Sunday, September 5, 2010

George Soros and Friends Assault to Destroy Tea Party Movement

George Soros's big fat wallet and the usual suspects are at it again...

The radical left is at it again. Their obsession against the average middle class American has reached a new level of hysteria as they attempt to go all out to destroy the Tea Party movement.

Those who consider themselves, the mainstream in American politics and media, simply cannot accept the legitimacy of the Tea Party Movement. In truth, their agenda is anything but mainstream or what the majority of Americans support, but as the messenger they are struggling to control the message and bashing the Tea Party movement is essential for them to maintain their supremacy.

A coalition of the NAACP, Center for American Progress – a leftist group led by former Clinton associate, John Podesta, Media Matters – assembled by organizers of to attempt to discredit any media reports that criticize their cause are all united to form another George Soros funded operation, Think Progress, whose first main operation will be “ with the intent to monitor “racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement.”

This is on the heels of a unanimous resolution on July 13th from the NAACP’s national convention which condemned the Tea Party as a racist organization.

For the radical left – as in the new face of the Democratic Party, most major news networks and many newspapers, and the elites in entertainment and academia, the notion of a grassroots movement is their property. A movement that comes up with a groundswell of support from the population must inherently be leftwing because all issues that negatively effect the population must be “progressive” concerns.

Much to their dismay, when the forces they’ve supported for so long have taken the reigns of power with a President more left-wing and socialistic than even the most well-established leaders in Europe, the heart and soul of the American people accustomed to individual freedom, free enterprise, and limited government would rise up against the collectivist ideals of the Obama Administration supported in the Senate by Harry Reid and fanatically embraced by House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. With a multibillion dollar bailout package that did little to serve the unemployed but instead being a goody-bag for a wide variety of left-wing causes – organized labor, leftist activists groups, and other key elements of the radical left, the public quickly reacted in anger. Add to that the government takeover of General Motors, Chrysler, and a large chunk of the banking industry, the march forward toward a state controlled economy was underway and the people were disturbed. When the government moved to take over the health care industry passing a bill which few who voted for it understood anything but the very basics, the anger boiled over into public confrontations as prior to the heavy brokered vote, angry citizens lit up their elected leaders who dared support the bill. Adding insult to injury, ACORN, a nationwide syndicate of corrupt supposedly community based organizations, an environment from which Obama’s political career emerged, was shown to be thoroughly corrupt on many levels but none the less were one of the key organizations that would get massive handouts from the bailout goody bag.

That the American people won’t accept such massive changes imposed upon them by a power-starved corrupt band of leftist politicians could only have one underlying cause to the radical left: the American people are racist. Their driving force is not rational thought or sincerely held values, but nothing less than loathsome racism refusing to accept mandates from a multiracial President.

As such, it has become an obsession with the left to prove their thesis, though evidence of such is non-existent. They point to a demonstration at the Capitol as congress rushed into the building to vote on the health care bill where angry words were exchanged and they maintained that there were some racial taunts, but where’s the evidence? There are no tapes, no videos, and no photographs. Further, it is no secret that among other left wing groups have been recruiting infiltrators to mingle in with Tea Party events to attempt to stir up a scene.

Sadly, most Americans are not aware of the man behind the scene, George Soros, one of the world’s most corrupt and wicked figures who is attempting to use his massive wealth to slander legitimate institutions and use the media, the Internet, and organizing campaigns to forward an extreme leftwing agenda. Because they are sympathetic to Soros and perhaps fear his reprisals, the mainstream media will seldom even mention him as anything other than a wealthy philanthropist in their reportage.

So they are at it again, a massive smear campaign aimed to destroy those who don’t tow their line. Soon, lies and fabrications will be reported as fact as they attempt to use charges of racism and demanding the Tea Party respond to their criticism to get them off their objectives.

Up until now, no term could be more demonizing than to brand someone as racist; however, the term is being thrown about so freely so often against people who clearly are anything but wickedly prejudiced, its attack value will soon lose its punch while the real scourges of racial oppression move on in areas which are under the Democratic party’s control where things are run by the rules they’ve created. The prime example, obviously, is the retched conditions of urban school systems where despite huge increases in funding continue to produce every increasingly unsatisfactory results. Lord forbid the government would get tough with the corrupt and powerful urban teachers’ unions. What could be more seriously racist than building a political system which imposes a school system totally incapable of satisfying the needs of providing all children a quality education?

Who are those on the left wing to make accusations on any issue regarding finances, morality, or social justice when their efforts don’t work and are at best misguided but in truth an all out attempt to centralize power in the hands of an elite few who answer to nobody.

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