Friday, January 21, 2011

Keith Olbermann: Goodbye Chump!!!!

Striving to be "The Worst Person in the World" too much for departed talkshow mudslinger.

Drum roll, a moment of silence.

Keith Olbermann is gone. He has done his last show on MSNBC. What was apparent about a fellow who was responsible for some of the most bizarre hateful dishonest blasts at anyone more conservative than Barack Obama had nothing to do with his understanding or ability to articulate the left wing cause other than a catechismic recitation of their talking points. The substance of his show was trying to sound funny while engaging in infantile name-calling as in his "worst person" segments. The more obvious truth about Olbermann was this fellow is not tightly wound. He's a genuine  nutcase who perhaps doesn't stand out quite as conspicuously since Glenn Beck appeared to fill a similar roll on Fox News.

Tbe difference between Olbermann and Beck is that Olbermann is not radioactive. He preaches to a choir that already shares his views maybe less some of his paranoia. He doesn't drive folks on the left to go any further than they already are. Beck on the other hand digs deep into the darkest recesses of the human psyche creating phantoms of unseen forces, secret organizations, important news and history the authorities conspire to silence in extreme and irrational ways to work his audience into a frenzy to agree to pledge commitment to his cause creating a bunch of ignorant drones united behind the scary little man.

Like Olbermann, Beck will stumble over the edge and disappear from television. We can only hope it's sooner than later and that it's for something that clearly is so far over the edge his presence in the broadcast medium can no longer be tolerated.

The left is now short one scoundrel. It's time for the right to offer up its burnt offering.


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