Thursday, February 17, 2011


NASCAR should be ashamed of their official website, NASCAR,com.  Okay, we'll even grant them that popular websites have to throw in a few roadblocks to force viewers to look at some advertisements, but try to find what you're looking for such as the results to the first of the Duel 125's after the second race is completed. 

Finding vital information on Sprint Cup is tough enough but to dig for information on Nationwide or Trucks is even tougher.

The changes made for the 2011 site are a total failure. 2010 was the best since 2001 when Turner took over site development from ESPN who did a great job with much less technology available back then.

Version 2011 is the absolute sloppiest, poorly laid-out and incoherent sports or information website this writer has ever seen. Even basic blog templates could create something better.


Okay, if you want information overload, there's Jayski,com. It might not be sophisticated. It might take some digging, but EVERYTHING is there, somewhere.  For a quick fix, ESPN.COM of Fox Sports far exceed the "official" site.

Please where ever possible, if you're a NASCAR fan, BITCH ABOUT THIS. WE MUST MAKE THEM RESPOND.


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