Saturday, April 16, 2011

The "Donald"

If there is a more disgusting American than Donald Trump, who is he? Could there be a more thoroughly mean-spirited, self-infatuated, opportunistic, back-stabbing, two-faced, totally dishonest, absolute bully than Donald Trump? Soon the media will make him the poster child of the American rich. The more he talks the greater the chances of an Obama landslide next year.

As if the specter of Sarah Palin playing a major role in the next election weren't frightening enough, Trump is far more dangerous because he has wealth, power, and persistence Palin could never dream of. Palin's just a simple not too smart dip-shit. She's just talk -- way too much talk. Trump can cause serious ruin.

Trump creates the perfect target for everything the Democrats see as unjust and wicked about our society believing that all those who are enormously successfully and have achieved much wealth are just like Trump. Trump provides the Democrats with a much bigger target who personifies everything they'd ever revile than Republicans could ever gain from holding up Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, or Harry Reid as the embodiment of what's wrong with the left.

Here's the challenge. Now is the time for the Republicans to shut down Donald Trump and do so forcefully. If left for the Democrats to do, it will be at the expense of perhaps the survival of the Republican party itself.

It's time to publicize every one Trump has ever screwed, every business deal he has ever botched, every person who has been destroyed by Trump, every dirty little detail of his personal life. The response must be forceful and as unwielding as how Trump treats his adversaries.

As decent, thoughtful Americans, we cannot afford to let Donald Trump ever be the standard bearer of any political entity or be seen as the personification of American success.  Study what he says and how he says it and the extent to which he constantly bloviates about his own perceived virtues and the total contempt he has for others. There is no way any American could trust this man in the most powerful job in the World. There's likewise, no way any sane person would pay for any Trump product.

We've grown numb with all the liars, scoundrels, crooks, and ego-maniacs in high positions in American society. Barack Obama is not only the worst President in U.S. History, incompetent, corrupt, and ideologically driven steeped in pure Marxist influence. We see the total moral depravity in the character of so many celebrities from Charlie Sheen to Lindsay Lohan. Given such scandals as Enron, the bank and mortgage industry collapse, Bernie Madoff, and the BP spill, corporate moguls aren't looking too respectable right now either no matter how many of them are great people, running great companies, providing wonderful products. Donald Trump is a horrible representative of any major roll he plays. 

The heart and soul of the American people is something he cannot buy nor can he bully his way into controlling. Collectively, what's good in the heart of the American people is far stronger than all the fear, doubt, greed, anger, and hatred Donald Trump is attempting to use as a tool to achieve ultimate power. No one better personifies the Machiavelli creed: "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."  Donald Trump is absolutely corrupt.


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