Thursday, February 17, 2011

HATE SPEECH AND HITLER -- It's a Left Wing Kind of Thing

...and you were expecting maybe?

This is the crap we see and hear on the news all the time. In light of the aftermath (a few minutes after) the Arizona massacre when folks like Paul Krugman hopped right on the web and started throwing stones at conservatives accusing their hate speech of causing the slaughter, let's put it right back in their face.

The selfish crybaby teachers and other public employees better wake up, and no that they are lucky they have jobs with pensions. Public displays like this won't win any friends, it only shows how two-faced and corrupt their moment is.

Where were the Hitler signs at tea-party rallies. We're still waiting!

How ironic it is to see Bill Maher pompously suggesting the left would never engage in hate talk. Well-well-well, let's look at some transcripts of his own show.

The kind of behavior shown in this video is the kind of stuff that will get ay sane person mobilized against the radical left. They are morally bankrupt, lying hypocrits.


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