Friday, April 1, 2016

I'm BACK!!!

Hi everyone,

I've not been keeping up this blog for some time. I was invited to join Facebook by a friend of mine, and most of my recreational computing time has gone to that pursuit; however, I need to take my soap box back because there are some things going on today that warrant further discussion; namely, the upcoming Presidential election and the remaining primaries are terrifying. We have four candidates between the two parties running who are absolute nightmares and could impact our society in incomprehensibly bad ways. The fifth candidate, John Kasich, actually is a pretty good fellow. He served well in congress and has had a huge impact in Ohio, a very tough state to govern. However, he's boring and comes across as though he's lecturing us. The American voter in the new millennium doesn't like that.  That he is a pragmatic politician who actually believes in fixing things and cutting the cost of government for the sake of the overburdened tax pay is a good thing exactly what we need someone to do with the Federal government.  Trump, Clinton, and Sanders would all grow the government out of sight.

Stay tuned. I don't know how often I will post here, but there's stuff that needs to be said. Let's get the discussion going. Hopefully we can influence our friends and family to take a more rational approach than what these sleaze bags running for President and the news media will offer us.