Sunday, June 12, 2011

Treatment? Anthony Weiner Needs Treatment?????

Treatment? How can Anthony Weiner possibly talk of treatment? This is elitist gobbledygook which portrays the offender as victim, a stance in the litigious society the United States has become when people in a position of power attempt to weasel out of the kind of responsibility and scorn most people would face for involvement in such onerous, disgusting, abusive, and demeaning behavior.

Modern liberal or progressive thinking when it involves communication through the media involves a sense of extreme sophistry where the integrity of plain expressive language is turned inside out and spun around attempting to remove responsibility from the true offender and place blame elsewhere.

How often have we seen variations of this theme employed in criminal defenses where a variant of this is being used by the baseless defense of the Caylee Anthony murder case where her hedonistic, narcissistic, compulsive liar mother, Casey, is being portrayed as a victim of sex abuse by her father and her brother thus not being able to accept responsibility for her behavior and acting in irrational ways insisting that she was so screwed up she couldn’t deal with the accidental drowning of her little two year old daughter? What a cynical, corrupt defense that is fishing for that one juror whose mind has been rotted by the kind of moral relativism Anthony Weiner is attempting to exploit to save his sorry rear end? Casey Anthony is an absolutely rotten excuse for a human being whose inability to accept any personal responsibility for anything much less being a mother sought to live a life of partying, tattoos, drugs, and booze – classic behavior without consequence.

While Anthony Weiner has not killed anybody, his contempt for society at large and sense that rules do not apply to him are painfully obvious. Think about what we knew of him before the scandal broke and what has ensued since. His persona was that of a rabid pit bull attack dog constantly abusively demeaning and insulting his political adversaries in the most graphic and inflammatory terms.

Screaming with violent anger on the House floor Weiner shouted shaking his finger, “You know, you gotta love these Republicans.” You guys have chutzpah." Going on to say, [the Republican Party] "are a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."

Responding to Republican desire to cut NPR funding, Weiner screamed and sneered arms waving violently, finger shaking in accusatory assault, "What a relief. I'm glad we got the economy back going. I'm so glad we secured our nuclear power plants. So glad Americans are going back to work. We discovered a target we can all agree's Click And Clack."

He cranked up the viciousness with the most belittling manner, "The American people are not concerned about the economy around the world," with his brow pulsating in vicious anger, “They're staring at their radio station saying, get rid of Click and Clack. Finally my Republican friends are getting rid of them. Kudos to you."

For those who complain about the lack of civility and hateful rhetoric in Washington, DC, there is NO ONE equal to Anthony Weiner. There can be no doubt that he will be treated with far more consideration and humanity than that which he has ever shown his adversaries. One can only imagine if a Republican congressman had been caught with his pants down in the manner Weiner has and likewise attempted to snivel out of accepting his responsibility. We can hear the loud, nasal screaming voice and invectives now that he would have turned loose.

His initial reaction to his scandal was vintage Weiner and likewise one of the most disgusting displays of sick, self-serving viciousness we’ve ever seen. His insistence that he had been hacked and being so embarrassingly short on specifics were the kind of lies surely even his most unconditional supporters had to be able to intuit were lies. He toyed with and insulted the reporters confronting him on his perversion. He even went as far as to attempt to have a CBS reporter arrested for showing up at his office attempting to get some clarification on his story.

How can anyone who isn’t suffering from total moral collapse not hoping that Mr. Weiner comes down and comes down hard? Those who used to relish using him to carry their weight on the attack are ditching him in droves where the usual cast of villains, Harry Reid, Deborah Wasserman-Schultz, and Chris Van Holland are all demanding his resignation. Even Nancy Pelosi who seems to buy into the therapy approach (what a shocker that is) suggesting he’d do best to recover outside of the House.

So Anthony Weiner insists he should be entitled to a leave of absence to receive treatment for his perverted expositionism? He and his apologists once again quickly point out that he hasn’t broken any laws. Well, that remains to be seen, but if the standard of behavior of being a member in good standing is whether a legislator breaks the law is a disgustingly low standard suggesting that it’s obvious why our legislative body is inhabited by such unprincipled, self-serving, slimy weasels. Immorality isn’t just a religious judgment, it’s obvious unacceptable behavior based on how the offender abuses others. His behavior is sexist, boorish, abusive, dishonest, and demonstrates total disregard for acceptance of personal responsibility.

We must challenge anyone who would suggest that Anthony Weiner is not directly and completely for his behavior. It is Anthony Weiner’s selfish, egotistical, elitist personality, desire for control, instant gratification, and ability to use others as little more than his own play toys to satisfy his insatiable hubris that is in play. Weiner is a wicked pervert who is acting in a cruel, dishonest, and disgusting manner.

This horrible rotten hateful human being must accept responsibility for his behavior and accept all punishments justice demands must be imposed for his treachery. There is no quick way to absolution and for many of us; he will forever be incapable of earning trust and respect. Does anyone think there is anything in Weiner’s character suggesting he’s capable of a spiritual about face? When a person is so self-serving and sees himself as God of his own universe, this is what happens.

We think it’s perfectly acceptable for the public to demand retribution. While no decent person could treat him with the kind of contempt he shows others, that he should get a little taste of his own medicine only seems just.


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