Saturday, February 26, 2011

Georgia Lawmaker Pursues Taliban Justice for Women

Okay, let's get one thing out of the way for starters, the notion of "Taliban justice" is an oxymoron, but we are concerned about a Georgia lawmaker who has to be a moron to propose as vicious a law against women as he has proposed. If the Republican party wants to be the majority party, they must disassociate themselves from fascist notions like what this lawmaker considers. The lawmaker is Republican Bobby Franklin, a graduate of Covenant College in Lookout Mountain Georgia who majored in biblical studies and business administration. He represents Georgia's 43rd district which includes most of Cobb County which includes Marietta, Georgia and other northwest suburbs of Atlanta.

Here it is: any woman who endures a miscarriage in Georgia would have the burden of proof to demonstrate the the miscarriage happened naturally and was not the result of human intervention. Even if one accepts the strictest prohibitions against abortion,this is un-American and heavy handed. Our entire legal system is based on "innocent until proven guilty."

While it's difficult to imagine such a mean-spirited law could pass and surely it would not survive court challenges, the very notion of it is a dreadful slap against American freedom and that women are equal citizens worthy of the full rights of citizenship.

Georgia residents must oppose this with all due fury.

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