Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vin Scully to Continue

Hope springs eternal as someone sure seems to have discovered eternal youth. Vin Scully, 82 years old, will continue to work as a broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers, a gig he has held since 1950.
How wonderful it is when we get a small glimpse of his work on the East Coast as he is part of a dying breed, those fantastic broadcasters of the "Great" generation and soon thereafter who developed their craft as the radio voice of a major league baseball team. The Ford C. Fricke award honors those great storytellers as part of baseball's Hall of Fame.
Those of us who grew up before the days of cable television and sports networks got our baseball fix listening to these masters of their trade often on tiny transistor radios perhaps falling asleep listening to the drama of major league baseball as a beautifully American bedtime story.
Few are left as we were heartbroken to learn that Ernie Harwell, only recently retired, now suffers inoperable cancer as he bid farewell to his faithful fans in Detroit this past September calling Tigers' games through 2002. The great Harry Kalas, of the Philadelphia Phillies past away during the opening week of the 2009 baseball season.
We wish Vin Scully all the best and look foward to what small glimpses we get of his wonderful work during next season. Hopefully today's announcers will study what makes him and his peers so special. They're men of tremendous humility who show their love of the game by being brilliant storytellers.

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