Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin Once Again Proves What a Worthless Shit She Really Is

To think, we were even considering a post that was going to indicate Sarah Palin was on her best behavior so far in the wake of the Tucson Tragedy. There is no question the criticism and blamestorming directed at her rhetoric and a particular campaign brochure that had gun sight targets on certain members of congress on the map including Gabby Giffords has been unfair and reprehensible even when directed at the Wasilla Wench. Even more ironic is that the Democrats used a similar "target" map in their 2004 election campaign.

What Sarah Palin is showing once again is that she is totally unfit for leadership and is an exceptionally shallow, immature person whose place in the political spotlight must be obliterated NOW!!

She is too immature that to realize there is some criticism a true leader rises above by not responding to or at very least dimissing with just a slight brush off that we've heard many leaders use before, like saying, "I won't dignify that remark by responding."  Sadly, for the Wasilla Wench, it's all about her and nobody can ever be a leader if that person is incapable of rising above her critics no matter how wrong, mean-spirited, or dishonest they are.

This is the time for the REAL leaders to step forward, rise above the wicked and the petty and help the American people aspire to higher principles and attempt to use a dreadful tragedy as the vehicle to advance a greater good. Sarah Palin once again, not only fails miserably, but she demonstrates a woeful pouting angry child kind of immaturity which reveals just how dangerous she is in the realm of politics. Anyone who could even remotely consider her a choice for President must do some serious soul searching and re-evaluation. Is it any wonder Glenn Beck talks frequently of carrying on conversations with her?

They fit together like pieces of a puzzle, don't they?

Jon Stewart nailed this issue on the head when he said he's as soon blame what happened in Tuscon on political speech as he would blame Columbine on heavy metal music.  The court jester shows the wisdom profound idiots like Palin are not adult enought to accept.

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