Friday, January 14, 2011

Obama Targets States Guaranteeing Workers' Rights Against Union Intimidation

Perhaps the most stunning wide-reaching efforts of the Obama administration is the extent to which they function as tools of organized labor in the United States. The Union wish list and Obama labor policy are one and the same.  Consider how the unions were given ownership stakes in General Motors and Chrysler in the auto-industry bailout over the legitimate contracts of debts to be settled by those owning bonds in the companies leaving their financial stakes out in the cold. While the so-called stimulus program has done nothing at all to help small businesses, much fortune has been devoted to creating government union jobs.

Anyone who can clearly see what organized labor has contributed to the American economy in the last 50 years, we see a malignant cancer that has destroyed entire industries while forcing the lion share of manufacturing jobs overseas. In the interest of cynical short-term gains, unions have not only destroyed once mighty industries, but they have forced millions of union workers to the unemployment jobs settling for employment that could never come close to what would have been reasonable compensation for the jobs they once held had the unions not priced their wages and benefits out of sight.

Not just excessive wages are the problem but the real onerous burden unions have stuck society with funding are their legacy costs -- pensions and insurance benefits which keep union workers basking in high cotton for the rest of their lives. Not only are the benefits extremely generous in compensation and benefits granted, provisions that provide for ridiculously early retirement after often around 25 to 30 years of service, productive workers go from contributing to the economy, albeit it a very high cost, for the goods and services they produce to a financial burden threatening the financial stability of the corporations and municipalities where they once worked.

When looking at the eminent downfall of the economies of financially strapped states including California, New York, and Illinois, the burden of funding pensions with such such perks as exceptionally liberal and generous cost-of-living adjustments, the wretched greed and shortsightedness of unionism stands naked in the breeze. Only through bankruptcy can corporations get out of crippling contracts -- but if demeaned "too big to fail" we see how GM and Chrysler retirees remain living high on the hog not even having to do a little belt tightening that EVERYONE else has had to endure to some measure.  Having liberal state governments allowing unions to gain binding arbitration where an arbiter can commit the tax payers to finance union demands contrary to what the state (the feeble supposed representative of the electorate) intended.

Clearly, where the Democratic party, essentially the labor movement's political arm, is deeply entrenched, those states will become financially strapped, raise taxes, screw businesses, and drive wealth, both personal wealth and entire corporations to move elsewhere. Manufacturing companies including many overseas companies are more than happy to set up shop in right-to-work states, but the old "rust belt" manufacturing states continue to fall to pieces.

Despite the 2010 election demanding frugality and bucking union desires, the Obama administration and the Democratic party are still hell-bent on destroying a worker's right to vote to accept or decline union representation through their card check provision. To compel a worker to vote on the spot in clear view of union organizers, such workers are subject to severe intimidation and retribution if they don't follow union mandates. History has shown unions seldom give any regard to following the law whether its what recently happened with snow removal in New York after last month's blizzard to the kind of violence that they inflict on independent truckers any time there is a truck strike.

Some bold states have declared enough is enough. They will make it a basic right of citizens as part of their constitution not to be subject to union intimidation, but the Obama administration will have no part of it. Certainly once again using the primary tool of the radical left to impose the reach of government through misapplication of the commerce clause, they seek to prosecute or persecute those states just as they have with states who attempt to protect themselves from the ravages of illegal immigration.

Is not a government controlled by labor one of the most well established definitions of socialism? Yet, the media in the administration acts as if those calling the President a socialist are guilty of hate crimes.

America must stand up to organized labor with Ronald Reagan as our inspiration. Their thorny grip on our society must be destroyed.



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