Saturday, February 19, 2011

MSNBC -- Left Wing Advocacy Journalism in Wisconsin

Who'd be surprised that MSNBC's coverage would be biased in favor of the criminal behavior on display in Wisconsin? 

It probably wouldn't be surprising that MSNBC is also patting itself on the back for the great job they're doing reporting the story as Lawrence O'Donnell giving his colleague Ed Schultz "attaboy's" for "taking this story national."

Schultz goes on to call the governor's actions as an "attack on the middle class" of Wisconsin and pledging to show the "radical" influences including "tea-partiers" with one blast after another against Governor Scott Walker. You will not see more dishonest, politically biased, pure rabble rousing disguised as reporting in this clip from Ed Schultz on the Rachel Maddow show.

Naturally, in supporting the radical insurrection afoot in the Cheese State, they're also reporting absolute lies fed to them by the union such as there is no budget crisis in Wisconsin and that they are fighting pay cuts of 20%.

It would be no surprise for Fox News, perhaps on "Fox News Watch" or News Busters to report MSNBC's failings, but this information comes from David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun who blasts MSNBC's disasterous coverage of this dreadful event.


Our praise to David Zurawik for his responsible expose of this horrible journalistic fraud. MSNBC continues to marginalize themselves by making no pretense of objectivity and has no regard for the facts if they don't conform to their activist agenda.



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