Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Open Letter to University of Arizona, Tuscon Students

Dear Arizona students involved:

Grow up you snot-nosed disrespectful little bastards.  A Memorial Service is not a pep rally, and when you have the opportunity to be in the audience whether it is for elected officials or guest lectures, YOU TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT AND RESTRAINT WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH THEM OR NOT!!!

If you don't understand this, you do not belong in college. You're not mature enough to be in Middle School.  Such forums are not sporting events. You do not whoop it up and scream approval for those you like and you do not boo or interfere with those with whom you disagree (even if that's customary at ivory tower elite campuses in California or the North East -- calling out Columbia University as the prime offender).

Okay, we get the message you still fawn over Barack Obama who has totally led this country to ruin for the past two years, though even though this writer believes he is an awful President, in a setting like last night there would be only one way to react to his presence, polite applause. You don't like Governor Brewer, a woman with the thankless job of looking out for you immature little bastards. The fights she wages are for your benefit and will help keep your tuition from skyrocketing if that matters to you. Ooops, your unlimited ATM, mom and dad are paying for your college?  No wonder you're acting like such little pukes.  Oh, you have student loans?  Live it up but your debt will come due some day sooner than you can imagine.

Oh yes, we know,you believe you shouldn't have to pay for college. You sure as heck don't understand the Federal deficit or financial hell Arizona is facing.  You probably believe it's those dreadful corporations (some of you who learn how to grow up and act responsibly will be working for in 1-4 years) ripping everybody off and we just need to go to the rich people and tax them and tax them and tax them to take care of your sorry little asses and all those silly causes your favorite Hollywood celebrities and pop music stars endorse.  Of course there are plenty of people you'd demonize who are the evil rich in your eyes who are donating huge sums of money to your college, many of whom attended there. They do so not because they have to, not for the tax advantage (which only reduces their tax liability), but simply because they want to. They want to see your school do well. Some of you if you learn how to work hard enough and set meaningful goals for yourself will be "rich" too.

So head back to your dorms, load up the bongs, grab huge quantities of beer, fire up the video games, and party til you puke.

You have taken a solemn occasion and transformed what could have been a very noble and special event and turned it into just another campus pep rally.

It is terrifying to think ungrateful, disrespectful, ignorant little brats like you represent our nation's future. You little bastards have A LOT of learning to do. So why not start with today's classes, challenge your liberal professors to prove their outrageous assertions and work your furry little butts off for the ones who actually have something of value to teach you.

You're so pathetic you almost make Sarah Palin look like a grown-up.


RMF  (Not to be mistaken for your father because if I were your dad, I'd drive you to the military recruiter as I discontinue my support for your party club and rent your bedroom out to someone who will appreciate a secure roof over his head)

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