Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wiscosin Teachers Have Forfeited Their Professional Integrity


Wisconsin is the Tip of the Iceberg on a National Public School System that is OUT OF CONTROL

How can parents justify sending their children to be taught by GREEDY teachers who are so craven in their disrespect for their jobs, their students, their community, and their state by gathering FAKE doctors' notes to justify their absences.

Any sense that they have the right to engage in civil disobedience that breaks the law IS NOT exercising their first amendment freedom, it is an insurrection that must be treated as such. How can people who willingly violate the law whose compensation, particularly benefits are far better than those in their communities receive continue to expect the public will buy their doom and gloom scenarios like forty plus students in the classroom when the actions being taken by the Wisconsin governor are designed specifically to make maintaining the current staffing levels as high as possible without layoffs. If the teachers do not accept some concessions, the budget situation WILL force layoffs.

Teachers are obtaining FRAUDULENT doctor's notes to justify their absences. Doing such alone should result in dismissal.

One of the great revelations in recent labor disputes is that the notion of the underpaid teacher is largely a myth. Teachers are paid quite well. Consider whatever their annual salary is does not take into account that they are TEN MONTH employees and that they receive exceptional benefits which have not required contributions or co payments -- thus the generous benefits reward twice over.

Every effort to reform education is fought vigorously by teachers who increasingly act like they're doing the world a favor just showing up for work. Years of declining educational performance brought on No Child Left Behind, a reform they fought aggressively. It is little wonder that teachers oppose charter schools, home schooling, on-line eduction, for profit tutoring, and vouchers for private schools because they are not union members.

Any attempt to adjust teacher compensation so that it emphasizes pay for performance where exceptional teachers are rewarded for their contributions are likewise fought.

The tests don't lie. American students are losing ground compared to the academic performance of other children in the industrialized world. The future of our culture is at stake and every effort to improve education is met with resistance from teachers and their radical unions.

Thus the situation is as such, public schools are declining. The cost of staffing schools is skyrocketing. Increases in educational funding is not producing results. Teachers acted above any effort to make their profession more accountable and to change to meet current reality. They act as if their authority is absolute and tenure makes it very difficult to weed out ineffective teachers. Nowhere in our society is the entitlement mentality more out of control than among public school teachers who are responsible for teaching students the rule of law, personal responsibility, and serving as solid roll models.

The Wisconsin experience suggests the state should FIRE every teacher who continues to engage in the unlawful insurrection. Why not privatize the system where schools contract with private firms which supply properly trained professional teachers and by contract are expected to obtain specific results. No results - no contract.

It's time to think out of the box. We cannot continue to pay taxes to the lawless.  The teachers demand sacrifice while offering no concessions themselves. The teachers' conduct has shown them to be social leaches entitled to nothing more than due process dealt out firmly to the fullest extent of the law.

The time to tolerate this garbage has come to an end. It is the teachers who are forcing the issue. It's time for Wisconsin to respond accordingly.


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