Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bill Maher and His Hip Pseudo-Intellectual Panelists Call O'Reilly's Inteview of Obama Racist and Call O'Reilly Things We Don't Usually Print

Bill Maher just might be the left wing figure who is equally whacked-out and crazy as Glenn Beck is at the other extreme. No doubt his audience consists or the angriest of the left -- the kind who'd be real cozy with Nancy Pelosi hating corporate America unless there are corporate bucks for them and total contempt for anyone who doesn't share their euro-centric socialist world view. Maher is also more than just an athiest, he is an anti-religion particularly Christianity bigot who openly ridicules the faithful acting as condescending as if one's belief in God is as childish as believing in Santa Claus.

Clearly, he's just as disconnected from reality as Glenn Beck, but he is not trying to establish a movement, urging his faithful to horde food, or engage in some talkshow directed self-improvement (or rather indoctrnation) campaign.

While pretending to be the paragon of liberal virtue, tolerent, respectful of diversity, and all the rest of the usual nonsense, Maher is a very angry man who shows total contempt for those who don't adhere to the self-described "progressive" agenda, so against that background, Bill Maher's characterization of Bill O'Reilly's pre-Super Bowl interview of Barack Obama should surprise no one.

Against that background, here's a link to Maher holding court with his like-minded faithful tossing obscenties at Bill O'Reilly and even suggesting that his questions about sports and nodding to the President's love of basketball is racist.  Get it -- that white people see blacks as interested in basketball is a racist stereotype even though we've seen nuerous media accouts of the President playing hoops, talking up the game, and saluting the Chicago Bulls.

Here it is: http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-maher-bill-oreilly-super-bowl-olbermann-2011-2

How can there be any doubt that this episode from Maher's putrid HBO series is a baseless hateful attack which does not reflect on Bill O'Reilly or for that matter, Barack Obama, but attracts all attention to Bill Maher and his gang as purely close minded, bitter, hateful jerks who have no place in any kind of serious discussion.

Perhaps some of you readers are good hearted Christians who might pray for his troubled soul. What would his ilk do for you?


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