Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Time for a Ronald Reagan Moment: Dealing with Wisconsin Lawless Labor


America is a country that lives by the rule of law. The law is established by the representatives of the people who elect them to serve the public good. Public employees are bounded by contract to report to work, discharge their duties, and accept the terms and conditions of their employment.

For most folks, the understanding is clear, “Do your job.” In Wisconsin, the Democratic Members of the Wisconsin State Senate have fled to Illinois to prevent a quorum allowing the legislature to do its job. The writing is on the wall – a measure that public employees, the base of the Democratic Party’s base, will pass if just ONE Democrat dos his job and shows up to take his seat he was elected to fulfill the responsibilities and duties thereof by the citizens of the state.

Wisconsin teachers are violating the law not showing up for work lying about their absence, claiming to be sick, so they can organize en masse to protest in the state Capitol of Madison.

At what point can the legislators’ seats be declared vacant and are there provisions to replace them? Under such circumstances it’s almost unimaginable no matter how much money the unions throw at the proceedings the Republicans would not gain a seat or two and gain a quorum.

The teachers are in clear violation of the terms and conditions of their employment. It’s time for a Ronald Reagan moment. FIRE THE BASTARDS!!! The public puts tremendous trust in their teachers part of which is to discharge their duties in a professional and ethical fashion and in so doing serve as appropriate roll models for their students. In Wisconsin, the teachers under direction of their union are violating their responsibilities even coercing students to participate in rallies in support of their insurrection. Using students as pawns in a politically motivated cause is unacceptable.

Adding to the numbers of protesters, it should be no surprise that the unions would mobilize their faithful busing in cadres of supporters from out of state to create a nosier ruckus. What we do not expect to happen is for the President of the United States to use his political apparatus to encourage ILLEGAL behavior and further to provide recruits to actively participate in the insurrection.

This is not Cairo, Egypt. What is happening to the public employees, the school teachers, is a reflection of the will of the people who elected new legislators to address the economic concerns of Wisconsin like many Midwestern states are severe with the loss of manufacturing jobs and a shrinking tax base.

For the Democratic Party specifically under the direction of the President, to actively thwart the legislative and legal process in Wisconsin is illegal, immoral, and unacceptable. No one should be surprised how Nancy Pelosi views the activities in Wisconsin.  This disgusting excuse for a political leader is clearly engaged in sedition. She describes the Wisconsin insurrection as; "an extraordinary show of democracy in action.”

“Wisconsin's workers, teachers and public servants must have a seat at the table to fight for a safe workplace, I stand in solidarity with the Wisconsin workers fighting for their rights, especially for all the students and young people leading the charge.”

Listen up you SICK BITCH -- there is NOTHING being imposed that in any way compromises the safety of teachers or their workplace whatsoever. That Pelosi would encourage students to serve as pawns in a cynical political display of pure greed and absolute entitlement is beneath contempt. While Pelosi might work for an electorate of San Francisco freaks, Wisconsin teachers work for the citizens of their community whose generosity has been stretched beyond all reasonable patience.

Elections have consequence. All the crybaby teachers and other state employees are being asked to do is accept a FRACTION of that which those of us in the private sector accept as standard terms of our employment. Just how likely are tenured teachers likely to lose their jobs? If they were to compare their total compensation including benefits with private sector employees, they’d have to be blind not to see their communities are taking damned good care of them. The message is loud and clear, they are being asked to contribute to their state’s well-being too while every cent they own is right out of the pocket of those they are acting confrontational towards now.

How bad is the Wisconsin insurrection? The new technique of the radical left which obviously means labor unions is to organize their goons to harass those they disagree with by surrounding their private residences holding people hostage in their own homes violating their right to security in their own homes. This kind of lawlessness should subject all those involved to nothing less than prison. Once again, those who are engaged in union organized events somehow think that implies a sense of immunity from consequences.

It’s time for the local school boards to demand an immediate return to work. Those who don’t comply will be found in violation of the terms of their employment and fired. It is most unfortunate that unions feel free to do whatever they want when their demands are not met. American history is full of episodes of theft, vandalism, assault, and other crimes against anyone who gets in the way of unions. It’s time for an all out assault on public employee unions and break their backs.

Any elected official who supports such insurrections will pay for this. We the people must demand such NOW!!!


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