Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So ends one of the most ridiculous unfounded conspiracy theories of all time.
Here's the smoking gun that affirms what we've known all along --- Donald  Trump is a relentless, mean-spirited blowhard. Here's to Alex Jones and his scare machine -- where's your proof you said you had now?  What tells us you'll have a brand new pack of lies to make this sorry episode even more insane, and for us accepting the truth, you'll call us co-opted. Here's to all you low-life, two bit racist bigots who know you'd get in BIG trouble for saying you don't like having a "nigger" president.We know what you are -- if Barack Obama's name were Jerry Rice or Samuel Jackson, you'd never have attempted this stunt.

AMERICA has work to do. Here's a mighty kick in your ass, you asses, for wasting our time, stirring up hatred and nonsense, distracting the peoples' business and showing that low life yahoo's are alive and well in the United States of America.

So what are you going to come up with next!


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