Thursday, February 17, 2011

WISCONSIN: No Time for Cheesy Nonsense

Obama's GOON SQUAD "Organizing for America" Sends Rabble Rousers and Resources to Stir Up Rancor and Civil Unrest at State Capital

Here's an open statement to the teachers, union jerks, students, public employees, and Democratic party legislators, cut out your bull crap and get back to work. No one with any  common sense feels sorry for your situation whatsoever. You're lucky your state receives relatively little national press for it does not escape our notice that Madison, Wisconsin and the state university campus is one of the great hotbeds of American radicalism that set the stage for the kind of excesses that you are being asked to give a little back so the whole state can move onward and you can keep your job.

Private sector workers contribute to their health care costs. You don't. You're being asked to contribute an amount about half that of private sector employees and you act like you're being screwed. You're being asked to contribute to your pension. You get a pension! Most private sector workers at best get a 401k. You're not getting the pay raise you expected. Well, from the private sector here's a big loud BOO-HOO-HOO.

Teachers calling in sick because they can't accept the hard fiscal reality of their state are behaving illegally and dishonestly -- a great example to set for your students who you've recruited to politic for you. Pathetic.

Democratic legislators take off for Illinois where they can't be rounded up and do their job attempting to thwart the will of the people who are sick of seeing state employees getting all kinds of perks and fortune, while many of them haven't seen a pay increase if they have a job at all. ARE YOU TOO BLEEPING STUPID TO SEE HOW PISSED OFF THE PUBLIC IS AT YOU?

Everyone knows what your answer is -- raise taxes, in other words when you're state employees, you are asking the people who pay your salaries to take a cut in their income so you can take an increase in yours. Well, one thing's for certain, folks won't be heading south of the border to Illinois which just upped their taxes 66% to support their crime-ridden corrupt political machine.

Sure, we know, you would jack up the tax more on the "rich" because you don't think people who EARNED that much money should be allowed to keep the money they earned. Here's a dirty little secret. You can accept the taxes they're paying now because if you raise them, who has the ability to move out to some place else that charges lower taxes more easily. Yep! That would be "rich" people. So what's better--raising a rich person's taxes and having them leave Wisconsin thus you get NO TAX REVENUE from them  whatsoever, or you can take what they're paying now.

While we're dumping on you, you do not have your job necessarily because you have EARNED it. You have it because you've been in your job longer. How about getting rid of some of you guys who've been on the job, don't do much in favor of young workers still full of enthusiasm ready to go.

Basic economics: for every dollar a public worker makes, a taxpayer is giving up one of his or her dollars. Private sector workers see they wages go up when they produce more and that makes the employer earn more money and can then hire more people who will pay taxes or their employees might be rewarded with higher wages which means paying more taxes. When the economy is growing there is more money to provide more for public employees. When the economy is hurting, the pool from which public employees is compensated shrinks. What is simpler the logic or the math?

Some how some people who fancy themselves as well educated just don't get it, do they?

The bottom line is your an American. You got a job. Stop complaining and get back to work. This is not a threat -- it's the cold hard truth. If you're going to demonstrate, show the public you are worthy of your job and when financial conditions improve, you will be rewarded. Demonstrate calling the governor Hitler and carrying on like idiots as you are now will only make the public feel good when someone sticks it to you -- which would serve you right.


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