Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia On My Mind: Update

The beat goes on. Georgian city, Gori, falls to all out Russian invasion. Strategically, this divides Georgia in half as Gori is located directly in the center of the country.
Russia has already black-balled Germany, warning them to watch their step as they would surely not want anything to interfere with the uninterupted supply of natural gas piped to them from Russia. Russia has already used economic blackmail against former Soviet republics.
Russia is using its economic power to divide potential alliances against their treachery.
The specifics of Putin's agenda are not clear yet, but there is no questioning the actions in Georgia mark a huge escalation.
A major oil pipeline passes through Georgia...
Will the world be quick to surrender Georgia, a democratic republic working so hard to become a resposible member of the world community, for fear of how Russia might stick it to them on economic matters?
This is a very horrible situation.

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