Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sarah Palin Disgraces Kickoff Celebration for Ronald Reagan Centennial

To say the Wasilla Wench shoots off her mouth like a cheap handgun might be the great cliche of our times.

TRAGEDY: The Wasilla Wench with her usual bumper sticker bad breath is at it again. Sadly, she was given the opening address for the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration and after providing a very superficial quick glimpse of Reagan as little more than a mythological cowboy hero she started saluting how she's the same kind of person then the usual name calling, cliches, constant belittling of the Obama administration without any clue of what the solution should be other than smaller government with no clue how to reduce government, what the benefits of smaller government is -- just BITCH, BITCH, BITCH -- BUMPER STICKER BAD BREATH. Until she can come up with anything more than what conservative talk show hosts use as introductory statements to fire up their audiences and come up with some true tangibles -- she isn't fit to be a third rate talk show host in a town like Wasilla though I'd like to give their citizens credit for more -- still she's the perfect darling for jerks like Glenn Beck (who calls her a close personal friend), Alex Jones, and Michael Savage. There's only one person I can remember who was as ill prepared and stupid of a governor, Jesse the Bod Ventura.

I'd have expected a very average 7th grader to give a more relfective and well-researched speech than what this pathetic sorry excuse for a public figure to deliver quite an accomplishment because it's clear much of her speech was written for her and there were parts that she struggled to deliver that were over her reading level.

WHAT A HORRIBLE DISGRACE TO RONALD REAGAN..a great man makes tremendous problems seem simple and easy to solve. An idiot makes the simple seem out of reach. Sarah Palin can't even offer simple solution because all she does is BITCH, BITCH, BITCH.

Once again, she has her magic microphone at Fox News who broke into regular programing to air her speech. Will they have anyone to offer analysis or a critique afterwards? HELL NO.

She's taking as much time as a Presidential "State of Union" to deliver too. YACK-YACK-YACK-BLABBER-BLABBER-BLABBER

If it's not clear she think's she's the next President, it is now. GOD HELP US. The Democrats must be praying there will be much more of this in the months ahead as the 2012 election approaches. She's the Democrats' best hope of a HUGE comeback. It will be huge is she doesn't disapprear SOON.

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