Monday, September 6, 2010

America's Most Expensive School Ever - Los Angeles

Every picture tells a story, and here's part of what tax money is paying for. These are pictures from inside the Robert F. Kennedy Community School, the $578 million fiasco. Wait until the vandals and their spray cans go to work on this.

CONSIDER THIS: Nearly 3000 teaches have been laid off from the district in the past two years according to the Associated Press. Further, the district faces a $640 million budget shortfall and is among the nation's lowest performing school systems. Meanwhile, ABC news reports the cost to be $250,000 per student attending the school for the total cost of the school.

CH-CHING: Want to bet Obama-Bucks are on the way.

First, the school's namesake is portrayed as deity or like the grand dictator in totalitarian countries in library murals.

In the second mural, Kennedy is shown breaking bread with Mexican-American Union Leader, Chesar Chevez. How would a Republican student feel in the shadows of this?

Imagine "High School Musical" being staged at this school. Maybe this would be a great performing venue for the "Glee Club." This is the auditorium entrance.  Does your town have ANY theaters this lavish?

Teaching is a tough job. Don't teachers deserve a nice place to mingle with their colleagues and enjoy a hearty meal?  Here's the faculty dining facility. Gee, why would those teachers be in such a hurry to retire on their lavish California pensions if they have facilities like this?

The school is scheduled to open on September 13th. Who will be involved with the dedication ceremony? Who wouldn't love to hear those speeches and hear the self-righteous elites justify ripping off the public for this palace of excess at a time the state is starving for money.

Every person who is being forced to accept lesser services, has lost a job, or no longer has access to state facilities in California should be absolutely outraged. Any school that is scrounging for supplies or demanding students bring in their own supplies should be hopping mad.  California taxpayers should revolt, but there is Federal money involved too so this is every American's business.

Those responsible for this should be prosecuted and thrown in jail. Of course the California voters did pass a multibillion dollar school construction bond issue; however, is this what they had in mind?  An examination of other public schools in other communities would surely be revealing.


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