Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dubya's Daugher: Strong Public Statement for Same Sex Marriage Rights

Barbara Bush not to be confused with her outspoken grandmother had been seen as the quieter of the Bush twins. Sister Jenna never missed a chance to engage the cameras or offer a little comic or sarcastic insight on things even getting a media gig with the Today Show. With one statement, sister Barbara changed all that when she recorded a plead to support same sex marriage for a New York advocacy group.

Video Statement:

Unquestionably, Ms. Bush will endure painful slings and arrows from the right wing bomb throwers while the left wing Bush haters will jump up and down, "See there, see....," as an attempt to further ridicule her father. Of course if the radical left is so truly supportive of the homosexual community, why do they throw around an ugly gay slur, "teabagger" so casually to insult the Tea Party movement.

Here's to Barbara Bush's guts and resolve. The last great civil rights barrier is crumbling fast as once one gets beyond the baby boom generation, tolerance appears much more forthcoming. While we respect some will have a more difficult time reconciling this issue with traditional morality, this will not be the first thing that has required redirected reflection. The Anglican church for one, has boldly embraced the issue and ordains homosexuals into their clergy.

Behavior science is providing greater support to support a person's orientation is not determined by decisions lifestyles. We applaud Barbara Bush for her stance. Again we pose the question, of what concern are the private lives of adults of any consequence to others?

For those homophobes who'd argue they don't want "those types" teaching their children, guess what, they are and have been for a long, long time.


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