Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Columbia University: Elite Asses Heckle and Taunt Disabled Veteran

How should a former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, a Purple Heart winner, who was shot eleven times and was disabled as a result expect to be treated an elite university that he now attends?

Anthony Maschek, 28, a native of Idaho, is a freshman at Columbia University in New York, who was in the 10th Mountain division infantry serving in Iraq and spent two years at Walter Reed hospital in rehabilitation from his injuries sustained when attacked by insurgents in Kirkuk receiving wounds to both legs, his abdomen, arm, and chest, had the opportunity to speak about his military experience in defense of reinstituting ROTC programs at the school. He enrolled in the Ivy League school to begin last fall’s semester. Columbia University has banned all activity by the military on campus for 42 years including ROTC programs and recruiters.

When speaking of his experience in Iraq and attempting to present the world situation the US is fighting, Columbia students shouted taunts at him including “RACIST!” This fine living example of sacrifice was jeered, booed, and laughed at.

Maschek’s main point to an audience of elite, well-educated fools, “It doesn't matter how you feel about the war. It doesn't matter how you feel about fighting. There are bad men out there plotting to kill you."

Columbia University has a long history of abusing figures who don’t agree with the prevalent radical ideology shouting down speakers and attacking them on stage. Is this not the very definition of intolerance? Overwhelming those with different points of view and silencing them from speaking to members of the audience who may or may not agree with them still want to hear their views IS intolerance in its most blatant and immoral form.

Individuals with established American values who believe in our Constitution, our culture’s accomplishments, or any notion that the United States is a force of good in the world go to Columbia with targets on their backs. To profess any kind of Judeo-Christian morality or God forbid, a stance against unlimited access to abortion would be treated as thought crimes. The typical charges are that good American patriots or anyone to the right of the most extreme left views of the Democratic party are of: imperialism, sexism, racism, hostility toward Islam, and an assortment of other “isms” of their choosing adhering to the most ideological form of extreme political correctness. Anyone who has the slightest sympathy toward mainstream American values is almost certain to face attack and abuse. In contrast, Islamic extremists, communists, and very any professed adversary of the American way can bloviate endlessly without being challenged.

How ironic is it then that this same university would invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian madman dictator as a distinguished guest going as far as to instruct students how to behave appropriately for his appearance.

To think that Columbia is one of the nation’s most elite Universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton which have also created similar hostile environments of radical tyranny.
These are closed societies so lost in the abstract and theoretical sojourning endlessly in a world of sickly exaggerated, excessively arrogant intellectualism; they’ve lost all grasp of the world of true enterprise, entrepreneurial wisdom, and personal responsibility.

It’s time for the little people they belittle and seek to control through an ever expanding world of the politically correct nanny state to rise up and knock them down to size. For all their wealth, lineage, and academic prowess, the simple wisdom of heartland common sense eludes them that they would have the audacity to taunt a person permanently disabled on the firing line to defend the liberties they abuse so shamelessly. They are not to be revered but ridiculed and perhaps pitied that for all their prestige represents they are blind to the common goodness and immense sacrifice of the American soldier. For that and the influence they wield, we condemn them.

When serious post-secondary education reform is seriously considered, the Ivy League's hegemony over academia must be destroyed.

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