Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pepsi Finally Gets Busted for a Crappy Advertisement

Plot Sequence: A black man is shown getting clobbered by an aggressive wife who kicks him under the table at a restaurant, slams his face in a pie, grabs his burger and sticks a bar of soap in his mouth, and then hectors him while sitting on a park bench while drinking a Pepsi Max where upon the black man’s attention is drawn to a very attractive white female jogger. The mean black lady then throws her can of Pepsi at the black man who ducks and it knocks the white girl to the ground. They both look at each other stunned and then quickly run away– end of commercial.

Reference ad:

It was certainly an easy ad to dismiss as just another tasteless stupid Pepsi ad. Pepsi has a long history of producing stupid tasteless advertisements. Most of their ads attempt to belittle Coca Cola who continues to rule the soft drink empire. Many are feeble attempts to be hip or edgy, but they are always stupid.

However this time they ignited charges of RACISM to the extent that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee denounced Pepsi on the floor of the house as if the legislative body doesn’t have more pressing issues to examine. Few public figures stir up racial frenzies and toss about the “race card” more fanatically than the Texas congresswoman. Her complaints are so frequent, so loud, so exaggerated, most Americans dismiss her complaints as pure garbage but advertisers generally take note fearful of being accused of a progression of sins: insensitivity through a litany of violations of the politically correct doctrine to RACISM!!!

Google “Pepsi racist super bowl ad” and see how many Internet petitions and pleads to boycott Pepsi are posted. Most Americans could care less but this demeaning ad has to have Coca Cola executives in Atlanta sneering with satisfaction.

While we are sick and tired of ginned up charges of RACISM, cries of things that are deemed “offensive” or “demeaning”, and deplore the whole culture of political correctness which is pure intellectual fascism, this advertisement does traffic in unfortunate stereotypes with no subtlety whatsoever. The black female is portrayed as nothing short of a real nasty bitch. The black guy is portrayed as a total dufus and reinforces the notion that black men lust for white women. The white girl is the sweet pretty damsel in distress knocked out flat on the ground assaulted by black people. There is no subtlety to this. All these elements are as full blown and obvious as possible.

One would think Pepsi knows better. Perhaps some white yahoos might have found this ad popular – the ones who are intellectually challenged enough to think Sarah Palin has what it takes to be President. The bottom line is anything short of censorship, Pepsi pretty much deserves what will come their way. They deserve no pity whatsoever.

It’s hard to determine what is more obvious how racist the ad is or how stupid it is. Rest assured, the ad probably won’t air again but Pepsi will continue to insult their customers with more stupid ads. That’s what Pepsi does.


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