Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sarah Palin, party crasher

Rolling Thunder is a well-established organization dedicated primarily to POW’s and MIA’s. Their annual “Ride for Freedom” is a widely supported event raising awareness and funds for their cause each Memorial Day.

SO WHO WAS SARAH PALIN TO CRASH THEIR PARTY? Sarah Palin gets credit for being a military mom as her son, Track Palin, joined the Army and was deployed to Iraq, a member of the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division. For that, her son deserves honor, but to say Sarah Palin has any close ties with the military or its mission would be utter hogwash. For her to claim any particular affinity with Rolling Thunder would be a stretch given she would have just been finishing elementary school when the Vietnam War concluded.

For her to be a one person flash mob inserting herself into Rolling Thunder is cheesy opportunism at its worst. Sarah Palin has a talent of making anything she involves herself with to be all about her, and the more of her we get the more we realize there’s less and less of a Sarah Palin to consider. Face it, Sarah Palin is an unbelievably shallow, unquestionably anti-intellectual dullard whose high energy, camera craving ra-ra-ra personality should never be mistaken for true leadership or know how. Palin has had two years to invest in developing her credentials, boning up on international issues, but apart from a mad publicity dash to the Holy Lands, she has done nothing.

Talking up the Constitution and reciting selective passages with rote catechistic depth, her ability to synthesize and analyze issues is woefully pathetic having the ability only to see things in pure right or wrong, good or bad, liberal or conservative terms with any issue she cares to address being dealt with showing no probing, insight or application whatsoever.

Worse, she deals consistently in personalities not issues since she simply doesn’t have the intellectual dexterity to articulate matters of policies. Way too much of her presentation is the good guys against the bad guys buttressed by a rich vocabulary of childish insults directed to her adversaries.

Equally disturbing as her other negatives, he ability to deal with detractors is absolutely horrendous as she fails to realize engaging much negative in the gutter attacks only pulls her down to the lowest denominator of her critics not effectively refuting their charges or showing that she has the sense of authority where such attacks would reflect more on those who attack her than on her character. The skilled leader first knows how to brush off the silly and mean spirited personal attacks and knows which critics to engage for they provide the best fodder to advance the leader’s agenda.

Palin has none of these abilities and her constant inserting herself in what would appear to be friendly environments mostly only appearing on Fox News where she can be assured an open microphone and softball questions from anyone else on the network. Unless she can stand up to those she unfortunately continues to call the “lame stream” media, skillfully deflect their slings and arrows, and advance well-thought out serious issues, she will never go beyond being a total sham and a dreadful distraction to the American political process.

Only when conservatives wake up and realize the only reason they support Palin is because she is such a great whipping post for those they despise, and are falling for the often cited Islamic creed, the enemy of my enemy is my friend can they liberate themselves to a terrible drag on the conservative cause.

It’s time to bid Sarah Palin adieu and hope she has no plans to use the property she just purchased in Arizona is intended as a staging ground for even greater ambitions.


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