Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From the RMF Hollywood Desk; Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood's Turd Twinkie Is at it AGAIN!!!!

Beyond Pity!

Filthy trash wrapped in God-given human flesh, Lindsay Lohan is at it again. If it weren’t for what a lousy excuse she is for a human being, there would be nothing to talk about. She played effectively in a couple movie rolls yielding a bright future that she destroyed many yesterday’s ago.

With a long line of drug and traffic charges along with other offenses, now the Princess of Puke is to be arraigned for stealing a $2,500 necklace. Surely her lawyer will be singing that everyone except Lohan herself is to blame. Can you see it now – the “it crawled into my hand – honest it did” defense?

For the record, her attorney/enabler stated:
"This whole story is crazy. $2,500 is tip money to Lindsay, if she wanted the necklace that badly she would have bought it," said our insider. "She's going to get to the bottom of this - it wasn't stolen."

Oh that's it. Sorry we couldn't get Ms. Lohan's response from her luxury ocean front cottage outside Flagstaff, Arizona.

Lindsey Lohan DESERVES nothing. The entitlement mentality runs deep and on all levels of American society. Lohan’s conduct is just one of the most grotesque perversions of that disgusting reality. As the bleeding hears wring their hands and whine “how could this happen?’ the truth is so painfully obvious. Quite simply, when a person has no moral compass and has a totally egocentric view of the world, any kind of meaningful decision making process is impossible. Everything that has happened to her was caused by her own decisions.

Nevertheless, it’s not hard to imagine the typical news reports on straight and entertainment news where the anchor or lead reporter turns to the camera with a look of stern sincerity and ponders who could a young lady with so much talent and such a bright future have such horrible difficulties?

If one believes a person is responsible for the decisions he or she makes, the answer is clear and who needs the whining and moralizing. It’s incredible to see that even Parris Hilton and Britney Spears seem to have scraped themselves off the same scrap heap Lohan inhabits at least for the time being

She and Charlie Sheen are engaged in a vicious death match for which narcissistic spoiled brat dies and oozes down the drain the fastest.

They deserve no pity or understanding. We understand enough. They have been given every chance and more to rehabilitate themselves working with some of the best professionals in the business. They can only change if it’s truly in their character to do so, but where most people have character in their hearts, Lindsay Lohan, like Charlie Sheen, has only maggot infested fecal matter. Translation, why should they matter?

Witness the absolute lowest form of human life – a world of crack whores, Islamic terrorists, child molesters, slimy investment swindlers, and violent drug peddlers. There truly are terrible human beings who have gotten more than they could ever deserve from our pathetically sympathetic culture. For most of them, their second chance was one too many.

Do we need to buy a billboard in tinsel town that screams it in huge neon letters, “Lindsay Lohan, you are one worthless sack of shit.”

Whether it’s this event or one in the near future, the great toilet of life will soon flush and she’ll be gone. Anyone who indulges in the “could have, should have, would have” justifications can hop on the train to nowhere on the enabler express.

The moral lesson should be terrible decisions yield terrible consequences.

Reference source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/02/08/lindsay-lohan-felony-theft-necklace-prison/?test=faces


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