Monday, February 21, 2011

On the Behalf of Working People in Wisconsin to Their Teachers, "Time's Up!"

Time's Up -- Report Directly to Detention Hall for a Good Old Fashioned Ass-Whoopin'

“We’re not neglecting our teachers; we’re giving them a real life lesson.”

How far do unionized teachers think they can push the public at a time when public education is attacked from all sectors even the film industry with the release of “Waiting for Superman?”

The real life issue is that public school teachers are violating the law selfishly defending so-called rights they have abused and benefits that go far beyond what most employees could dream of receiving. The real story is teachers are engaged in fraud obtaining bogus doctor’s notes excusing their absence for fake illnesses. Reality shows that almost everybody in Wisconsin has had to make some concessions to help stabilize the state’s economy while private employees are seeing no growth in salary or benefits during a weak economy. Unemployment is high and part of the reason seeking concessions is to prevent layoffs.

How can these unprofessional, selfish teachers possibly show up for school, be on time, and be honest when they’re playing hooky to whine about how unfair their lavish compensation is? Plenty of Wisconsin residents would love to have just some of what teachers have to whine about. These greedy teachers will take the notion of “Do as I say, not as I do” to even a more absurd degree when they return to work, something they do not deserve to enjoy, when those who have engaged in dishonest behavior contrary to their employment agreement should be fired.

It’s time the public treat public schools with the same kind of harsh zero tolerance which they show for children as false packaging for strict discipline. Wisconsin teachers are now on the “time out” bench and the dunce caps should be forthcoming.


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