Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Billy Graham and Glenn Beck???? Beck Gets Weirder and More Extreme as Ratings Plunge

The scary little man was in rare form on his Tuesday, February 22, 2011 program.  With any Beck program, you can count on his intro starting off with "Hello America," then some claim about how much that day's program is more important than anything the audience has ever watched on TV or how shocked what he has to tell them will leave them, all delivered in a dead pan "I'm here to ruin your day" tone of voice, and then the doom and gloom, we're all screwed narrative with the usual name calling, outrageous claims, and  salutations for his pseudo-religious reverence for his mythological depiction of the founding fathers nonsense continues. Two things are bound to happen in short order, blaming Van Jones and implicating him in the conspiracy du jour and then uncontrollable outbursts, shouting, heavy breathing, face turning red, sneers,and derisive laughter. Of course if he's really on a roll he might even start crying. Again, we ask our readers to compare his emotional outbursts to film footage of Hitler stirring up an audience. Yes, it's not nice to compare people to Nazis. It's done way too often in media, but here's the real case where it's appropriate.

Gadhfi, George Soros, the Wisconsin strikers, the media, Van Jones, communists, socialists, the Islamic brotherhood and anyone else who's put a hair up Beck's butt are all marching together to hasten our doom. There's not much time left...the same old Glenn Beck, scare-you-silly trash TV. How incredibly quickly Beck "connects the dots" as he puts it making all the bad guys part of one apocalyptic conspiracy. This has been his stock in trade since starting his show on Fox, but it gets more bizarre and far reaching all the time. Maybe he'll gulp down some Alex Jones Kool-Aid and start up the old fluoride is a drug the government puts in our water to make us zombies nonsense on his show. If he needs bottled water sponsors, he'll do it.

What made him look especially desperate yesterday was at the end of his program where he reported visiting the legendary evangelist, Billy Graham. There were no photos or any clear verbatim quotes. Beck gushed about what an amazing man Graham is and most of it sounded like he was trying to convince his faithful that Graham was mostly patting him on the head telling him what a nice little lamb of God he is. Beck said he visited Graham's home a top a mountain in North Carolina but the extent to which Graham truly interacted with Beck on any substantial way or had any kind of message could not be discerned.

What we don't get is any kind of context that makes the Graham visit seem significant or if it is just name dropping.  Graham is a kind man who often will have a cup of tea with a noteworthy person and grant such a person a prayer.

Whether or not Graham did that, we know it's looking more and more like Beck doesn't have a prayer, and that's a darned good thing.


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