Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glenn Beck: Can the End Be Near? Ratings Fall

Imagine writing the profile for a typical Glenn Beck listener or viewer and trying to sell that subject to advertisers! Whoever those kind of people might be, they appear to be a vanishing breed. THANK GOD!!!!

"Philadelphia sucks!!!"  -- Glenn Beck

Here it is!  January saw a tremendous drop off in Glenn Beck's viewers as he took his insane doomsday conspiracy show where the evil Van Jones will kill us all to new levels of insane mania going as far as to implore his audience to start hording food.  Of course, they're already stock piling gold because Beck told his followers the dollar would soon be worth nothing. (Gold dealers and Shirley Temple DVD  sets are his major advertisers.)

Here is some much anticipated news about "Chicken Little."

The scary little man has also been booted off the radio in two huge radio markets, New York, WWOR, and Philadelphia, WPHT. Take a listen to Beck's parting shot at Philadelphia....

We regret sourcing from "Media Matters" but this needs to be heard!

"Philadelphia Sucks" says the scary little man. Well, we have a few things to say about Beck and his nightly rants about every faction he doesn't support all being engaged with communists, socialists, radical Islam, and probably the cookie monster are working to destroy his vision of a place he calls America where all the people are white and engage in ritual worship of some deities named "the Founders."

Any parallels with United States history is truly coincidental. No doubt as rating books mounting up showing America has wised up about this filthy little creep, more radio stations will find far better options than Glenn Beck.  The day Roger Ailes gives him the boot from Fox News cannot come soon enough, and if the highly rated network wants any kind of journalistic integrity, they'll flush the toilet and let this worthless jerk with his fecal philosophy rush to the sewer where it belongs.


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