Sunday, February 20, 2011

Modern American Heroes

A bright future in Wisconsin and New Jersey from two strong governors: Scott Walker and Chris Christie; Isn't this what we've wanted for a long time?

Right Minded Fellow salutes two great governors whose commitment, leadership, and values show that business as usual in American government does not have to be. We praise Scott Walker from Wisconsin and Chris Christie from New Jersey for taking on the teachers' unions and bravely working toward resolving their states' financial difficulties. They recognize that the best approach to a state's long term health is creating a fiscal environment conducive for business to operate profitably in their states. That they are solidly behind educational reform refusing to give their states' teachers union free reign of their bully pulpit deserves tremendous praise for the courage and resolve doing so represents.

American tax payers and voters must demand the same of their governors recognizing that state houses across the country are awash in union contributions which thwart reforms for the good of the public at large.


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