Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Media Justice -- Part Two: NY Radio Station Dumps Beck

An idiot's idiot!!

WWOR-AM one of New York's most powerful radio stations is dropping Glenn Beck in favor of Mike Gallagher -- the reason: RATINGS!  Given New York is the number one radio market in the country, this must be seen as good news. While surely some lesser power station will pick up the pathetic fear monger, this is surely a promising sign that the scary little man's tide is turning; however until Fox News gives him the boot (we can only hope and dream), he will remain a high profile annoyance for the foreseeable future.

He deserves relative obscurity along with the other worst of the worst like Michael Savage and Alex Jones.

Reference: New York Daily News

As for Mike Gallagher, he's entertaining, a little off-beat, generally on target, but never to be taken as a final source on any issue. He's a good rah-rah cheerleader conservatism, the next tier down from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.


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