Sunday, February 20, 2011

George Soros Attack on Fox News has Merit

Das Beckmeister

Make no mistake about it, George Soros is a bastard. A multibillionaire, Soros invests his wealth in pursuit of his extremist left wing agenda clearly aimed at thwarting the free enterprise system, American political, military, and economic dominance, propping up numerous left-wing causes including the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress,, NPR, and Open Society Institute. To his credit, he helped thwart eastern European Soviet hegemony supporting Hungarian liberation, but his dastardly deeds include investing fortunes unsuccessfully to defeat George W. Bush in 2004, supporting drug legalization, and manipulation causing the devaluation of the British Pound. While from an American political standpoint, Soros is a dangerous villain, but that he contributes to promote “open societies” in some of the world’s most oppressive countries, his work is worthy of praise.

That George Soros would have it out for Fox News, the news outlet which has consistently reported his exploits should come as no surprise. Media Matters, a site Soros finances is largely dedicated to discrediting the news network often taking material out of context to affect vicious smears. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that in a CNN interview, Soros would claim Fox News (is) like Nazis in the way it deceives people.

On the surface that would seem like a sweeping generalization full of sour grapes since his exploits are reported in exasperating detail on the Fox network, but Soros then zeroes his criticism in on the Glenn Beck program. In typical apocalyptic overstatement, Soros is routinely used as convenient scapegoat, the mastermind behind conspiracies world wide and operating a shadow government for which Soros functions as the puppet master. While Beck does reveal some truthful activities of Soros and his operatives, the extent to which he uses bits and pieces to stir up fear and paranoia, Beck went so far as to assert that Soros was deeply involved with the Nazis leading up to World War II including “helping to round up Jews.” Given that Soros was born on August 12, 1930, he would not have even been 15 years old on V-E day, so just how much of a Nazi could have Soros been? Yes, at 13 years of age, he worked for the Jewish Council in Hungary that helped facilitate rounding up Jews, but how much can this biographic detail be used to legitimately vilify Soros?

To compare Beck’s techniques to Hitler’s is not really a stretch. He plays on peoples’ fears and sense that boogie men like Soros and Van Jones, not front line figures, but shadowy figures from behind the scenes doing much of the harm. His presentation ranging from frantic uncontrollable tantrums, to vicious mean spirited sarcasm, to blatant demagogic appeals appealing to his audiences’ vanities, fears, and prejudices creating fears of such things as impending food shortages are all techniques right out of Hitler’s techniques. Calling his faithful into action to do such things as hording food, buying gold (his sponsor) while creating a sense of desperation are also long standing techniques of notorious demagogues -- first fill them full of distorted information. Second, appeal to their fears and insecurities. Third, implore them to pursue a specific course of action, all lay the ground for mobilizing the faithful to act like mindless zombies. Of course, to various degrees, Soros agencies like with their many letter writing, petition, and boycott drives do the same.

This creates a difficult conundrum for Fox News. Commentary based programs hosted by Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Neil Cavuto are also harshly critical of Soros, but their opinions are much more reflective of true editorial commentary that while certainly biased reflecting each commentator’s values with O’Reilly and Cavuto being more analytical and Hannity being more the partisan in opposition. Any of these hosts might engage in debate with Soros supporters allowing for a responsible exchange of ideas.

During hard news programs, George Soros is nowhere to be found since his conduct seldom is part of the day’s headlines since his activities tend to generate news not actually be news.

The bottom line is Fox cannot absolve itself from Glenn Beck by claiming he’s just a commentator. That they provide him a forum where he does not subject himself to debate or no counter points are made to his insane assertions, Beck’s boogie man paranoia demagoguery reaches the public unfiltered, unchallenged, and somewhat legitimized as being the product of a news entity as huge as Fox and its parent company, Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp.

The implications are clear. If Fox is to be a major force in world journalism, they must maintain extremely high standards of performance and ethics. While they are certainly welcome to pursue a conservative point-of-view in contrast to the highly liberal slant of many news organizations like the New York Times, to engage a paranoid, emotionally challenged, raving demagogue like Glenn Beck gives adversaries like George Soros firm footing to stand on in discrediting the network. Certainly, open-minded viewers who try to make sense of Glenn Beck’s insanity are easily prepared to agree with Soros if they can be put in a position of equating Fox News with Glenn Beck.

Fox News has brought this mess upon themselves. The longer Glenn Beck remains with their network, thankfully he has been disposed of from New York and Philadelphia radio, the more FNC will be increasingly associated with Beck’s lunacy which seems to be getting more radical and over-the-top as Beck feels more entrenched and unchecked at the network.

We call upon Fox News and ask for others to support us in our plead to the network, to promptly dismiss Glenn Beck and end the reign of insanity his show represents. For whatever short term ratings gains the ranting madman affords them, responsible advertisers are heading for the hills. The entire organization suffers from how the cancer of one bad apple infects the entire enterprise. To see that gold vendors and telemarketing promotion for the complete colorized and black and white works of Shirley Temple shows the Bizarro world is an unhealthy place to be. Responsible news reporting is no "Good Ship Lollypop."


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