Saturday, April 30, 2011

Donald Trump Umasked

Take it straight from this Associated Press account. If anyone needs a smoking gun to dump Trump, here it is....


If the American people needed more evidence what the true Donald Trump is all about, two recent events this week showed clearly that more than anything else, Donald Trump is a boorish, egotistical, foul-mouthed bully totally lacking any human compassion or intellectual gravity. Only the most irrational, hateful bigot as in Alex Jones could still attempt to keep the "birther" issue alive, but good old Donald is taking credit for solving it and is very proud of himself as he stated for doing so. Although he did say the issue needed further clarification. Now he's going after Obama's college record at Occidental and Columbia University. What's that supposed to prove when Obama's last gig, Harvard Law school, was certainly successful. Trump's strategy to this point is to absolutely bury his opponents with accusations and insults, massive highly personal, abusive ad-hominen attacks of sweeping generalizations. His platform is that he's smart and successful and knows a lot of people. Nothing rises above a temperamental knee-jerk reaction to very complex problems.

So welcome to Las Vegas where Trumpster-Dumspter owns a lot of property, a great environment for speaking to the faithful, Trump delivered a speech loaded with F-bombs which obliterate any sense of civility or adult maturity. Not citing any specific facts whatsoever, just shooting from the hip, Trump stated; "We build a school in Iraq, we build a road. They blow it up. We build another school, we build another road, they blow that up.....We can't even get a fucking school built in Brooklyn." Hey Donald, I'm a little person you'd call stupid and pound in the ground, but CITE THE FACTS ON BOTH ISSUES!!

On fuel costs he complains we have no leadership, but good old Donald has the answer a tough guy who will tell them, "You're not going to raise the fucking price." Corporate execs and OPEC respond to potty mouths? I DON'T THINK SO!!!  Donald Trump has never come to grips with the United States owes China 1.1 trillion dollars for our debt. He'll just makes some collection calls and get other countries to pay for what he thinks they owe us. For China's wheeling and dealing we've ecouraged through our behavior, "I'll slap a mother fucking 25% tax on your goods." Oh boy, hows that kind of talk as a prelude to World War III?

What's worse, Trump's sense that he's some kind of God or people who flock to him saying things like, "I like Donald, he's a straight shooter."

One thing's for sure, if Barack Obama weren't such a horrible President who has damaged so much could someone like Trump getting involved at this level be possible in the first place. Every American should be terrified of a Trump/Obama showdown. The end of our Republic could be near.


Sprint Cup 2011: Race 9 -- Richmond, end of Q1

Why does the last race at Talladega seem so log ago? The summer stretch begins tonight in Richmond, Virginia with a season still waiting for its big story lines to emerge. The first quarter of the season concludes, nine down, twenty seven to go. No matter what happens tonight, it will be an improvement over the dreadful embarrassment last night’s Nationwide race was that makes one wonder what future lies ahead for NASCAR’s bridesmaid series. Considering there were not enough entries to fill the field and nine entries were start and parkers, what kind of sport was that? One of their customary big draws, Kyle Busch chose not to do double-duty this weekend so the race wasn’t another one of those ones where the rowdy one smoked the field; instead it was teammate Denny Hamlin who did the honors.

For Sprint Cup, the spring Richmond race is small potatoes compared to the September race which is the one after which the field for “The Chase” is locked in, but a bad race in April can mean no glory the next time and that field is slowly taking shape. Richmond is the circuit’s only ¾ mile track, an amazing experience for live racing. The fans get a nice short-track intimate view of the action, but with that long back stretch, cars get flying. Richmond is one of the most exciting tracks on the circuit if the drivers to their part and they should be well rested and motivated tonight.

Here’s the starting lineup for the top 15 entries:

1- Juan Montoya, #43, Chevy
2- Regan Smith, #78, Chevy
3- Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevy
4- Kasey Kahne, #4, Toyota
5- Mark Martin, #5, Chevy
6- Jeff Gordon, #24, Chevy
7- Brad Keselowski, #2, Dodge
8- Carl Edwards, #99, Ford
9- Joey Logano, #20, Toyota
10- Paul Menard, #27, Chevy
11- Denny Hamlin, #11, Toyota
12- Kevin Harvick, #29, Chevy
13- Ryan Newman, #39, Chevy
14- Bobby Labonte, #47, Toyota
15- Casey Mears, #13, Toyota

Observations on the top starters, first it’s a good night for the Earnhardt/Childress engine shot. They have the top three cars plus Paul Menard in the top ten. Regan Smith for Furniture Row racing, a team with weak funding is having a great year. Where are the Fords? Not getting top starting spots can hurt the Roush boys as the heat of summer gets hotter. It compromises the many things that are doing so much better this year. Kasey Kahne’s 4th starting spot is quite an accomplishment given he just had knee surgery during his time off. Red Bull racing is moving forward with Kahne and Kenny Francis on loan for a year. Joey Logano and Kevin Hamlin must make the most of tonight’s start and move forward. Their seasons are lacking. All cars are listed as having sponsors tonight but we’ll see what chronic free-loaders, Phil Parson’s fellows and Joe Nemechek’s fraud have in store. Michael McDowell starts 22nd while Nemechek starts 26th. They’d damned well better earn their spot because on short track like this, they are in the way and better stay out of the way unless they intend to be aiming for being on the lead lap at the end of the evening. Brian Keselowski is the only driver not to make the field.

One can’t help but look at the field and see some really terrible entries, not just the possible start and parkers but rides that couldn’t win or even pull for a top ten in a blue moon. One has to wonder if 43 cars in the lineup are still justified. Perhaps given the filthy state of the Nationwide Series, some of these teams should drop down a series where they might be more competitive.

NASCAR needs a boost right now. There’s plenty to like for hard core fans, but there are too many distractions to make casual fans turn away. Given that attending a race in person, NASCAR is more of a destination sport not a hometown event, the continuing rise in fuel costs will certainly mean more seats covered with tarps. When Bristol doesn’t sell out, NASCAR is hurting. It will be interesting to see how large the gate receipt at Richmond tonight. Put in perspective, for Baltimore NASCAR fans, Richmond is their second closest track, 300 mile round trip, if one gets 20 miles per gallon, that’s 15 gallons at $4.00, sixty bucks plus tickets, programs, beer, munchies, and all the rest of the good stuff.

We salute Crown Royal for its program naming the race for Matthew and Daniel Hansen, twin brother servicemen, one of whom died in action. How deserving the sport honors our heroes like that?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So ends one of the most ridiculous unfounded conspiracy theories of all time.
Here's the smoking gun that affirms what we've known all along --- Donald  Trump is a relentless, mean-spirited blowhard. Here's to Alex Jones and his scare machine -- where's your proof you said you had now?  What tells us you'll have a brand new pack of lies to make this sorry episode even more insane, and for us accepting the truth, you'll call us co-opted. Here's to all you low-life, two bit racist bigots who know you'd get in BIG trouble for saying you don't like having a "nigger" president.We know what you are -- if Barack Obama's name were Jerry Rice or Samuel Jackson, you'd never have attempted this stunt.

AMERICA has work to do. Here's a mighty kick in your ass, you asses, for wasting our time, stirring up hatred and nonsense, distracting the peoples' business and showing that low life yahoo's are alive and well in the United States of America.

So what are you going to come up with next!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Huckabee Reveals Beck for Being the Dishonest Fear Monger He Is

We congratulate former Arkansas Governor/current Fox TV host, Mike Huckabee for shooting down Glenn Beck for his divisive slander, personal attacks, and shooting off his mouth with no regard for consequences.

As we have documented many times before and what would be obvious to any mature person with the slightest bit of psychological insight, Glenn Beck is a psychologically unstable madman who dabbles in political commentary as an outlet for his deep seated paranoia, delusional hallucinations, grandiose conspiracy theories, and mad ranting and tantrums. That he is also conspicuously engaged in self-serving corruption is also clearly obvious that his show is sponsored by gold vendors and his program constantly attempts to create tremendous fear in the stability of the US dollar while extolling the virtue of investing in gold.

Glenn Beck has no credentials to speak authoritatively on the issues he speaks as the ultimate expert on his program. He is nothing more than a washed up radio hack with deep seated personality defects intensified by years of drug and alcohol abuse who bounced around from radio station to radio station alienating his fellow broadcasters in the process. Finally, he hit pay dirt with the rise of conservative talk radio which has its own lunatic fringe of shock jocks, fear mongers who feed upon listeners’ fears and insecurities seeing all issues in extreme black and white terms with boogie men lurking behind every conceivable threat whether the threat is real, exaggerated, or contrived.

In Beck’s world all is reduced to a grandiose apocalyptic struggle between good and evil. Good is those who embrace his self-righteous religiosity who believe the world is on the brink and that only some kind of despotism based on extremist interpretations of what the “founders” ideals were but to say that Beck reports what the Constitution actually says or interprets it rationally is false. Further, the founders are presented as deities not historical political figures who are above debate. Conversely, all evil in the world is part of an integrated progressive plot which embraces big government Democratic Party ideology, the labor movement, socialism, communism, radical Islam, and anyone else to whom the label “progressive” can be affixed. Any sense of context, nuance, or shades of gray cannot exist – everything is right or wrong, progressive or justified, you’re with us or you’re an enemy.

Mike Huckabee on the other hand, might have some limitations that would make him an unworthy Presidential candidate grounded mainly in his literal evangelical belief in The Bible – that the world was literally created in six days and that evolution bears no validity is simply not intellectually defensible. That not withstanding, Mike Huckabee is thoughtful and fair to a fault. Mike Huckabee is absolutely conservative – morally, economically, and socially. However, he is also one who seeks consensus and exhibits a strong sense of pragmatism. In Huckabee’s world, people are seldom all good, or all bad. We look at their stance on issues and take it from there. Above all else, Mike Huckabee has a strong sense of decency and civility.

Let’s be real, unless a person is left of center, there’s not much to like about the Obama’s, but the responsible track is to take them on focused on the issues not shredding them on personal grounds. Calling them bogeymen and progressives doesn’t in and of itself make them wicked. Michelle Obama’s big crusade is fighting juvenile obesity. Many of her ideas have merit. There is no suggestion that there should be huge government programs, regulation, or spending initiatives to solve the problem, but the very thought that her suggestions are seeking to have people change their behavior and that parents re-evaluate certain decisions they make in supervising their children to extremists like Beck go far over the line. Public schools absolutely SHOULD teach children about nutrition. School lunches should provide a good balanced meal that kids will eat. Of course, there’s no denying that schools jump of the deep end eliminating ALL sweets and other foods that are not politically correct by the diet police. Yes, some schools are even going as far as to not allow parents to send lunches from home for their kids or they must comply with what the school judges acceptable is wrong. Some of the attacks on the fast food industry like outlawing toys and trinkets in “happy meals” are wrong. There is nothing wrong with Michelle Obama encouraging parents to be more conscientious feeding their children or that they should get more exercise and spend less time in sedentary pursuits playing electronic games and watching television.

Mike Huckabee thinks dealing with juvenile obesity is a good idea and praised Michelle Obama for raising awareness of the issue. Huckabee ought to know given his struggle and eventual success dealing with obesity. For all the issues on which Huckabee is a strict conservative that he endorsed in general terms just one thing from Obama Nation got him blasted by the frothing fruitcake who promptly kicked Huckabee off the good guys team and now he’s a fighter for (GULP) the progressives. Beck stated, (Huckabee) “is the perfect progressive candidate for the Republican Party.”

Time out: remember both Beck and Huckabee have programs on Fox News.

Mike Huckabee BLASTED Beck for his criticism indicating the “inept” talk show barker’s remarks “blew up in his face.” His response not only defends his concern for childhood obesity brilliantly, but he also clobbers Beck showing that he, Mike Huckabee, clearly understands Beck’s treachery.

Here’s Huckabee’s response.

Needless to say, Beck went ballistic that Huckabee would challenge him and cranked up his paranoia Wizard of Oz machine to further distort the issues, play the pity angle on how everybody’s picking on poor Glenn Beck, things are far worse than they seem, double-talk galore, and a lot of the usual Beck insults. However, Beck went on to attempt to prove Huckabee is a dangerous progressive through and through pointing out he raised taxes in Arkansas, true, but the governor or Arkansas is required to do so by law, a little inconvenience that Beck’s spin ignored. He also cited Huckabee’s huge spending increases – partially true BUT he was required to do so under court order. Name calling, ranting and raving, and half baked half truths – that’s Glenn beck.

Beck went further taking things out of context, a great technique he and other demagogues like Alex Jones use to smear their adversaries, blasting Huckabee on Beck’s website quoting Huckabee discussing raising taxes, one of the proposals being raising tobacco taxes – a quite acceptable tax increase to deal with a budget shortfall. Huckabee did what he had to do by law but also did much to straighten out economic issues in Arkansas and business flourished. There’s always a rest of the story every time the scary little man tries to quote someone else.

Mike Huckabee is a man of true faith and humanitarian intent. Glenn Beck’s religiosity is one more symptom of his overall sickness.

By the way, RMF proudly clobbered Beck’s feeble defense on his website.

THIS JUST IN: Glenn Beck accuses Donald Trump of being a conspiracy theorist. As the children say, “It takes one to know one.” Further, Trump, rightfully, asserted there is far too much attention being devoted to George Soros. For that, Beck accused Trump and Soros must be connected somehow. His evidence – oh this is awful, they both attended the same social function in New York.

Beck’s TV program will be gone soon, but in the meantime, he seems hell bent on setting his fear and paranoia machine to overload. We wish him all the worst where ever he winds up – hopefully on a long term confinement in a mental hospital.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phylicia Barnes: Body Found, Justice Plods Along

The mysterious tragedy of Phylicia Barnes has come to a tragic end. The mystery is solved by the tragedy remains as her body was discovered in the Susquehanna River north of Conowingo Dam. Hers was a story worthy of much more attention, but in a city where victims of violence and others disappearing whose lost is never accounted for such stories don’t excite the media to the extent such tragedies warrant.

We documented our concerns that the disappearance of an exceptional young lady who had accomplished so much in her young life, a straight A student from Monroe, Carolina, a southeastern suburb of Charlotte where she attended Union Academy planning for early admission to Towson University. Here’s the link highlighting our initial concerns on her case:

Her case received remarkably little attention compared to the horrific disappearance of the recent high school grad and soon to be pre-Med student, Natalee Holloway from Alabama who disappeared during a graduation celebration trip to Aruba. Likewise, the grotesque and sadistic murder of Notre Dame Grad, Cockeysville native, University of Virginia lacrosse star, Yeardley Love pounded to death by her ex-boyfriend in her off-campus apartment. That Phylicia is black and that Holloway and Love are white cannot escape our attention. While Holloway’s disappearance from what would be seen by many as a tropical paradise or the absolutely unspeakable cruelty of Love’s murder might lead to more salivating sensationalism to the ghoulish media, a young girl with so much going for her visiting family over the Christmas holidays should be every bit as compelling from a personal standpoint. Yet, coverage of Natalee Holloway’s murder became a regular fixture on cable news for months after her disappearance and Love’s death was treated as a major national story, Phylicia Barnes received little coverage at all nationally apart from Fox News and CNN. Her mother did appear on Nancy Grace’s crime expose. Locally, WBFF-TV and WBAL-TV provided persistent though not particularly urgent coverage of Barnes case. WBAL-AM radio and Baltimore’s radio stations with news reportage targeted to black audiences certainly covered the case with the passion deserved. Sadly, the tone of a lot of local coverage has been, “another day, another dead young negro” sort of attitude.

So today’s news provides one measure of closure. The worst possible outcome was confirmed, Phylicia Barnes is dead, her body found 50 miles to the northeast away from where she disappeared near a Metro Transit Stop at Reisterstown Plaza in northwest Baltimore. Given a futile recent exhaustive search of a section of Patapsco State Park west of Baltimore and the by chance discovery of her body, one wonders if the case is that riddled with mystery or are there other difficulties standing in the way of an absolutely thorough first rate investigation.

We know who killed Natalee Holloway. His retched presence inhabits a jail in Peru charged with another murder. Whether Joran Van Der Sloot will ever be punished for killing Natalee Holloway remains uncertain, but as long as the punk rots in a Peruvian jail, he is getting his just deserves. George Huguely awaits trail for killing Yeardley Love. Society awaits to see whether Huguely gets the kind of firm and harsh punishment a deranged killer like him deserves for such a violent and hateful murder or will his birth of wealth and privilege buy him a better fate. Investigators haven’t a clue who killed Phylicia Barnes or the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and killing. That her body has been found is only the first step toward justice in this sad case.

The murder of Phylicia Barnes shows the craven cruelty our society is capable of producing and that a lovely young black girl on the threshold of preparing for her destiny robbed of her life so hideously doesn’t pull on society’s heartstrings anywhere near to the extent of two lovely young white girls destroyed under similar circumstances.

Our prayers for young Phylicia and her family and our plea for justice that her murderer be found and punished cry out for action and respect.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rush Limbaugh sets Trump straight!!!!

If you don't believe us about Donald Trump or our thoughts on the "birther" issue, listen to ol' Rush. He's right on target.

I think there are people giving Trump a skewed perception of mainstream conservatism. I think he believes that it's the kooks, the fringe -- and that's not, of course, the case. The mainstream conservative base is not concerned with where Obama's birth certificate is. We're concerned with his economics destroying the economy.

If conservatives are clear what the Obama strategy is as amplified by other Democrats and his bobbleheads in the mainstream media after last week's speech on the budget where he lashed Paul Ryan to his face, it's WAKE UP TIME!!
How desperately it's time to get on the REAL issues -- the economy, domestic issues, flimsy foreign policy, and all the rest. Further, the leader who will beat Obama has not emerged -- it's not Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, or Mitt Romney.
Panic time is approaching.

Palin and Trump -- The End of Rational Conservatism

Sarah Palin insists Trump is being treated unfairly on the Birther issue, what garbage. Now the line that Palin and Trump are pursuing is that Trump is only giving his opinion when asked where he stands on the issue, oh really? Trump would much rather be talking about China or other heavier topics.

OH REALLY, Trump has powered the inside “birther” issue into a new level of discussion through his use of his tremendous bully platform. While this writer loathes saying anything positive of George Stephanopoulos, on today’s Good Morning America, while Trump and Palin come away complaining the extent to which Stephanopoulos interrupted Trump, Trump turned around and blasted his interviewer when Stephanopoulos attempted to turn the conversation to force Trump to face the SPECIFIC issues that would obliterate the false logic behind the “birther” issue. Trump interrupted Stephanopoulos and accused him of being “co opted” by “the Obama forces.”

The segment where this issue is discussed demonstrates conclusively why Donald Trump is so dangerous to the political process that he can stir up all his bluster and attempt to totally overwhelm a reporter who is definitely left-wing but conducting a totally legitimate interview. The process will eventually force Trump to fall, but could the Republican Party and the conservative movement be the collateral damage.

Viewing that Trump and Palin are now playing a game of “kissy-kissy” with each other is even more disturbing. Palin, an intellectual cipher, who prattles on and on without articulating cogent thoughts is too intellectually challenged to have any idea what a run on sentence is much less putting verbal constructs together that express any real subject.

For both of them, sarcasm and insults don’t equal solutions. For this reason, it is dangerous to give them a platform to preach their narrow minded bigotry.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talladega Scab Report -- Money Ripped Off by Start and Park Entries


237,061.00 in "earnings"

The offenders are two entries from Nemco Motorsports, Joe Nemechek's operation.

Joe Nemechek...79,025.00
Kevin Conway...79,101.00

The other offender is Tommy Baldwin Racing.

Steve Park......79,181

Making this situation especially onerous is that Baldwin used one car sneaking out in part to fund another ride, driven by Dave Blaney who completed the race.

What part of a day's work for a day's pay does NASCAR not understand.


Let NASCAR know that YOU want them to restore integrity to the sport. You work hard for your money and want to see NASCAR teams to their jobs. Sports are for winners not quitters.

The top contacts are: Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Michael Helton, NASCAR President.

Write to:
Office of the President, Michael Helton
Office of the Chairman, Brian France

One Daytona Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253-0611


We are sorry not to have direct email addresses to NASCAR's executive office. We will publish if found. The best email we have routes to their subcontracted website, .


Monday, April 18, 2011


There is no justification for RAISING TAXES for higher income citizens that isn't at best way off target and at worst maliciously dishonest.
The idea that anyone is GIVING money to the rich is BULLSHIT!!!  Their income is money they earned. All citizens earned income belongs to them, those who earned it. It's not a stipend or grant from the government. The government has enacted laws granting the government the power to confiscate earnings -- that's what income tax is.

Since taxes are calculated as a percentage not a designated amount, the rich automatically pay more in taxes than those earning less, but the tax system is a graduated scale where the percentage the government takes increases at certain government determined levels. Currently, the government seeks to increase the percentage for family income over $250k or $200k for individuals.

Another lie is that the Republicans are currently actively pursuing to cut taxes further for the rich. They are attempting to keep taxes at their current rate enacted in 2002. Even if taxes were decreased on the wealthy, nobody is GIVING the rich anything.  They are simply being allowed to keep more of the money they legitimately earned.

As this date represents, all taxpayers are required to submit their tax return. For those who meet the criteria for tax deductions and itemize their taxes, they are required to provide documentation as requested in their 1040 instructions.

Claiming tax deductions is not TAKING money. That is BULLSHIT logic. The government has decided that there are some things people purchase or contract should be subtracted from the amount of income from which the government uses to calculate taxes. The term "taking" tax write-offs is inherently biased and dishonest. The suggestion that anyone is taking advantage of anything or anyone for claiming legal deductions is a lie. What is dishonest or unethical about people proving that they are allowed by law to keep more of the money they earned on the basis of what is permitted by the tax laws?

In the interest of true honesty, the government has created tax deductions and credits that are absolutely ridiculous. However, what is ridiculous is that congress enacted such write-offs. It is not ridiculous or selfish to claim deductions any more than it is to take a pile of coupons to the grocery store and taking "double value" when grocery stores allow such. Coupon clippers aren't ripping off their local supermarkets are they?

It is simply human nature for people to seek to protect that which is theirs and to want to keep as much of their earnings as possible. The citizens will consent to taxation if the tax system is perceived as fair and the benefits of how the government spends their tax revenue on obviously important services and infrastructure for the public good. When the tax system pits one segment of the population against the other, the system is corrupt and taxpayers will do all they can, sometimes even acting illegally to avoid their tax burden.

There is no question that the tax code and the pages and pages of tax deductions must be reviewed, simplified, and reduced. Where tax write-offs would be continued to exist, they should only remain if what the write-offs are granted for are so essential to the well being of the community or the cost of some expenditure is high enough for individuals that citizens would be harmed or their communities would be destabilized. Surely, the matter of something like tax credits or deductions for energy conservation is one instance where thoughtful debate is justified.

2011 is already more than 1/4 complete. Most people have not yet earned enough money in 2011 to pay their tax burden. This is wrong.

What the Democrats and their media echo chamber does not want to concede is that it would be to every one's benefit to let more people keep more of their income while at the same time not permitting more money being channeled into write off pursuits that aren't necessarily healthy expenditures. The less income earners spend productive time dealing with taxes and put more time into productivity, the better things are for ALL citizens. The more money earned, kept, and spent in the community benefits the entire community.

The American citizen should be angry about any suggestion he or she has a responsibility to help contribute to solving the national debt. The government created the debt through its own incompetence, lack of oversight, shallow political purposes, and lust for power. The government needs to clean up its own mess and every bit of the cleanup which helps the American people assume more responsibility for themselves and less dependent on the government the better off the whole society will be.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 7 -- Great Race/Unbelievable Finish

.002 Second Finish Wins the Race for Jimmie Johnson

For race fans wondering what a great Talladega race could be, perhaps today’s Aaron’s 499 was the answer. First, while there was lots of competitive, close racing, it would be hard to describe any of the wrecks as “the big one.” While numerous drivers led laps, there was no clear winner until the last nanosecond. The chase for the finish line was four wide until it broke down to Dale Earnhardt Jr. pushing teammate, Jimmie Johnson to the win while right beside him in the photo finish Clint Bowyer zipped along pushed by his teammate, Kevin Harvick, between them, sped Jeff Gordon just a short link behind. Twenty five drivers led at least one lap in the 188 lap event with Bowyer leading the most laps. Roush dancing partners were just behind, Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle while Mark Martin finished 8th getting separated from his job, pushing Jeff Gordon to the lead. All eight of these cars were pushing for the win in the final laps. David Gilliland finished 9th giving Front Row racing a much needed boost for the marginally funded team. Finishing 10th finally cracking the top 10 provided Joey Logano a much needed pick up for a very tough season.

David Ragan who raced so well last week and Daytona 500 winner, Trevor Bayne encouraged by a strong qualifying effort wrecked completing 89 laps. Their destruction was brought on by Roger Penske’s worst nightmare, his two cars, #2 driven by brad Keselowski and #22 with Kurt Busch having a Talladega get together. Last week’s winner fared little better in a mishap with Kasey Kahne. Kenseth finished a miserable 36th reversing his surge in the points standing last week while Kahne continues to not get his season in gear. Tony Stewart’s operation continues its frustration with Stewart only managing a 17th finish while Ryan Newman who dodged some near catastrophes came in 29th.

Thankfully for Bill Elliot’s reputation, the ride he started did stay in the race to finish 26th with J.J. Yeley hopping in to finish the race. Had a past champion pulled off the track as Bobby Labonte was forced to do last year, the shame would have been overwhelming. There were only three freeloading slugs in the Aaron’s 499, two owned by Joe Nemechek whose mercenary slug, Kevin Conway, only completed one lap. Steve Park has now etched his name in NASCAR’s “Hall of Shame” pulling off after four laps for Tommy Baldwin’s operation. Joe Nemechek, hot off of his superb finish in the Nationwide series a day earlier put in five laps before heading in for his paycheck. How pathetic it is to see Kevin Conway be rewarded last year’s “rookie of the year” honor when several of those appearances were quitters. Now he is nothing more than second hand Joe when Nemechek enters a second chunk of needless clutter in the field. Conway will surely have to slide back to the Truck series, the regional series, or ARCA to reestablish any hopes he might have of being a true NASCAR regular.

Top Finishes:
1- Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
2- Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
3- Jeff Gordon, #24, Chevrolet
4- Dale Earnhardt Jr., #88, Chevrolet
5- Kevin Harvick, #29, Chevrolet
6- Carl Edwards, #88, Ford
7- Greg Biffle, #16, Ford
8- Mark Martin, #5, Chevrolet
9- David Gilliland, #34, Ford
10- Joey Logano, #20, Toyota
11- A.J. Allmendinger, #43, Ford
12- Paul Menard, #27, Chevrolet
13- Martin Truex Jr., #56, Toyota
14- David Reutimann, #00, Toyota
15- Regan Smith, #78, Chevrolet

Standings (Top 15)
1 – Carl Edwards, Ford
2 – Jimmy Johnson, Chevrolet (-5) +2
3 – Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet (-19) +3
4 – Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet (-27) +5
5 – Kurt Busch, Dodge (-28)
6 – Kyle Busch, Toyota (-38) -4
7 – Ryan Newman, Chevrolet (-42)
8 – Matt Kenseth, Ford (-43) -5
9 = Juan Montoya, Chevrolet (-49) -1
10 – Clint Bowyer, Chevrolet (-50) +2
11 – Paul Menard, Chevrolet (-53)
12 – Tony Stewart, Chevrolet (58) -2
13 – Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet (-61) +1
14 – Mark Martin, Chevrolet (-69) +1
15 – A.J. Allmendinger, Ford (-69) -2

Kevin Harvick was the big winner in the points chase gaining five positions while Joey Logano added four positions, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Denny Hamlin and Jeff Burton gained three spots. Matt Kenseth and Brad Keselowski slipped the furthest falling five positions. Kyle Busch fell four spots.

Surely one of the story lines for 2011 is the state of Joe Gibbs racing almost one quarter of the way through the season. While Hamlin and Logano gained in the standings, only Kyle Busch is in the top ten. How sad it is that they can breathe a sigh of relief having a second weekend with no blown engines, but still their drivers have seldom been in competition for top spots in competition. Kyle Busch has 4 top fives and 5 top tens, but also has some terrible races such as today finishing 35th taking a hit in the points. More significantly, Denny Hamlin who was in competition for the championship on the last day of competition in 2010 like teammate Joey Logano has only one top ten finish not reaching the top five.

It seems like every year one of the major teams is a little off digging itself a huge hole early in the season. This year it’s Joe Gibbs Racing where last year it was Roush-Fenway and Richard Childress racing the year before. Clearly for Roush last year, the problem was integrating the FR-9 engines. Again this year, much of the trouble for the Gibbs team is engine related.

The Sprint Cup series takes next week off in honor of Easter. They’ll race 12 points races plus the Charlotte All-Star race next month before their next break the weekend of July 24th between Loudin and Indianapolis. After that the series goes from race 20 in Indy to race 36 in Homestead without interruption. The pressure is on for any readjustment, reorganizing, and fine tuning with so little down time to prepare. With the upcoming week off one race short of the season’s first quarter being completed, can we look at the standings and feel we have a pretty good look at the field for The Chase?

Stay tuned. We’ll update the freeloader scab report once the race purse is announced. Let’s keep the ground swell going to end the “start and park” nonsense which Darrell Waltrip once again plugged as a good thing during today’s telecast.


Birther Bachman Faulty Logic

Cut the bullshit.

Listening to an interview of Michelle Bachman when asked about the birth certificate issue, while she tried to weasel out of answering the question, she criticized Obama saying, it could all be put to rest by his showing the certificate. That would end it.

This is stupid logic when the question itself is absurd. No one should ever feel compelled to answer a “do you still beat your wife?” kind of probe. The rumor mill can create all kinds of story lines that attempt to embarrass, humiliate, and discredit public figures. To respond to them in any substantial way not only dignifies the accustation but encourages more.

Given the scarcely cloaked racism implicit in the demand of such proof from Barack Obama makes responding to the “birthers” an obscene proposition. Now that Donald Trump is attempting to create a bully platform and intimidate the President makes the need to stand firm all the more urgent. Does anyone believe that if Obama were white or if his name was Ray Lewis or Bill Cosby questions of his birth would gain any traction?

The answer is obvious and the revelation that this is vicious racism is made crystal clear.


Sprint Cup 2011: Race 8 -- Talladega -- the long high road to the big one

The Hendricks boys look red hot going into the start of the Aaron’s 499 Sprint Cup race at Talladega. Jeff Gordon, needing a serious jump start for his 2011 season, holds down the pole while teammate and defending champion, Jimmie Johnson starts to his side with Mark Martin and Dale Earnhardt Jr. behind them. Paul Menard and Landon Cassill fill out the third row putting a bow-tie six back up front before Ford, dodge and Toyota make an appearance.

Here are the top starters:
1- Jeff Gordon, #24, Chevrolet
2- Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
3- Mark Martin, #5, Chevrolet
4- Dale Earnhardt Jr., #88, Chevrolet
5- Paul Menard, #27, Chevrolet
6- Landon Cassill, #09, Chevrolet
7- David Ragan, #6, Ford
8- Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
9- Brian Vickers, #83, Toyota
10- Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
11- Trevor Bayne, #21, Ford
12- Michael Waltrip, #15, Toyota
13- Juan Pablo Montoya, #42, Chevrolet
14- David Reutimann, #00, Toyota
15- Bobby Labonte, #47, Toyota
16- A.J. Allmendinger, #43, Ford
17- Greg Biffle, #16, Ford
18- Regan Smith, #78, Chevrolet
19- Brad Kesolowski, #2, Dodge
20- Carl Edwards, #99, Ford

Fans will be watching to see if the field bunches up in partners of two as they did in the Daytona 500 or form the typical massive trains seen in past Talladega races. Somehow that this was an “impound” race (or the whole concept of “impounding”) seems particularly weird at a track where safety is job one. If it were such a brilliant cost saving strategy, why isn’t it used more often? How does NASCAR determine which races are chosen? Shouldn’t they just do what’s in the best interest of quality racing?

Teammates Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman finished first and second in practice, half a second beyond their nearest competition despite poor qualifying efforts with Newman starting in 23rd and Stewart in a distant 30th. Other high profile drivers who qualified poorly include Kevin Harvick buried in 38th and Kyle Busch in 34th.

This blog is delighted to report that two of the most notorious freeloaders were among the three teams that failed to qualify, the #60 car driven by Mike Skinner and the #66 car owned by the Phil Parsons led infestation of NASCAR, driver; Michael McDowell. The Front Row #37 teams still attempting to complete races on limited funds and no sponsorship also failed to qualify sending Tony Raines home. We find it very disturbing that Bill Elliott, one of the most reputable fellows NASCAR has ever known, used his Championship provisional to qualify the #46 team that has opted out of every race it has qualified for so far this year. Even if Elliott is allowed to continue in the race, that he would lend his reputation to an operation that leeches off the rest of the sport is a very sad day in NASCAR. This cannot be considered championship behavior worthy of a frequent winner of NASCAR’s most popular driver. How sad to see such a giant in the sport stoop so low in the final chapter of his racing career.

After two days of threatening weather, race day afternoon weather should be superb: sunny with temperatures in the mid 70’s.

GOP Suicide: Trump's Jump and Birther Baloney

The GOP: Wednesday Morning, November 7, 2012

The REPUBLICAN PARTY and the road to extinction. The signs are clear.

Republicans should be building on their huge success from the fall 2010 elections. Instead, the GOP seems hell bent on self-destruction possibly handing Barack Obama the possibility of the largest landslide victory since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 slaughter over Walter Mondale.

How could this happen when the Obama administration is failing miserably staking out its domain on the far left of the political spectrum pushing through the Federal takeover of health care, running the Federal debt into unprecedented levels committing to loads of pork barrel projects, union demands, and mad expansion of existing bureaucracies, entering into warfare against Libya without even the hint of an objective, shutting down domestic oil production, and seeking to raise taxes?

Surely some Republicans are working very hard to address these issues and get the country on the right track, but there are two factors that can doom the Republican Party to oblivion. First, right now, Donald Trump leads polls by a HUGE margin for the Presidential nomination. More than one in four, 26% support his candidacy. Sarah Palin remains a high profile figure in the national Republican scene but it seems like those who fell for her bumper sticker slogans now are hopping on the Trump bully bulldozer. Trump has pumped new life into the second factor that will doom the Republicans, the insane obsession with Barack Obama’s birth certificate. The more Republicans build up that issue, the more Independents and non-ideological Republicans will leave in droves. That it is an issue that represents pure racism can have long lasting effects that could hurt the party for years, but the same would be true if someone like Trump, Palin, or Bachman won the nomination. Trump has something perhaps no other candidate besides Mitt Romney has, unlimited funds to spend on the election. Given Obama will raise a billion dollars for his campaign, this is a frightening prospect.

The Republicans must be a party of clear, understandable solutions. When they attack Obama, it cannot be attacking the person but hitting hard on the issues and demonstrating how badly the Obama administration is failing. The Republicans must represent mature, responsible strong leadership that believes in the greatness of the United States and its people -- ALL ITS PEOPLE.

Sadly, the field of candidates provides little excitement. Sure, Tim Pawlenty is s sharp fellow with great ideas, but he doesn’t have any flash. He’s boring. Mitch Daniels, the governor of Indiana has an incredible record of accomplishment many in areas that the Federal Government is struggling with now. So far, he’s shown little interest, and as sick as this sounds, he doesn’t look Presidential. Chris Christy and Marco Rubio could be incredible candidates but with their level of experience, are just warming up in the bullpen for 2016.

If Republicans recognize the gravity of their situation and just how horrible the threat the continuation of the Obama administration represents, they must be appalled with the current state of their party. At very least, the party must recapture the senate with votes to spare and tighten its lock on the house regaining most of the traditional red states that have supported Republican presidential candidates. However, no matter how strong the Republicans can be on Capitol Hill, it’s almost a sure guarantee that between 2012 and 2016, there will be Supreme Court openings including ones who consist of the working majority conservatives have. No Obama appointment no matter how moderate could possibly maintain that majority. Aside from the deficit, the farthest reaching, long lasting harm Obama is capable of creating is through appointments to the high court.

It’s time for every Republican and independent who realizes the Obama administration must be destroyed in the next election to get in gear and get in touch with the awesome reality the GOP faces. The party must blast Trump from the stage, silence Sarah Palin, and stop the “birther” nonsense NOW!!!

Tomorrow will be too late and the clock is ticking.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The "Donald"

If there is a more disgusting American than Donald Trump, who is he? Could there be a more thoroughly mean-spirited, self-infatuated, opportunistic, back-stabbing, two-faced, totally dishonest, absolute bully than Donald Trump? Soon the media will make him the poster child of the American rich. The more he talks the greater the chances of an Obama landslide next year.

As if the specter of Sarah Palin playing a major role in the next election weren't frightening enough, Trump is far more dangerous because he has wealth, power, and persistence Palin could never dream of. Palin's just a simple not too smart dip-shit. She's just talk -- way too much talk. Trump can cause serious ruin.

Trump creates the perfect target for everything the Democrats see as unjust and wicked about our society believing that all those who are enormously successfully and have achieved much wealth are just like Trump. Trump provides the Democrats with a much bigger target who personifies everything they'd ever revile than Republicans could ever gain from holding up Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, or Harry Reid as the embodiment of what's wrong with the left.

Here's the challenge. Now is the time for the Republicans to shut down Donald Trump and do so forcefully. If left for the Democrats to do, it will be at the expense of perhaps the survival of the Republican party itself.

It's time to publicize every one Trump has ever screwed, every business deal he has ever botched, every person who has been destroyed by Trump, every dirty little detail of his personal life. The response must be forceful and as unwielding as how Trump treats his adversaries.

As decent, thoughtful Americans, we cannot afford to let Donald Trump ever be the standard bearer of any political entity or be seen as the personification of American success.  Study what he says and how he says it and the extent to which he constantly bloviates about his own perceived virtues and the total contempt he has for others. There is no way any American could trust this man in the most powerful job in the World. There's likewise, no way any sane person would pay for any Trump product.

We've grown numb with all the liars, scoundrels, crooks, and ego-maniacs in high positions in American society. Barack Obama is not only the worst President in U.S. History, incompetent, corrupt, and ideologically driven steeped in pure Marxist influence. We see the total moral depravity in the character of so many celebrities from Charlie Sheen to Lindsay Lohan. Given such scandals as Enron, the bank and mortgage industry collapse, Bernie Madoff, and the BP spill, corporate moguls aren't looking too respectable right now either no matter how many of them are great people, running great companies, providing wonderful products. Donald Trump is a horrible representative of any major roll he plays. 

The heart and soul of the American people is something he cannot buy nor can he bully his way into controlling. Collectively, what's good in the heart of the American people is far stronger than all the fear, doubt, greed, anger, and hatred Donald Trump is attempting to use as a tool to achieve ultimate power. No one better personifies the Machiavelli creed: "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Donald Trump is absolutely corrupt.


Friday, April 15, 2011

LOVE the Rich!!!!!

Enough of the bullshit. The tax the rich orgy is pure and simple greed and crass manipulation on the behalf of those who feel ENTITLED to the hard earned wages of other citizens.

The government created the national debt with their overspending and insane commitments. They are expecting those who are doing the most to keep the economy growing creating jobs and stability to bail them out and then turn around and call them greedy and avow they are not paying their "fair" share. What is fair about any of this?

The rhetoric of everyone should step forward and pay “their fair share” is pure NONSENSE. Even if “the rich” paid the same percentage of their wages as what the left-wing robbers call “working people” as if those who are better off don’t work, they’d pay a much huger share of the taxes. If $50,000 a year were typical wages, if withholdings were 20% person would pay $10,000 before deductions. Conversely at a flat 20%, someone earning $1,000,000 would pay $200,000. Obama’s plan would charge them $380,000 a year. Mr. Mean Greedy Rich Guy is paying more than seven times than what the “working” people make a year.

To suggest that accepting higher taxes would be “patriotic” is absurd. To suggest wealthy who obey the law and pay the taxes required of them are greedy is a LIE.

Is it not PATRIOTIC to stand up to a government that is out of control, seizing the citizens' earned finances and spending it with out any responsible discipline?

Those who require the least amount of support from the government are expected to say the most. How is that fair?

Pay your taxes to the government, and that money is GONE. For every dollar taken in via taxes, how much of that dollar goes to paying for health care or defense/ how much of it is wasted on government overhead? How much of it pays the national debt?

Through all of the left-wing, big government's rationale is a clear inference that is truly the BIG LIE in their logic. They suggest that most of the government's shortage of funds would never have become a problem if only "the rich' paid their fair share. They act as if the Bush administration's tax cuts are the main contributor to the budget shortfalls. All this is garbage.

They talk as if the money is theirs to begin with. They set up all kinds of false equations between the lack of money for those they  consider the needy and those with wealth "taking" too much. We are beat over the head constantly with rhetoric about how "they" are letting babies die, children being poised, elderly being starved, and disabled dumped out of their wheelchairs. Who's paying the lion's share of taxes? Who pays higher pereentages of their income?  The politics of class warfare is the basic assumption behind Marxism and all socialism. There is no cloaking they support the Marxist maxim, "From each according to his ability; to each according to their need."

Who is the government to determine that those who have worked hard and earned their money to have to surrender even more?

We repeat what responsible conservatives say time and time again, our government does not have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem! We demand that the government work to eliminate duplicated efforts, waste, inefficiency, unnecessary programs, benefits and salaries above and beyond what comparable workers in the private sector would earn, and cut out all the baloney. Work out not only a reasonable budget for the next fiscal year but show there is a plan in place for the next decade or longer. Share those numbers with the public, and then we can talk about whose burden it is to pay for what the government does. If the government is engaged in spending money for things that get no results, we owe the government nothing. They owe us more than just another empty explanation.

There’s a group called “Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength.” Their slogan is, “We should pay more. We want to pay more.”

They write the following plea:


We are writing to urge you to put our country ahead of politics.

For the fiscal health of our nation and the well-being of our fellow citizens, we ask that you increase taxes on incomes over $1,000,000.

We make this request as loyal citizens who now or in the past earned an income of $1,000,000 per year or more.

Our country faces a choice – we can pay our debts and build for the future, or we can shirk our financial responsibilities and cripple our nation’s potential.

Our country has been good to us. It provided a foundation through which we could succeed. Now, we want to do our part to keep that foundation strong so that others can succeed as we have.

Please do the right thing for our country. Raise our taxes.

Thank you,

(Signed by over 80 “patriotic” millionaires)

Okay, first let’s finish our natural gagging response to such sanctimonious bullshit. If they are speaking for themselves, that’s fine. They can give as much money as they like to the government. We’d be interested in seeing how much they give charity right now knowing that most of them deliver more good per dollar than the government ever will. If they want some kind of proclamation to “compel” them to pay, okay maybe something can be arranged. However, how dare they speak for other millionaires.

Whatever amount of money they think they should pay might be very valuable money to another millionaire. Perhaps one is contemplating adding staff to his business. Maybe another millionaire is about to build an addition to his office which would provide money to a local building contractor. Perhaps another “rich” person might be getting ready to write a check to pay for scholarships at a local school, assist a community hospital or private school, or support a local program for battered women. Every cent so spent or donated would generate far more public good than waste than if spent in taxes.

Okay, let’s be real, some of them might be planning to go on a lavish vacation. If that vacation is within the United States, that’s money supporting airlines, hotels, restaurants, and all the people who work for them. What if they chose to join country clubs – country clubs provide jobs and run very efficiently. What isn’t spent on the upkeep of the facility itself goes almost exclusively for wages. They’re not in business to make a profit.

If those guilty rich simply save their money or put it in the market, that’s money increasing the value of what could later be loans for new houses, supporting pension funds, and plenty of other good purposes.

Folks don’t become millionaires by sitting around doing nothing. The vast majority get there by working very hard doing exceptional work for which they are rewarded with a substantial income. They didn’t just graduate from high school and become instantly rich. They provide ideas and do work that provides substantial value. Look at Bill Gates and how he became the wealthiest man in the world. Consider a fellow working as a stock boy in a grocery store, sold his motorcycle to buy a quality electric typewriter and a small pickup truck to start his own business which grew to be the top business of its kind in its region providing jobs for over twenty people. This is a real story. Ask an entrepreneur on the rise and listen to him tell what his fights are tangling with government regulation.

Folks who have contempt for millionaire are losers, ungrateful bastards, slackers, unrealistic uninformed rubes, and absolute fools. Let’s set the record straight and be realistic about what our money world is all about.

If it’s a matter of people paying their fair share, the rich should enjoy a huge tax DECREASE.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

At Least Losers Fought the Fight....

Attention: Mike Skinner, Michael, McDowell, Joe Nemechek, your attendance and participation in qualify for Talladega is not welcome. You are a disgrace to all of sports and any reasonable sense of competition for milking NASCAR’s Sprint Cup series out of a share of prize money without engaging in competition in the race. We are sick of your media apologists particularly on Fox TV who carry your water for you. You are a disgrace, a fraud, and a common rip-off to all that sports and NASCAR means to the fans. You’re beneath loser status because even losers have to play to lose. You scabs won’t even do that.

Bill Elliot, what are you doing? What a distinguished racing career you have had even helping the “legendary” Wood Brothers keep going during very hard times. The Wood Brothers have character – they never considered a start and park entry. They’d rather race part time but race. How can a driver who has been elected NASCAR’s “Most Popular Driver” 16 times, a former champ, a 44 time winner with 320 top tens stoop so low as to associate with a team that has backed out of every single race this year? Tommy McMillan is a fraud to the sport and even if he would allow you to compete, the deed is done. For a driver who most people would associate with everything good about NASCAR to stoop so low, this is one of the saddest, poorest decisions ever made by a champion driver. You owe your fans a damned good explanation!!!

Undoubtedly with 46 cars entered this week, there are more drivers who will participate in this charade. If you do, you’re black listed by thousands of dedicated fans who demand the same of you. This is a warning to Steve Park, Kevin Conway, and any other driver who engage in such a shameful, lowly enterprise. Look in the mirror and see how sub-loser status befits you.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011: Week 7, SCAB REPORT


SCAB EARNINGS f/ TEXAS: $318,664.00
SCAB EARNINGS f/ 2011: $2,078,046.00
Four drivers disgraced professional sports and showed NASCAR’s indifference with four drivers sucking in $318.664.00 running the total up to a whopping $2,078,046 for the 2011 season. What makes this more noteworthy is that scab teams do qualify well as shown by Michael McDowell earning the 20th spot for the infamous Phil Parsons gang, and that accidents involving competing teams can happen before the “start and park” entries clear the field. They never should have been on the track in the first place.

Myth: "Start and Park" doesn't hurt anybody.

Reality: The figures provided above show a significant amount of money that is at the expense of competition. These freeloaders are operating at the expense of teams that are trying to do the right things and support their sponsors.

They cheated a team driven by Travis Kvapil out of a chance to compete with a fully sponsored ride. His teammate, David Gilliland wrecked early with only Mike Skinner having quit so far. How is NASCAR supposed to attract sponsors for their race teams when teams that refuse to make the necessary investment and effort to compete can bump legitimate teams off the track? How do the folks at Long John Silver, Travis Kvapil’s sponsor feel about making their investment to support a NASCAR team when they can’t show off their advertising when common slugs like Joe Nemechek and Phil Parsons are raking in almost $80,000 an event? NASCAR we want you to know this is seriously affecting our respect for the sport.

Let NASCAR know that YOU want them to restore integrity to the sport. You work hard for your money and want to see NASCAR teams to their jobs. Sports are for winners not quitters.

The top contacts are:
Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Michael Helton, NASCAR President

Write to:
Office of the President, Michael Helton
Office of the Chairman, Brian France

One Daytona Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253-0611

We are sorry not to have direct email addresses to NASCAR's executive office. We will publish if found. The best email we have routes to their subcontracted website,

Sprint Cup 2011: Race 7 -- Big Time Texas!!!

Matt Kenseth got to fire off the guns Saturday night winning the Samsung Mobile 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway. It was a great night for Kenseth. It was a fabulous night for his team with all his teammates winning in the top 7. Carl Edwards finished 3rd with teammate Greg Biffle looking to build some momentum for his season, in 4th, but perhaps the most reassuring finish of all for Roush-Fenway is David Ragan’s 7th place finish. After a promising 2009 season, the #6 ride has struggled opening up many questions about the UPS Ford’s future. As the story of the 2011 starts to clarify, it looks like Jack Roush and his fleet of Fords will be in the future.

Top 15 Results:
1- Matt Kenseth, #17, Ford
2- Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
3- Carl Edwards, #99, Ford
4- Greg Biffle, #16, Ford
5- Paul Menard, #27, Chevrolet
6- Marcos Ambrose, #9, Ford
7- David Ragan, #6, Ford
8- Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
9- Dale Earnhardt Jr., #88, Chevrolet
10- Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
11- Jeff Burton, #31, Chevrolet
12- Tony Stewart, #14, Chevrolet
13- Juan Montoya, #42, Chevrolet
14- Ryan Newman, #39, Chevrolet
15- Denny Hamlin, #11, Chevrolet

Look at the results, besides the Roush romp, things look might good for three Childress drivers, but where’s the fellow who won the last two races, Kevin Harvick? Harvick finished in 20th spot. Some drivers really needed a strong finish to help overcome a slow start so Greg Biffle, David Ragan, and Jeff Burton must be pleased. Tony Stewart fell off for getting busted for speeding on pit-road. Now NASCAR shares the data as proof – a nice touch for the telecast. Also of note, Toyotas were shut out of the top 10 with Denny Hamlin, who has attempted to get into the chase picture only making it to 15 while Kyle Busch finished 16th, Joey Logano, the 3rd Gibbs entry only managed 24th. Trevor Bayne had his best finish since winning the Daytona 500 with a 17th finish. Jeff Gordon appears to be treading water after breaking his winless streak in 23rd.

Texas was catastrophic for Martin Truex, #56, Mark Martin, #6, and Regan Smith, #78 who tangled up in a messy wreck on lap 213. Martin’s car was shredded hitting one of the few spots with no SAFER barrier.

We’ll address the freeloading scum that quit the race in another posting. Joe Nemechek, Michael McDowell, J.J. Yeley, and Mike Skinner are an embarrassment to their sport.

Championship Points Standings (1-15)
1- Carl Edwards, 256 pts., leader
2- Kyle Busch, 247 pts. (-9)
3- Matt Kenseth, 243 pts. (-13)
4- Jimmie Johnson, 243 pts. (-13)
5- Kurt Busch, 240 pts. (-15)
6- Dale Earnhardt Jr., 235 pts. (-21)
7- Ryan Newman, 233 pts. (-23)
8- Juan Pablo Montoya, 232 pts. (-24)
9- Kevin Harvick, 228 pts. (=28)
10- Tony Stewart, 213 pts. (-43)
11- Paul Menard, 209 pts. (-47)
12- Clint Bowyer, 201 pts. (-55)
13- A.J. Allmendinger, 193 pts. (-63)
14- Jeff Gordon, 192 pts. (-64)
15- Mark Martin, 189 pts. (-67)

Biggest Advances in standings:
Matt Kenseth +6
Clint Bowyer +4
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Paul Menard +2

Despite his disappointing finish, Tony Stewart still gained one position.

Mark Martin -5
Kevin Harvick -4
Martin Truex Jr. -4 (drops to 21st)

For Owners’ standings, Bob Germain, owner of the #13 car moved into the red hot 35th spot guaranteeing a start next week while Brad Jenkins’ Front Row Racing’s car, driver Tony Raines, #37 dropped from 35th to 37th

The biggest story carrying from Texas to Talladega must be the success of the Roush team but that Richard Petty’s Fords and the “legendary” Wood Brothers saw their best finish since race #1. Despite Ford’s surge, only two contenders, though, are in the top 10.

Joe Gibbs Racing had a rough day but this weekend for the first time this season did not blow a single engine before or during the race. Only Kyle Busch is in the top ten while Denny Hamlin slipped one place back to 20th. Joey Logano slips another position to 28th.

Toyota in general is having a tough season, second to Kyle Busch is Kasey Kahne, his one year temporary gig with Red Bull, in 16th. Martin Truex Jr. worsened Toyota’s picture dropping to 21st after his crash while Bobby Labonte dropped two positions to 23rd. David Reutimann has been seldom seen in 27th.

For those questioning the Rick Hendrick teams’ success, remember it’s only April, but Jeff Gordon appears snake bitten brightened by a win and another top five but looking pretty un-champion like in other contests. Mark Martin only has two top tens, no top fives.

Whatever pictures seemed to be forming or if there have been any trends so far in 2011, that all goes by the wayside next week at Talladega. It will be interesting to see how a smaller diameter restrictor plate with the new aerodynamic package including the new more seamless splitter will affect competition. Will the newly paved Daytona race track help preview the 2.66 mile high banked race. We’ll see.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are the Democrats Going to the Dogs? Startling Evidence!!!

Florida Congresswomen with the doggie do is full of doggie doo.

Where do the Democrats find some of their leaders? Meet Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The 44 year old congresswoman is another New York Florida invader who was first elected to congress in 2004. When the Democrats need crocodile tears, count on Wasserman-Shultz to be there with her best faux-sincerity nodding her head with a stern reverent expression gushing malodorous liberal hormones. Her most outspoken positions are on strict gun control, absolute abortion rights, and hate crimes legislation. As her party ram-rodded Obama-Care through the house, she aggressively fought the Stupak-Pitts amendment which would have imposed limits on taxpayer-funded abortions. Wasserman Schultz is one of the most outspoken proponents of extreme political correctness going as far as protesting a public employee having a photograph of an American Flag pictured with a Christian Cross on her desk. As one of Nancy Pelosi’s most consistent rubber stamps, she was awarded the position of Chief Deputy Whip.

As a contrast to Republicans as the ultimate poster child for crybaby causes and a never ending nagging Nanny State, she has just been appointed Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. She’ll be instrumental in helping organize resources for the next election where insane scare mongering will be loud and shrill directed toward the Republican Party. Warming up for that, she spoke of the Republican efforts to cut the 2010 budget as creating a “death trap for seniors.’ Where have we heard that kind of nonsense before?

However, as we keep her resume in mind, there is no questioning that Wasserman-Schultz’s most obvious quality is her uncanny resemblance to a cocker-spaniel. Not only are there some noteworthy physical similarities, but her tendency to sniff and whine is also quite spaniel like too.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Memo to Charlie Sheen: Just Kill Yourself and Get It Over With

Okay, we know it, that's a mean title that nice people don't dare say particularly in writing these days, but "well duh" who doesn't see what the Charlie Sheen saga is leading up to.

Be honest, Charlie Sheen is a thoroughly rotten human being. He is the victim of his own decision making. He is a person of DREADFUL character. Look at his mouthings off about public issues like his 9/11 conspiracy theories and other topics he's opined on. Look at how he's treated women. The son-of-a-bitch simply has no core, no positive values. That he would live the ultimate hedonistic spoiled brat life should come as no surprise. He could be Paris Hilton's or Lindsay Lohan's big brother. He had two things working for him, his father's name recognition and what most TV and movie viewers consider Hollywood good looks. He has been capable of playing slightly edgy, bad boy characters -- great entertainment.  Having no core, no values and an unbelievably elevated sense of self and ego, living the fat life lead to what he's become today.

Some find his exploits entertaining. Some can't help be drawn in with the kind of morbid curiosity that draws a crowd watching an accident. Hopefully, those among us who are less vocal are just plain disgusted.

Cut the phony sympathy. He's not a poor fellow who had bad things happen to him. Nobody forced him to party to extremes and consume enough cocaine and alcohol to warp his brain.That's what he wanted, that's what he got and the result is what you see is what you get. 

Now, Sheen the Mean is making the rounds with his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour, booking facilities in major cities where audiences can come and hear him rant. There's no script, no rehearsal, and Charlie Sheen is no stand up comic. He's fleecing the public to support his disgusting life style. To show the absolute depravity of the situation, the pure hubris of a horrible human being, he's attempting to copyright some of his pet catch phrases like "duh - winning," "tiger blood," and "rock star from Mars." We have one he can use free of charge that fits, "Shithead from Hollywood."

Somehow, that his one major interview since his whole world erupted into a media specticle earlier this year was by perhaps the nation's most vicious demogogue and conspiracy theory peddler, Alex Jones, leading to Jones appearance on "The View' makes him all the more worthy of ridicule, but he and Jones certanily occupy a well deserved shared level of contempt among folks who are tired of media explotation regardless of where it comes from.

We've seen his kind of story play out many times before -- Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Surrounded by sycophants, enablers, and leeches who feed off the big star's excesses, these stars live in a bubble detached from reality and with nothing but "yes" men around them, they are never challenged on their abhorrent lifestyles. They become increasingly more detached from the real world, and soon, tragedy results.

With Smith, Jackson, and Presley, they didn't seem to grovel in their destruction. Toward the end they became sickly shells of what they were in their prime. While Sheen is a far cry from the character who made him the star on one of network TV's hottest shows, he appears to celebrate grovelling in his self-destruction. The day of reckoning is coming soon.

Why does it seem like the final chapter of this tragedy is going to be an especially ugly one?


Sprint Cup 2011: Race 7 -- Shoot 'Em Out Texas Style

David Ragan is a driver who needs a break. Showing early promise as a young driver for Roush-Fenway replacing Mark Martin in the famous #6 car, he started out looking like a sure talent but has floundered the last two years with an assortment of troubles many not his fault but the results have not been good. 2011 has looked more promising so far at times and no time was better than qualifying for the Samsung Mobile 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway winning his first poll in the Sprint Cup Series. On the outside poll, more team support with teammate, Carl Edwards. In fact, three out of four of the top qualifiers are Roush boys with Matt Kenseth in 4th. Clint Bowyer snuck in to 3rd and another Earnhardt/Childress powered car starts 5th, Regan Smith, starts 5th. Greg Biffle is the chump of the Roush stable with his starting position being the 9th spot. Lots of top drivers would love that chump status.

Here are the top qualifiers:
1. David Ragan, #6, Ford
2. Carl Edwards, #99, Ford
3. Clint Bowyer, #33, Chevrolet
4. Matt Kenseth, #17 Ford
5. Regan Smith, #78, Chevrolet
6. Jimmie Johnson, #48, Chevrolet
7. Marco Ambrose, #9, Ford
8. Joey Logano, #20, Toyota
9. Greg Biffle, #16, Ford
10. Kurt Busch, #22, Dodge
11. Kyle Busch, #18, Toyota
12. Jeff Burton, #31, Chevrolet
13. Kasey Kahne, #4, Toyota
14. Juan Pablo Montoya, #42, Chevrolet
15. A.J. Allmendinger, #43, Ford
16. Ryan Newman, #39, Chevrolet
17. Jamie McMurray, #1, Chevrolet
18. Trevor Bayne, #21, Ford
19. Paul Menard, #27, Chevrolet
20. Michael McDowell, #66, Toyota

One can’t help but notice a freeloading scab is starting 20th and will take home a nice purse for doing nothing. Meanwhile, Travis Kvapil running for an outfit short on funds goes home having invested in everything needed to compete the race. This is another reason, NASCAR must eliminate start and park teams. Explain this situation to Kvapil’s sponsors who get NO exposure this weekend. J.J. Yeley, Mike Skinner, and Joe Nemechek are in the field 35th, 36th and 37th.

Tony Stewart’s frustration must be growing with only a 26th start. One wonders how much longer he and crew chief, Darian Grubb will continue. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kevin Harvick start 28th and 29th after battling for last week’s win. Jeff Gordon is banished it 32nd place.

In the race for the Texas six shooters as the grand prize, the 2011 season heads for its more typical 1 ½ mile tracks. Who’s a good bet this weekend? How about Carl Edwards who is off to a good start in 2009 and has three wins including a season’s sweep in 2008 at the Texas track? Denny Hamlin won both 2010 races at the track. Is Matt Kenseth ready for a win? He thinks so, and having won at Texas and having the most top 5’s of any driver might make him a good bet, but meanwhile wily old Mark Martin has the most top tens. Neither Kevin Harvick nor Kyle Busch has ever won at the track. Are they due? For folks who want to get anxious about Jimmie Johnson winning his 6th straight championship, he has found victory lane in the fall 2007 race. Weather will be in the low to mid 80’s with a chance of thunderstorms in the later half of the race.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Baltimore Homicides: Early 2011 Report

As of this date, April 8, 2011, 48 people have been murdered in Baltimore City, 47 of them, Black (three females, 44 males) and one White male run over by a truck. Is it not obvious that the failing of Baltimore City Public Schools has made the "education" process little more than an apprenticeship for murder?

Those who live in the neighborhoods where the violence exists must feel like disposable citizens. At times, being shut in their houses to avoid the violence outside, they see the body bags and hear the frantic crying of another mother whose son is gone. In the land of opportunity the culture of murder and culture of despair live side-by-side. Some are blameless. some are perpetrators. Clearly, society's institutions are failing horribly starting with schools that don't educate, discipline or prepare.

As long as these murders happen in someone else's neighborhood and God forbid, avoid the downtown hot-spots: Mt. Vernon Square, the Inner Harbor, Federal Hill, Fells Point, Canton, Guilford, Homewood, Mt. Washington, and Little Italy, they might as well be in Los Angeles. No new social programs, no increased spending, no "crackdowns" will accomplish ANYTHING until values change. Those outside of the killing zone must accept that every life matters. In the killing zone, residents must stop seeing the police as their enemies. They must demand their streets belong to them not the hoodlums. From a child's earliest entry into society's systems, starting with pre-school and ratcheting up during school, productive values must be taught and practiced. Kids need positive roll models, hope, and clear expectations. That it's okay to skip school, steal, take drugs, bully others, and hang out in gangs must be countered with REAL options. Justice must be fair, immediate, and deserving.

Warm weather is coming. The homicides per week will be going up soon. While the murder rate is down significantly from over 300 a year and will remain so at this year's pace, how many other subdivisions in Maryland will come close to the number of killings in Baltimore by year's end. Right now, the year is just a little over finished its first quarter.

How often do we hear guns kill?  The truth is the decades of excuses and inaction are far more lethal.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


HOT NEWS: Hawaiian appeals court denies “Birther’s” suit. By virtue of Hawaiian law (which is similar to most states’ policies) there was no compelling reason to grant the request. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is sending his goons to try to take a look.

Trump bulldozed Meredith Viera on NBC's Today Show, the same network that broadcasts his Apprentice self-promotion program absolutely over running the NBC host with his overwhelming intimidating presence.

DONALD TRUMP: I am saying I want to see the birth certificate. It's very simple. I want to see the birth certificate. How come his own family doesn't know which hospital he was born in? How come-- forget about birth certificates. Let's say there's no birth certificate. How come in the hospital itself, okay? This is one of the hospital itself, there's no records of his birth. In other words, it doesn't say how much they paid, where is the doctor, here's your room bill. You know, all the

MEREDITH VIEIRA: You've been privy to all of this to know this?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they're talking.

MEREDITH VIEIRA: You have people now out there searching-- I mean, in Hawaii?

DONALD TRUMP: Absolutely. And they cannot believe what they're finding. And I'm serious--


Yo Donald,

YOU’RE FIRED. Nobody invited you to the party. You and your posse crashed the gates. Go play with George Soros and see if you guys and bankrupt each other for the good of mankind.

We might just be talking to a wall with some conservatives whose rage and hatred destroys their judgment and objectivity. An internet poll of Fox viewers, voted 86 to 14 percent that it's smart politics for for Trump to highlight Obama's birth certificate.

Okay, the viewers who surf the Fox Life website are probably pretty hardcore conservatives not just day-to-day viewers, but this issue strikes a cord with  some and it is one that will lead to no good consequences for anyone.
Does it seem to fellow, when the Republicans score a huge triumph, soon thereafter something happens that destroys them? In 1972, Nixon won by a huge landslide. Two years later, he was gone – WATERGATE.

Reagan was the one Republican who truly did things right but beneath him, why couldn’t the Republicans in congress get anywhere?

George H.W. Bush declared “No new taxes.” We saw what happened with that.

Newt Gingerich and his guys swept into congress with the Contract with America. Soon, Clinton was playing them like a fiddle. They balanced the budget and Clinton got the credit. Then they did the ultimate act of self-destruction pursuing impeachment of Clinton for getting his on the job blow jobs and the little blue dress. The Republicans could have held that over his head and whacked him, but they pursued inflation knowing the Senate would not support them and viciously divided the nation in so doing.

By the time ol’ Dubya became President and promised a new civility, the congressional Republicans had become almost that which they were elected to replace, a bunch of self-serving entrenched, special interest catering fat cats who spent like there was no tomorrow. Claiming to be the moral party and that morality mattered, how many of them got caught with their pants down?

In 2008 after taking an ass whooping in 2006 bringing in the reign of terror of Reid and Pelosi, they nominated an aged backstabber who sold them out in many a crucial moment including teaming up with Wisconsin Senator Feinstein creating an absolutely pro-Democrat finance bill, John McCain, who then nominated a thoroughly mindless inexperienced shrill fluff brain, Sarah Palin, as VP, setting the stage for the election of the most radical, communist, socialist, and liberation theology influenced inexperienced figures to win the White House in Barack Obama.

After enduring a thorough whipping in the 2008 election, the Democrats sewed the seeds for Republican resurgence seizing control of General Motors, Chrysler, and the nation’s health care system as radicals popped up like flowers in May like Van Jones, Valarie Harper and a host of Chicago political machine operatives. They were poised to retake both houses of congress, but thanks to Sarah Palin’s involvement in some key Senate races, what would have been sure Republican gains in Nevada and Delaware, the intellectually challenged dingbats she endorsed won. Nevertheless, the turnover in the House was impressive. After the 2010 election, they were poised to march on and create living hell for the Democrats hand-cuffing the Obama administration.

Somehow assertiveness and forceful dedication to the issues seemed to give way to personality issues, but regardless of that, seeing figures like Sarah Palin shaping up as possible nominees for the 2012 Presidential nomination were bad enough to make losing their recent gains a true reality, then comes a long Donald Trump spewing a lot of hot-tempered knee jerk inflammatory right wing flamethrower talk show issues introducing it all surrounding the most nothing issue of nothing issues in ages, whether or not a birth certificate can be produced proving Barack Obama is a legitimate US citizen.

Suddenly the Democrats have exactly what that want, tangible proof the Republicans are a bunch of yokel racists. While many Republicans are way too smart to engage in such stupidity ad John Boehner did on “Meet the Press” despite substantial goading by left wing attack dog host, David Gregory. Now enter Donald Trump, the bully’s bully, the manic master of self-promotion making the birth certificate issue his rallying point indicting he might run for President. In using the TV talk show circuit as his platform, he’s continued to “trump up” the “birther” issue while making outrageous claims how he’d play tough with everyone else in the world or who would hold a position contrary to “The Donald” basically pounding his chest screaming “my way or the highway” and inviting anyone who’d dare question him to kiss his butt. Now the Trumpster is sending investigators to Hawaii to attempt to determine if a birth certificate exists. On has to feel Barack Obama couldn’t be delighted more. As horrible as things looked for him, with Sarah Palin and now Donald Trump diverting attention from the serious Republicans who are working hard to unravel his policies giving the media and his supporters tons of raw red meat to portray the Republicans as a bunch of racist rubes, Obama can surely see opposition amounting to far more hot air than substance.

Muzzling Trump will be no easy task. There is no charismatic front running candidate for the 2012 nomination…Chris Christie and Mark Rubio aren’t ready yet. Some could ultimately prevail on the issues, are being drowned out by two of the most polarizing shrill showboats getting all the media’s attention.

If Barack Obama is smiling more recently, maybe he envisions running against a Trump/Palin ticket. That could make the landslides the Republicans enjoyed 1972 and 1984 look tiny by comparision.

Wake up conservatives. Your prompt destruction is appearing on a television program somewhere tonight. It’s time for reason and focus to prevail.