Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Dufus is Done

After observing Scott McClelland in action during the last administration, did anyone think there could ever be a more smug arrogant dullard  to serve as White House Press Secretary, well leave it to the O-blunder administration to come up with a worse candidate, one who instead of cowering, has a smirky smart-ass streak too him and unlike his predecessor, was working for what should be a sympathetic audience given the liberal bias of the Washington press.

Alas, the dullard dufus has found it time to move on. Regardless of party affiliation, these fellows don't last long under the White House Press Corps's bright media glare, and to think he was fortunate enough to have the little bad witch from Lebanon, Helen Thomas, be forced to retire earlier in his tenure. Having to face that cranky old bitch would have been enough to irritate a person with the strongest nerves of steel.

To think that the Obama administration feels the public's attitude toward him and some of his policies were because his program wasn't explained well enough. Does this make Gibbs the fall guy? Mr. President, it sure goes beyond the dork who was thrown to the wolves with note pads, Blackberry's and bad attitudes each day while it does seem true McClelland helped facilitate a very negative attitude against George W. Bush and that that little puke was enough of a scum to write a misleading tell-all book upon leaving his post. Our advice to Mr. Gibbs, please don't write a book, just go away. We'll develop a distaste for your successor quickly.

In truth as irritating as Robert Gibbs was, it's not the messenger that we most despise, it's his message. Remember, don't let the door hit yah where the good Lord split yah.

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