Sunday, January 9, 2011

How NOT to React to What Happened in Arizona

While we still work on making our definitive statement on the Tuscon Massacre killing a Federal Judge, a nine year old girl, and some citizens participating in representative government and seriously injuring a dedicated congresswoman, how quick some are to assess blame.

How quickly the blog world had the worst of the left spewing their hatred and intolerence blaming this horrible event on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. While we are harsh critics of Palin, this is not her doing; however, we put her on notice, as someone who is prone to meanspirited knee jerk reactions, she'd damned well better chose her worlds carefully.

Paul Krugman is a creep, a New York Times elitist whose viewpoints reflect the worst of what the American left believes. Is it any wonder he couldn't wait to get his warped view of the tragedy posted at 3:22 pm yesterday.

His posting is called, "The Conscience of a Liberal."  Well, here it is. His words speak for themselves.


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