Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gadhafi's Final Act Confirms -- A Genocidal Maniac of Historic Proportions

Moammar Gadhafi is butcherig his own people ordering his Air Force to kill Libyan civilians from their fighters. Two fighters have bolted to Malta rather than fire on their own people. Hundreds have been slaughtered. Not since Tiananmen Square has a government unleashed brutality on its own people on a scale this great though Iran sure has tried. The oil rich country, one of the earliest supporters of Arab terrorism and Locherbie airline explosion, could be facing all-out civil war as the Libyan military is increasingly splitting from its leadership leaving Gadhafi paid mercenaries to his dirty work. For a dictator who has been lying low for the last couple decades, having American cruise missiles aimed at him might have had something to do with that, the Libyan tyrrant is going all out to live up to the worst of his reputation vowing to die fighting. Clearly, the rebels would be happy to expedite his fate.

How disturbing it is that the White House has been all but mute on this massacre not calling the master of genocide out for his slaughter. Even Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton conspicuously avoided mention of this fiend in her remarks on the violence.

Where is American moral leadership in yet another episode in the Muslim world where the most fundemental of human rights are being oppressed with intense lethal force. The Obama administration can't play nice when geocide marches on. If the United States is to have any hope of ever establishing constructive relationships with a post-Gadhafi Libya, this is no way to do it.

We pray for the survivors of the Tripoli terror and hope justice will prevail.


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