Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Wisconsin Plague Spreads to Indiana

And now the nonsense spreads to Indiana…Democrats refuse to show up to work to avoid facing votes they know they can’t win.

The Unions, the Democratic Party, and their lapdogs in the media are lying when they use words like “freedom’ and “rights.” What they are struggling with is a direct reflection of the population exercising its freedom in executing their right to vote. Their vote was contrary to what the pro-labor union agenda desires, and now those elected in free and honest elections (after all when elections run amuck, it’s often in urban areas where labor unions and their allies can manipulate the polls) the governor and state legislators are doing what they pledged to do for a majority of the population who voted.

The big ruckus in Wisconsin is not about taking away individual rights, all too the contrary. The governor and Republican legislature seeks to give state workers the FREEDOM not to join a union if they chose not to and elect to have their income that labor law mandated be taken from their salary without their consent be theirs to spend, save or invest as they see fit. Forcing workers to join unions is a restriction on freedom not an expression of freedom. People don’t have the right to belong to join a union when that choice is forced upon them. The Right to Work concept which 23 states currently enjoy allows employees to have the right to choose or not chose the right to join a union. The union, in turn, has to be more responsive to its membership because they have to behave in such a way that workers would see value in joining. In truth, unions silence workers. They speak for the employee to the employer. They determine how the company’s or tax payer’s money should be divided up and distributed to the workers. The result is a system that does not reward quality but instead time spent on the job.

Certainly, at the dawn of the industrial revolution when industries engaged in unscrupulous labor practices exploiting and abusing their work force, the union movement served a purpose, but that was 100 years ago. How much things have changed since World War II, yet unions act as if society owes them something for things they claim to have accomplished a century ago. To what do we still owe the British who implemented the Magna Carta. Our society is founded on the basis of the U.S. Constitution and aside from “right to assemble” and a few other provisions, nothing explicitly says society needs unions or that unions have any power to mandate anything. Yet we see efforts to destroy the democratic process with notions like “card check” where employees could be coerced into voting for union representation as their REAL right to vote in a secret election would be taken away.

So Wisconsin and Indiana are face with the reality that the vast majority of the public finds their lives are just fine without unions. They see how the union approach to business has led nowhere as many of those business no longer function in those states. They see where their tax money is going and that the Democratic party wants them to fork over more money for union employees who believe they have the right to all kinds of perks and benefits people who work in the real world do not get. They see their neighbors out of work and teachers crying because they’re not getting the raises they think they are entitled to receiving, that they are being asked to chip in for their lavish benefits albeit at a much lower percentage of income than most workers, and that they are upset because the majority believes they deserve the choice of how much they want the unions to “represent” them.

The will of the people is to hold government employees to terms of employment more like the private sector and that they cannot enjoy the perks of what amounts to a government run monopoly. The majority of Wisconsin and Indiana elected representatives are ready to act. How would the Democrats have acted if the Republicans could have obliterated a vote on Obamacare by not showing up on Capitol Hill? The answer is obvious, they’d be accused of killing babies, trying to screw the middle class, and all the usual rabble rousing and incitement of class warfare. The overreach of government that Obamacare woke people up on the state level that enough is enough. Americans expect people to do their jobs – when teachers fake illness and get fraudulent doctors’ excuses and elected officials do not show up in their chambers, they’re not doing their job. They should be treated the way most people would be if they behaved so irresponsibly, be disciplined and possibly fired but absolutely not paid. If the legislature is in session and there are no conditions (floods, epidemics, winter storms, hurricanes) that would prevent attendance at work, their seats should be declared vacant allowing business to go on and for them to be removed from office.

Yet they say they are exercising their rights. At every turn they are denying what has been established by society at large exercising its rights and that in doing what they claim are their rights but such behavior is illegal should be dealt with accordingly without pity or prejudice. The rule of law legally enacted by the representatives of the people must prevail and acting contrary to such must be treated as lawlessness.

To sympathize and support legislators who would flee their states they have a duty to support is irresponsible and intolerable. Those who report the news should take a hint and report the truth of the situation not what they want to truth to be.

It’s time for the will of the people to prevail. It’s time to end the union moment. Its time has passed and it is at its very best an expensive nuisance but in situations as we see today it is a sickly cancer on society that must be destroyed.

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