Monday, November 2, 2009

MLB: World Series, 2009: Game Four -- Closing the Deal

The Buzz…

If the Yankees win the World Series and who realistically thinks they won’t, almost certainly the most memorable play, the event that will be associated in history with the 2009 “Fall Classic” will be what transpired when Johnny Damon stole 2nd base with two out in the 9th inning and Mark Texeira batting. Carlos Ruiz, the catcher’s throw was off target with a one hop throw. Viewing no one was covering third base, Damon dashed off to third. Now with a runner on third and the right side of the infield opened up, Brad Lidge, who had a miserable regular season but seemed to restore his composure in the post season hit Texeira with the pitch allowing Alex Rodriguez to step up to bat with runners at first and third.

Obvious to television viewers, Lidge appeared rattled and served up a line drive double deep to left field corner scoring Damon with the go ahead run. Jorge Posada followed with a two run single adding two security runs.

Mariano Rivera took care of the Phillies in quick order in the bottom of the ninth leaving the Philadelphia Phillies hanging on by faint hope to retain their championship status.

Such a cruel game, that the Phillies had tied the game in the bottom of the eighth with the last at bat coming up came ever so close to having the chance to tie the series at two games each, but despite having the Yankees down to their last out in the 9th, they couldn’t close the deal giving New York the win.

While there’s no such thing as an easy post season loss, Philadelphia’s loss in game four seemed especially painful and decisive for those hoping for the Phillies repeating as champs for 2009.

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