Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanks to Michelle Malkin: Conservative Teacher Reveals a Non-Conformist's Plight

RMF was once a public school teacher whose experience as an executive in his local teacher's union brought about his conversion from a classic liberal to conservative. What the reader is about to examine from a Minnesota teacher's point-of-view is an all too often reality for teachers who put their students first and embrace traditional values.

As more information about the state of public education becomes clear and citizens get a first hand look at what public teachers' priorities are, it becomes shockingly true that schools are what many have long thought they are intolerant enclaves of left-wing indoctrination where politics trumps professionalism and that completely inappropriate demeaning and insulting comments about Republicans and conservatives are not only taunts directed at non-compliant faculty members but also shared with students to intimidate them into to developing an anti-free enterprise, closed shop pro-union, pro-left wing agenda, political agenda.

The Minnesota teacher writing below expresses what is so common around the country. The behavior she cites cannot be tolerated and has no place in an institution funded by tax payers for the benefit of all citizens not just ones who drink the Democrat Kool-Aid.

From Michelle Malkin's site:


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