Monday, January 3, 2011

Conservative America's (well really the whole darned country's) Highest Priority: Get Rid of Sarah Palin -- NOW!!!

A hog for publicity, an inexperienced oaf, an incapable leader who couldn't even complete a full term as governor of Alaska, a one-dimensional intellectually-challenged loud mouth, a person who screams and hollers every time criticism (often well-deserved) is directed at her while constantly never missing a chance to slur her opponents, Sarah Palin is a person laking in knowledge, experience, integrity, ability and intelligence to handle any position of high responsibility much less the most powerful job in the world. One must think, when has there ever been a more divisive, polarizing figure on the American political stage who so obviously savors the attention while offering nothing of substance in return. For those looking for any sense that Palin has any clear understanding of complex issues or any sense of sound policy judgment, voters will find her lacking any kind of vital substance to accomplish anything more than a rah-rah pep rally kind of public speech.

One must ask, what has she accomplished?  What has she successfully mastered that demonstrates she has the capacity to take on greater responsibilities?

The truth is her one qualifier was being elected as governor of Alaska, and had she succeeded one must keep in mind that Alaska is one of the country's least populated states with rather limited challenges compared to the great population centers in the lower 48. We can give her no credit for her gig as Governor of Alaska when she was unable to complete the term she was elected to fulfill. We cannot possibly use Mayor of Wasilla as a meaningful credential. A small town mayor in a community with a rather homogeneous population encounters very few challenges that most big city mayors face.

Outside of the political area, what noteworthy contributions has Ms. Palin made?  Was she a promising prodigy in her academic career?  Her college credentials are mediocre. She has no business background that amounts to a situation requiring high-level responsibility.

Nothing should make us more aware of the dangers of inexperience better than what our country is facing with Barack Obama as president. Replacing an unqualified, under experienced left wing ideologue with someone who might only be friendly ideologically but far less intellectually endowed isn't a very good trade.

In the past week, experienced Washington observers George Will and Charles Krauthammer have discussed the futility of a Palin presidential bid. Krauthammer examines her lack of credentials while Will demonstrates why she would be impossible to elect.

We remind the reader once again that Nevada and Delaware would almost certainly have Republican senators were it not for Palin's interference in those states' nominating process. Harry Reid would have been retired.

It's time to speak up and destroy her onslaught. For starters, Fox News must be held accountable that as an organization which aspires to be the nation's premier news source, it is unacceptable and unethical to be shilling for a political candidate providing biased fawning coverage every bit as biased as the mainstream media has devoted to Barack Obama or any other prominent figure.

If Sarah Palin is not reduced to rubble very early in the 2012 campaign, not only will Barack Obama easily win re-election with a landslide of Reagan proportions possible, the gains the GOP realized on Capitol Hill could be short-lived.

All Tea Party sympathizers, conservatives, and Republicans must see Sarah Palin as the Pied Piper of doom for their political hopes. Palin must go, NOW!!!

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