Friday, June 3, 2011

NASCAR SPRINT CUP RIP-OFF REPORT: The Tab for Scabs is Growing

The NASCAR agency for freeloading scum shelled out over half a million dollars paid to teams that report to the track without provisions or intent to participate in one of the sports’ most prestigious events. Meanwhile, 600 miles up the highway in Indianapolis, competitive teams went home failing to qualify. Over the past two decades, NASCAR has attempted to make all the moves to posture itself as a major sport; however, the last five or six years some goings on make the real sports’ fans wonder.

Kevin Harvick’s prize for winning the Coca Cola 600 was $406,786.00. The worthless freeloading scum pilfered $505,095. The dedicated to lose teams collectively made over $98k more than the big winner. The failure field is now routinely six cars a week, not the four it was earlier and here are the guilty parties content to dirty their sport.

#7, Robby Gordon, 84,410
#66, Michael McDowell, 84,300
#30, David Stremme, 84,165
#87, Joe Nemechek, 84,005
#46, J.J. Yeley, 83,925
#60, Mike Skinner, 84,290

These freeloaders occupied positions 38th to 43rd in the finishing order. Meanwhile contrast that to what the top finishers received…

1- #29, Kevin Harvick, 406,786
2 - #6, David Ragan, 244,375
3 - #20, Joey Logano, 194,475
4- #22, Kurt Busch, 190,900
5- #43, A.J. Allmendinger, 186,861
6- #9, Marcos Ambrose, 155,241
7- #88, Dale Earnhardt Jr., 131,575

It would certainly make sense for the top five to make a nicer chuck of change and give the winner at least half a million. When fans see such a competitive field with so many possibilities in the last five laps – true competition at the highest level, how NASCAR can demean its product is mystifying. A top tier sport advertises itself as the highest level of competition between the most talented and aggressive contenders the sport has to offer. There was no question that the Indy 500 showed that kind of competition even considering that some of the best talent that could be in that series is in NASCAR. How would IRL look if Tony Stewart and Juan Pablo Montoya were still in their lineup?

Would this so-called start and park nonsense have gotten so out of hand if Bill France Jr. were still at the helm of the sport?

How insulting is it to prospective sponsors to know that if not locked in to the top 35 in owner points, on any given weekend a well=prepared, sponsored team could be sent home by undeserving scum merchants like Joe Nemechek, Mike Skinner, J.J. Yeley, and Robbie Gordon. To lose to a better team is one thing, but to have teams that put all their effort into make cars hot qualifiers with no regard to including the calculations to compete for the full race is absolute insanity.

We’ll continue publishing the contact information so your voice will be heard by the NASCAR brass. Please write them and let them know that you expect a fully competitive field. Who knows, if the starting field were 35 cars, the quality of racing on the track might be better. It’s time to think about it NOW!!!

NASCAR FANS, You must let the NASCAR brass know that YOU expect the best quality racing possible. The field must be required to compete or be reduced in number so there is no room for “start and park.”

Again we encourage our readers to let NASCAR know that "start and park" is unacceptable. They're ripping off fans and other teams no matter what garbage Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds or what NASCAR bigshot writes releases for them to read might tell you.

Let NASCAR know that YOU want them to restore integrity to the sport. You work hard for your money and want to see NASCAR teams to their jobs. Sports are for winners not quitters.

The top contacts are: Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Michael Helton, NASCAR President.

Write to:
Office of the President, Michael Helton
Office of the Chairman, Brian France

One Daytona Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253-0611

We are sorry not to have direct email addresses to NASCAR's executive office. We will publish if found. The best email we have routes to their subcontracted website, .


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