seemed like no big deal had Keselowski’s car not gone airborne. Seldom has a NASCAR sanction ever been considered too light. Their penalties are swift and harsh.

It would be hard to believe that their light sanction would in any way drivers sending other drivers airborne out of fits of anger. So what is going on with this case?

Can they believe that Keselowski’s reckless driving and assorted antics are so irritating that others’ anger at him is somehow self-induced?

Word has it were it not for Keselowski’s car going airborne many drivers would have seen what happened to him justified.

Surely Carl Edwards got the message loud and clear. However, there is another driver who has much to learn. His attitude, thick-headedness and denial transcend the competitive juices which occasionally need a little cooling off by more mature drivers. Perhaps the light punishment on Edwards served as a more severe punishment on Keselowski as it suggests he isn’t worth the effort to stand up for.

A Not So Funny Lawyer Joke

Lindsay Lohan and her lawyers must be absolutely MAD. The wisdom found in Shakespeare’s “Richard III” couldn’t be more appropriate when one considers what the Hollywood archetypal bimbo and her counsel seek to accomplish. She got her feelings hurt and for her pain and suffering, the sheer humiliation she is entitled to $100 million dollars. Yes ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

The financial services company, E*Trade has an ad series of talking babies much like “Look Who’s Talking” movies. In an ad which ran during the Super Bowl, the male baby is talking to his irritated girlfriend who after hearing his bragging questions, “And that milkaholic Lindsey wasn’t over?” To which the male character questions, “Lindsey?” Then a female baby pops up in front of him asking, “Milk-a-WHAT?”

Oops, was the baby, a Lindsey or a Lindsay?

The Lohan contention is that she is so unbelievably famous that the name “Lindsay” can only refer to her and her alone as if she had some brand name claim on the name like “Cher,” “Madonna,” or “Monique.”

Her lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, contends:

“Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit,"

"They used the name Lindsay. They're using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn't they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody's talking about it and saying it's Lindsay Lohan."

Look at the ad, if you haven’t seen it and decide for yourself. This makes you think of Lindsay Lohan? Even in the wild event that it did, on what basis do we know of Lindsay Lohan, her remarkable acting skill? Can anyone name her works? How about how many times she’s been locked up for drunken behavior?


If justice is served in this case, the penalties would be on Lohan and her lawyers. Fortune should be handsomely paid for having the audacity of using the legal system to pursue such a ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit.

So we conclude in quoting the memorable line from Shakespeare’s “Richard III.”

“Kill all the lawyers.”

A 2010 addition could be something to the effect that Lindsey Lohan should be put to sleep.

New York Post article on Lindsay Lohan’s insane ploy.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 4: Oh About the Race...

By the way, Kurt Busch won the race driving one of three Dodges in the field. Jimmie Johnson did not win the race but despite having some trouble, secured a 12th place spot. Suddenly Ford’s fortune improved with Matt Kenseth running second then three Richard Petty Fords, Kasey Kahne, Paul Menard, and A.J. Allmendinger taking 4th, 5th, and 6th spot. Additionally, Greg Biffle landed in 8th making it six Fords in the top 10.

Staying away from trouble, Juan Pablo Montoya who was looking very strong in the closing laps finished 3rd, the top Chevy in the race. Kevin Harvick struggled but finished 9th. Both Red Bull Toyotas finished in the top 10, Brian Vickers in 7th and Scott Speed in 10th. Needing a good finish to further secure his hold in the top 35, Marcos Ambrose finished 11th. Despite starting on the pole then suffering a calamity of difficulties, Dale Earnhardt Jr. came back to a 15th place finish.

What to make of Robby Gordon’s effort? Like the old Albert King song says, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.” Struggling to get into the top 35 having miserable fortune in the first three races, Gordon wrecked destroying his car in lap three. Times have been tough for Mr. Gordon as a single car, owner/driver operation, but nonetheless even struggling to find sponsors, Robby Gordon attempts to contend as best his fortunes and equipment will allow. However, in years past, he managed to eke by and stay in the top 35. It will take an incredible race at Bristol to gain that status. Several teams will have much to sort out after Bristol. What perfect placement in the early schedule is to have a track that is so tough on tempers and equipment to be the first milestone on the schedule.

So far, the 2010 season has shown a real shakeup in the standings with half the field in last year’s chase outside the top 12: Denny Hamlin, Juan Montoya, Ryan Newman, Kasey Kahne, Carl Edwards, and Brian Vickers. Matt Kenseth, a normal chase participant whose late season drought put him outside the top 12 is back in elite company but perhaps the greatest gains are shown by the three Richard Childress teams who had a tough 2009 season. The greatest beneficiary of the Yates merger with Petty racing so far in Paul Menard, currently 9th in the point standings.

Just how much of nuisance is Brad Keselowski? Joey Logano was enjoying a breakthrough sophomore season holding in the top 12, but as a consequence of the initial Keselowski/Edwards dusting, Edwards’s car was pushed into Logano whose car smashed into the wall resulting in losing six places in the points standing.

What’s been interesting about the 2010 season so far is that just as soon as a trend seems to be developing, something soon happens that turns that perception around. It looked like Ford failure was a matter for discussion for the early season, but then they come thundering back to dominate the top 10 at Atlanta. Given the unpredictable nature of races at Bristol and that race results there can have a major impact on the points standing, there’s little use making too bold of pronouncements on the season.

There’s a rather eerie silence in Atlanta’s aftermath waiting to see how the Edwards/Keselowski conflict will play out. While NASCAR promoted they would loosen things up and let drivers be drivers, so soon they are presented with a case that is impossible to ignore. While it is quite understandable quite a few drivers have had enough of young Keselowski’s antics, an attempt to affect revenge which sends a car airborne with the spectacle of far worse being so frighteningly real adds a much more morbid element to this struggle.

In the first three races where Danica Patrick race the day before, much attention was directed at how Ms. Patrick was attempting to establish her presence in the sport. In her case, it’s all about respect, conducting herself on the racetrack so that other drivers respect what she’s attempting to do and learning how to be more competitive in the process. Brad Keselowski appears to lack respect for any drivers in the field and clearly has an overinflated sense of importance for his role in the sport. Perhaps big success came too soon and too easy with his victory last April in Talladega, and yes, aggressive driving played a big part in gaining that win. The result was sending Carl Edwards’ car flying into the safety fence shooting a shower of debris into the audience causing some injuries.

One thing’s for certain, from this point forward if it wasn’t true already, Brad Keselowski won’t be able to buy a break this year. Meanwhile, some driver we haven’t identified yet might be on the verge of getting that big break and enjoy a season that could elevate his career into the elite status.

Though Jimmie Johnson was not on top of his game this week, he did gain another position in the standings. Until and unless he is out of contention, it’s hard not to ask, can anyone stop Jimmie Johnson?

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 4: No Excuse

When we first met Brad Keselowski, he was a nerdy brace-faced kid loaded with determination. That he was signed on to drive Dale Earnhardt Jr’s primary Nationwide Series entry extended him some goodwill from his fans. The results, an up and coming boy wonder among other boy wonders like Joey Logano. Nevertheless, he was voted the Nationwide Series most popular driver twice.

Brad Keselowski racing part time in the Sprint Cup series split between two teams in 2009 pulled off a historic feat at Talladega’s April 26th spring race. Racing for the underfunded James Finch operation with some Hendricks horsepower, he found himself toward the front of lead lap as the race neared its conclusion. Getting out in front of one of the Talladega freight trains, soon, one thing led to another and as the checker flag waved, Keselowski crossed the start/finish line the winner while Carl Edwards’s car who had been the leader went flying into the safety fence along the front straightaway sending debris flying through the fence causing some spectator injuries.

The freakish finish which was generally seen as just hard racing at the time helped reinforce a growing reputation that drivers didn’t want to get too close to the brash youngster on the track. Something about proximately to the Keselowski ride had a funny way of causing metal to get all crunched up. In Nationwide competition, the Sprint Cup guys going for their Saturday money would often appear before the microphones long before the race was over, their car a smoking, steaming pile of wreckage, their anger clearly directed at the careless and reckless driving by the #88 driver. Conflicts with Denny Hamlin became a tit-for-tat struggle on the racetrack pushing the NASCAR officials’ patience darn close to the limits.

There is nothing new about young brash drivers creating huge piles of wreckage early in their careers. It’s nothing Kyle Busch or Brad Kesolowski first discovered. The protests and anger shown by Denny Hamlin, Carl Edwards, and others sounds somewhat reminiscent of Jaws himself, Darrell Waltrip calling out a young brash ambitious driver who among other things made a total wreck of DW’s car at the old half mile at Richmond. For that matter, Darrell Waltrip himself was the subject of much anger from more seasoned drivers as he rose to the top in the early 70’s.

Some go on to be stars others become footnotes or the answer to weird trivia questions like Bobby Hillin Jr.

Things got bloody nasty today in Atlanta. Lap 40, Brad Keselowski once again found Carl Edwards knocked into the #99 car propelling it into Joey Logano’s car taking Logano out of the race and putting Edwards back in the garage for some long repairs. Edwards would get his car fixed up well enough to run up to speed and work to improve his points earnings but soon he’d be close to his nemesis and though many laps down to Keselowski sought to create a little action. On lap 323, Edwards caught Keselowski in 5th place at the time from behind bumping the #12 car sending it airborne. For what appeared to be rather soft contact the results were absolutely horrifying as the car went sailing into the air before landing on its roof and then finally landing right side up. Though somewhat delirious right after the crash, the safety equipment did its work. Keselowski sustained no major injuries. Meanwhile within two laps NASCAR officials ordered Edwards to park his car and summoned him to appear before the judge.

There can be no question that Brad Keselowski is one aggravating little prick. Not only is his style of racing reckless on the race track but his comments to the media show an immature brashness that is bound to further fuel drivers’ anger at the young upstart. The young Michigan drier has much to prove before he will be accepted in the big fraternity of drivers.

Unfortunately, Carl Edwards’ irritability brought on by the young punk’s antics took these race track mini-dramas into another much more serious realm. While Edwards may have been understandably angry, purposefully wrecking a driver on one of the circuit’s highest speed tracks in absolutely unacceptable, period. His actions, while far from as costly as they could have been, will surely create a situation that will hang over the Roush/Fenway operation all year. Without question, Edwards will be on probation for the entire season. Within the next couple days, NASCAR will issue its sanctions. Almost certainly Edwards’ ability to compete for the championship was dealt a lethal suicidal blow in Atlanta. One has to wonder how this could jeopardize sponsor relationships and other concerns.

This is most unfortunate because Carl Edwards is a popular driver who generally represents the sport well. Many successful drivers have made very stupid mistakes before, regrouped, and moved on to continue their great careers. Surely, there will be much to be said in the “lessons learned” department, but some Sunday afternoon in the future two hostile drivers will use 850 plus horsepower machines instead of their fists to solve grievances. While some aspects of the sport are self-policing and what’s acceptable at Bristol or Martinsville is far different than Atlanta or Charlotte, NASCAR must keep a tight lid on any situations where drivers purposely create dangerous situations. Additionally, while tempers can understandably get hot, NASCAR must never been seen as condoning fights to the extent the sport could make a mockery of itself the way the National Hockey League does.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 4 - Dixie at Last!

Can it be? As the long cold snowy winter finally loosens its grip on the Southeastern United States with the weather expected to be 56 degrees and sunny when the green flag drops in Hampton, Georgia for the Kobalt 500, could it be the long cold draught the #88 team has been struggling to overcome is starting to thaw too?

Look who’s on the pole, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Can he finally be getting back into winning form? Fans could speak of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s dramatic burst toward the front to finish 2nd in the Daytona 500. After all, Junior is supposedly the king of the restrictor plate tracks. Skeptics had to be thinking “here we go again” when mistakes and mechanical problems found Jr. holding on to a miserable 32nd place – everything seemed to have the markings of the dreadful lost season of 2009. Then it was on to Las Vegas, a roll of the dice, and the Earnhardt fortunes found NASCAR’s most popular driver starting 4th but dropping off finishing on the lead lap in 16th never leading a single lap. Though only posting a 16th position in the points standings, Junior is only 18 points out of the top 12 and 40 points from nailing down 9th spot. While his minion of loyal fans would delight to see him yucking it up in Victory Lane, it’s time to work on good strong consistent finishes. If the fan friendly driver and crew chief Lance McGrew accomplish that, the wins will surely follow.

While fans can ponder the glass half empty/half full with Dale Earnhardt Jr’s status so far this year, the glass has spilled and might be broken for several teams who were in last year’s chase. Consider Brian Vickers, Kasey Kahne, Juan Montoya and Ryan Newman as chasers who so far are struggling to chase their own tails.

On the “Cup runneth over” side, look at the Richard Childress gang. What a season their three cars are enjoying with Kevin Harvick atop the standings.

The picture of the 2010 season and who’ll be in the chase is just beginning to form a slight image now. For some, a bad race at Atlanta could doom the rest of the season even with over 30 races left to go.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Inexcusable Insanity in College Park After Terps' Magnificent Win Over Duke

The University of Maryland and Chesapeake area sports fans had much to be proud of Wednesday night. The University of Maryland’s Men’s’ Basketball team dealt the archrival Duke Blue Devils a convincing 79-22 defeat giving the team a share of 1st place with one game left to play in the regular season.

The vast majority of Terp fans were jubilant, joyful, and proud, but sadly once again, the conduct of some total losers tarnished the victory and gave the University’s reputation a most unneeded black eye.

After the victory, crowds took to the streets of College Park, Maryland and quickly some turned violent. 27 were arrested, many of whom were students for charges including rioting, assault, theft, vandalism, arson, and various other forms of misconduct.

Surely, some will blame this episode on alcohol, but there are thousands of pubs where sports fans gather. It’s very rare that riots break out on the occasion of the home team winning short of the all-to-familiar burn the city to the ground idiocy that accompanies some city’s winning national championships.

Were most of these jerks drunk, probably, but what the media will tap dance around saying assertively, that anyone engaged in this kind of moronic behavior is little more than a world class loser.

No excuses! Let’s not hear the usual, oh they’re just college kids and they got a little carried away with themselves. There is no excuse for destroying property, damaging automobiles, confronting police officers and getting into fights. There is no, absolutely no justifiable reason for this behavior.

There is no need to analyze the offenders, no need to psychologize their motives, and no need to attempt to put these actions in a greater “societal” context. If society is to blame, it does not absolve any of these morons from their actions. If there is a societal context, it would be that we live in the “me” world, a permissive society that is far too tolerant of behavior without consequences, do your own thing hedonism, and the “if it feels good, do it” ethos.

We encourage anyone who might have interaction with these lowlifes involved in the Victory riot, to shun them aggressively. Make them social outcasts. Do not welcome them into any social circles. Make it clear to them their behavior has brought shame on their community and the University.

We likewise encourage the authorities to “throw the book” at this culprits. The University should expel the students as quickly as due-process permits. All sanctions the school can apply should be strictly enforced. The local law enforcement community should prosecute all criminal acts and if they just so happened to have other chargeable issues such as possession of open alcohol containers or possession of alcohol by a minor, nail them, nail them hard.

Finally, as these cases are adjudicated, every effort should be made to make their deeds public with photos in appropriate media outlets in the College Park area.

For thousands of students and fans who were treated to a great sports spectacle who behaved properly and those in the community not involved, they deserve to have their joy or privacy honored and those who violated their world must be dealt with harshly.

The university issued the following statement:

In the aftermath of last night’s exciting win for the men’s basketball team, there were several incidents representing poor judgment on the part of those participating in the postgame celebration. The postgame behavior of some students is inconsistent with the high standards – in academics, attitudes, and in behaviors – that we have set at the University of Maryland College Park.

The University of Maryland has policies that provide the authority, with police documentation and following due process, to suspend or expel a student for riot-related behavior whether or not he or she has been convicted in a criminal court.
To that end, the University of Maryland is taking steps to assure that those incidences are fully investigated, documented and, where appropriate, fully addressed by the university’s judicial process.

Millree Williams, University of Maryland Spokesperson

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sprint Cup 2010: Race 4: The Owner's Points Bubble

Teams have the next two weeks to secure a position in the top 35 in owner's points standings to be assured a starting position. Until then, last year's final top 35 still applies. While a sudden surge by some "underlings" could thrust them forward, teams not in this chart either are not racing the complete schedule or are playing the "start and park" game. Likewise, there are teams in the top 29 who could face absolute disasters in the next two weeks who could fall on hard times, but the teams identified below show which teams are hanging in there by a slim margin and which teams have a realistic chance to move ahead.

We've noted the difficulty the #26 team which inherited owner points from the Jack Roush 2009 team. Unless immediate results are forthcoming, that team is in big trouble given their qualifying efforts have been worse than dreadful. The #39 team (32nd) and #47 team (33rd) are both teams with tremenous upsides and should, barring DNF's, continue to move up the standings. Bobby Labonte has past champion's provisionals to fall back on for up to six starts. The team's performance has been markedly inconsistent. Last year, Yates disbanded the #28 team and Earnhardt-Ganassi parked the #8 ride after failing to make the to 35.

We can only hope that none of the teams fighting to get in the top 35 are eliminated for failure to qualify in favor of park and ride teams that have no regard for making the field.

Mark Levin Tells Beck to Stop Clowning Around

Mark Levin who broadcasts his nationwide conservative talk show from his home in Northern Virginia is a wise and stable voice for the conservative movement in this country. Few books better lay out the conservative challenge than his work, Liberty and Tyranny. It is interesting to note that Levin has little patience for upstart blabber-dork, Glenn Beck, whom he criticizes for his recent CPAC address.

Life Magazine Cover From 42 Years Ago Gives Much Cause for Thought

How ironic is this Life Magazine cover from 42 years ago this week truly is. The caption reads, “The Negro and the Cities: The Cry That Will Be Heard?”

In just the last two days, two stories perhaps beneath the fold, have surfaced revealing how little progress the United States has made on the promise of getting beyond a racist culture when the Civil Rights Movement was in full bloom when the issue of Life Magazine whose cover is pictured above was published less than a month before Dr. Martin Luther King’s loathsome assassination.

There’s something implicitly ironic about the Life magazine cover. The picture is just as relevant in 2010 as it was in 1968. While at the same time, who would ever use the term “negro” to refer to dark pigmented members of our society whose ancestors came mostly from Africa. Since 1968, political correctness has renamed these members of our society Afro-Americans, Blacks, African-Americans, and People-of-Color. The “N” word was a regular part of white conversation outside of the most educated and refined. The urban scene was terrible then and is terrible now. Perhaps educational opportunities were better for some before the massive exodus of White America for the suburbs, a move that essentially re-segregated by zip code and municipal boundaries rather than a deliberate attempt to create all White and all Black schools.

While war raged half a world away, many Americans thought the racial divide was soon to end. On that front, there was much optimism. Who would have anticipated what happened on a second floor balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968?

How much progress has our culture gained? How much remains to be done? How much has gotten worse?

Black Americans are now present on equal status in virtually every pursuit in America, but in the urban ghettos in many cities, on any given night, a young black person will be murdered in cold blood on city streets. How many millions of young black children receive an ineffective education?

The United States has elected as President a man whose father was born in Africa. His mother is a white woman from Kansas. From a historical standpoint, Barack Obama will be identified as the country’s first “black” or African-American president. However, of what connection does Barack Obama have with the great struggle of the black person’s long journey from being ripped from his home in Africa, transported in filthy conditions much like cargo across the Atlantic, and auctioned as private property to slave owners throughout the southeastern United States. From the early 1600’s to the Civil War, most lived as slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation and 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution banned slavery, but it wasn’t until 1954 when the Supreme Court banned segregation in public schools. Not until 1965 when the Civil Rights Act was passed were all kinds of racist laws repealed.

Racism was out in the open in 1968. Now it has become more subtle and in so many ways, White America is in denial.

We present two postings here based on news stories in the last few days. One involves the infamous Chicago hate-monger, Louis Farrakhan and his anti-Semitic and anti-White demagoguery before a huge audience this weekend. The other involves the dismissal of a Towson University art professor who used the “N” word though not directing it as a slur against any person in particular or against the race on the whole. It was simply a stupid moronic reference that was bound to inflame passions.

We encourage all our readers to take these issues to heart and realize our culture still has much to accomplish and the time for excuses ran out years ago.

Right Minded Fellow will continue to speak out for striving to provide quality education for all Americans and that we can no longer permit excuses for the continued evidence that so many black students, particularly males, are not meeting the most basic required standards indicative of academic success. We will also make it painfully hard to ignore that if you’re white and live in Maryland, you have little to worry about being murdered, but if you’re black primarily in Baltimore City, on any given night odds are better than not another young man will die on city streets.

Even the most enlightened political solutions based on incentives and opportunity will succeed until there is a fundamental change of heart where we get beyond racial distinctions and accept our responsibility as citizens to make sure all Americans have the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in a free enterprise society which rewards achievement.

Towson Professor Fired for "N" Word Evokes Broader Discussion of Racial Issues

Allen Zaruba, an adjunct faculty member teaching art at Towson University was fired for saying the magic word that most certainly leads to prompt dismissal regardless of intent or context in America, the “N” word. News of this professor’s poor judgment travelled rapidly across the country to where it was reported in the Huffington Post, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Washington Post, and countless blogs across the country and even in Canada.

Source article: Towerlight, Towson University’s official campus newspaper: http://www.thetowerlight.com/adjunct-faculty-member-fired-following-racial-slur-1.2174910

Heck we’re an anonymous blog, and we don’t use the “N” word, but if it ever comes to a point where for the sake of absolute truthfulness in a posting – we can’t rule it out. Still, even the “F” word has become acceptable in many instances and substituting for it while clearly wanting to give the listener or reader the message that “F” is the intended word. How often do we read “what the fuck?” Well fuck, why are we so much more easily upset by “N”?

First, let’s look at the Towson situation. According to Towerlight, the Towson University newspaper, Allen Zaruba referred to himself as “a nigger on the corporate plantation.” Yes, Towerlight, did publish the article with the “N” bomb spelled out at least on line as of 11:00 pm March 2.

In the lesson, Zaruba was reviewing “Themes of Contemporary Art” to his Visual Concepts class. The text, authored by Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel, the professor was said to identify as “very politically incorrect.” During his discussion of a chapter about identity and the body, he spoke his fatal remark.

Reports indicate Zaruba, a twelve year veteran at the university, was quite a provocative speaker known for his “in your face delivery” but at least one student attending the class said the remark was not used with malicious intent.

The “N” word controversy is understandable but likewise the pinnacle of polite society’s hypocrisy and denial on racial issues.

When we’re little children, we were once taught, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Ah, that was before the days of the uptight politically correct, easily offended litigious society. Furthermore, that’s easy for a middle-aged white American male to say having never been on the hated end of the “N” word.

In some contexts, we are taught that a white person quite simply can never use the word, period. It is never acceptable even when framed in all the proper contexts. Yet in many circles, we are supposed to tolerate it when one African-American calls another black person the detested word. “N” has several different meanings rich with nuance among the black community particularly among the street culture.

While the first amendment would indicate otherwise, the use of the word, nigger, has all but been outlawed in the United States when spoken by someone who is not a “person of color.” Anyone doubting this contention can surely test this thesis by screaming the taboo word at his place of employment or in any public gathering and see how quickly the sparks fly.

Now for the hard part, has the all but total ban on the majority population of which some members once enslaved the minority population from using the “N” word eliminate racism in our country? Are some of the social atrocities that are disproportionately far more prevalent in African-American communities made any better by banning the “N” word? As of March 2, 2010, there have been 24 homicides in Baltimore City, every single homicide victim is a black male. Does the fact that the white people in the suburbs insist none of them would ever use the “N” word make the situation just a few miles from their homes across the city line for these members of their community. Does the prohibition of using the “N” word lead the majority culture to help create a meaningful pathway for all members of society to become productive citizens by doing what’s necessary to close down failing schools mostly in African American communities, engage those children with effective programs that promote learning and success not continued failure?

The hypocrisy and self-righteousness shown by so many folks in today’s world regarding the “N” word does nothing to make the world a better place for some of our least fortunate citizens but surely instigates all kinds of bad faith and self-deception about the real issues that our society refuses to deal with.

Racism is fucking ugly. There’s no nice way to say it. If we never hear the second syllables of renege and swinger patched together as one word, the ugliness will still be with us.

Racism will be solved when we live in a truly post-racial world and if anyone reading this thinks the election of Barack Obama puts us one step closer to that reality, forget it. If nothing else, the Obama election has provided more excuses for all kinds of denial and false assumptions. The whole concept of white guilt just went away because so many white citizens voted for Obama for President? Hardly!

When our culture gets to the point where skin color is dealt with much the same way we react to people of different hair colors or physical height, we could finally say racism is eliminated. The problem is far more than skin color differences propel racism. There are all kinds of social and cultural factors no one wants to come to terms with solving. How many problems that appear racial on the surface are truly more socio-economic at heart?

There can be no question that many programs of the Great Society, massive government entitlements and quotas, and the notion of affirmative action have not truly balanced out the effects of the underlying social problems that won’t go away as they become a form of the exact thing they’re supposed to eliminate – favor based on race.

The United States needs to be an opportunity based society which uses its many resources and tremendous constitutional values to make it possible for all citizens to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The root causes of urban violence often so dependent on the drug culture must be eliminated. One solution would be legalizing marijuana, and treating those addicted to hard drugs from an educational and medical standpoint not a criminal enforcement standpoint. There can be no more failing schools. Vouchers, charter schools, and other creative solutions must be employed to help kids get the education they deserve. Furthermore, while many of these children enter the school system with many disadvantages suburban white kids will never know, schools must stop blaming disadvantaged kids’ parents and their communities for their failure in school. The school system must develop the proper teaching methods and learn how to engage these kids so they will master reading, math, and other skill areas necessary to succeed in the world at large while instilling the proper values and work ethic to become productive participants in society where they will be equipped to take advantage of the opportunities our society can offer.

These are some of our ideas. Clearly, it’s not something that’s straightforward where gosh if the government would just spend enough money, the problem is all gone. The solution will require much discussion, debate, and finally consensus. Everyone will need to be involved in some measure. We are all brothers and neighbors. We cannot just assuming paying taxes absolves us of our personal responsibilities. Ideally more money will come out of our pockets, our charities, and our businesses not the government coffers. It can be done, but tough challenges are never easy.

We will lend our voice to the chorus, please do not ever use the “N” word. Know that doing so can subject your reputation to damage you might never be able to erase. It is a bad word. It symbolizes horrible things. It reminds us of things we try not to think about. It reminds us all is not right in the world. It makes us tingle and defensive.

In the meantime, say a prayer for Allen Zaruba. Regardless of what his heart is or where he stands on issues, that he used the “N” word while teaching a college class at a state university will be something from which he will never escape.

The ultimate solution for racial problems in America has far more to do with us opening our eyes and our hearts and a lot less with shutting our mouths.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Louis Farrakhan Addresses 20,000 in Chicago with Hostile Racist Rhetoric and Bizarre Revelations

Few figures in modern America are as hateful and dangerous as Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam professes to be a savior anointed by God to carry out his mission. There was no better illustration of his fundamental dishonesty, hatred, and demagoguery than what he displaced addressing approximately 20,000 of his followers on Sunday in Chicago. The rambling 3 ½ hour speech was in honor of “Saviours Day,” a Nation of Islam holiday.

Among other things, the crazed black bigot claimed included that he was taken aboard a wheel-shaped UFO in 1985 and the aliens programmed him with the ability to see the future. The Nation of Islam leader even went on to describe the spaceship which contains 1,500 airplanes each equipped with three bombs and "angels on that human-built planet can build a wall out of air ... wall America in and start a fire."

Strike up the “Twilight Zone” music! He also claimed that the massive earthquakes that hit Chile on Saturday were God’s divine precursor to his speech.

His speech included charges the “white right” was not only trying to make Obama a single term President but further charged: “The white right is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated."

He then went for his most hated target, Jews, claiming that Obama’s political problems began when he stood up to the Zionist lobby, but it got worse from there.

His zealous anti-Semitism were also on clear display with contentions such as “The Zionists are in control of Congress” who awarded “the bloodsuckers of the poor” a bailout.

He urged Obama to support Farrakhan’s cause noting, “"Your people are suffering. You can't ease their plight, but you can use your bully pulpit. Speak for the poor. Speak for the weak." He also compelled Obama not to attack Iran, and even to restore corrupt Haitian deposed leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide to be restored to power.

For good measure, Farrakhan could not lay off on old favorite topic reminding his audience that 9/11 was “an inside thing.”

As part of his hours of ranting and raving, Louis Farrakhan assured his audience, “I am the light in the midst of darkness.”

From what little press is available from reputable sources, it doesn’t look as though Farrakhan is covering any new ground but simply reinforcing the insanity and hatred he has crafted into his mission’s message.

That someone with a longstanding national reputation as the ultimate racial and ethnic demagogue can draw a crowd of 20,000, about the size of a typical large basketball game audience, make such outrageous claims and stir up the kind of hatred he preached, it’s hard to imagine why such conduct is brushed under and not getting much mainstream media attention.

There are hardcore questions about the relationship between President Barack Obama and Farrakhan’s movement. While there is no evidence of any on-going relationship between the two men and as Obama’s political ambitions have risen he has distanced himself from Nation of Islam, there is a long litany of association between Obama’s inner circle and the radical Chicago based, Farrakhan. Both Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former pastor, and Farrakhan mine from similar audiences. Wright awarded Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award.

There is no more dangerous voice able to draw huge audiences in politics and religion than Louis Farrakhan. He is a liar and hater of the highest order whose proclamations are as detached from reality as much as they bristle with hatred. Among his biggest accomplishments was staging the Million Man March in Washington, DC which of course drew almost assuredly far considerably than a million marchers on October 16, 1995. The National Park Service estimated to crowd to be in the 400,000 range while ABC news put the figure at twice that.

How deep Farrakhan’s message reaches and how many citizens actually believe or support his nonsense is hard to determine. It should be noted the Nation of Islam is not part of the Muslim faith, but rather its own hybrid organization founded on the notion of Black superiority having attempted to rewrite history to reflect this view.

The United States of America has a long way to go before anyone can claim ours is a post racial society. The right minded citizen must concede there is significant racial hatred of both white and black origins still thriving today. Some of the more subtle and subliminal forms of bigotry such as the oft held low expectations of black students so prevalent in public education will be difficult to eradicate without much hard work. What is important is that the discussion is out in the open an honest. The media and responsible citizens must reveal the full extent of what figures like Louis Farrakhan represent and likewise be honest that not make front page news out of isolated instances where some sickos might display a noose to threaten black citizens unless it truly represents broader problems within a community. Sadly, it seems more effort is devoted to self-righteous alarm each time someone utters the “N” word than revealing the core racial divides which continue in our day-to-day lives.

While condemning Farrakhan in the strongest terms is an important task, so is flushing out issues of race for an honest far-reaching discussion that seeks to eliminate racial distinctions that continue to divide us as a culture.