Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sprint Cup 2011 -- Preseason: Owners Points, a VERY Diluted Field

Here are the owner points standings published by Jayski/ESPN. Note, the owners shown are LAST year’s owners not who owns and operates the teams in competition as of Daytona Speed Week.

Note teams 32-35 can be considered borderline at best. They are #7 Robby Gordon who engaged in start and park shenanigans last year. Car #38 (last year’s 37) represents the Front Row team which Doug Yates is now involved with David Gilliland, still an unproven driver in the cockpit. He is followed by the #34 car (oddly enough in #34 in the standings) runs with unproven owner Bob Jenkins not to be confused with the well-known IRL former NASCAR TV broadcaster. No driver has yet been selected for the #71 car last in owner’s points. Kevin Buckler owns the enterprise.

From 36 on downward, it looks filthy. Much is still in the works and most of the rides are ones that have no intention of anything but stinking up the starting lineup with cars that will not finish the race. NASCAR’s continuation to support such operations will only continue to cheapen the brand and integrity of the Sprint Cup series.

Given the weakness of the current product, would it not be prudent for NASCAR to reduce the field to perhaps 37 starters and any team that purposely fails to compete would be suspended from competition. NASCAR must set certain equipment and crew requirements of teams that must be met or teams should not be allowed to attempt to qualify.


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