Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birther Bachman Faulty Logic

Cut the bullshit.

Listening to an interview of Michelle Bachman when asked about the birth certificate issue, while she tried to weasel out of answering the question, she criticized Obama saying, it could all be put to rest by his showing the certificate. That would end it.

This is stupid logic when the question itself is absurd. No one should ever feel compelled to answer a “do you still beat your wife?” kind of probe. The rumor mill can create all kinds of story lines that attempt to embarrass, humiliate, and discredit public figures. To respond to them in any substantial way not only dignifies the accustation but encourages more.

Given the scarcely cloaked racism implicit in the demand of such proof from Barack Obama makes responding to the “birthers” an obscene proposition. Now that Donald Trump is attempting to create a bully platform and intimidate the President makes the need to stand firm all the more urgent. Does anyone believe that if Obama were white or if his name was Ray Lewis or Bill Cosby questions of his birth would gain any traction?

The answer is obvious and the revelation that this is vicious racism is made crystal clear.


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WiseGuise said...

Well said, rightie! :)