Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Barrack Obama: I Question Your Patriotism and Your Love for America

I will not let Barack Obama's threats scare me. Here goes folks, this gets UGLY!

Again and again, we’ve heard Obama whine, shake his fist, and complain about his foes questioning his patriotism and love of country. He has even suggested John McCain has issued such challenges. Well, where are the quotes from John McCain, senior Republicans, or John McCain staffers who have done such? It seems like any time somebody gets a little aggressive in their anti-Obama rhetoric, John McCain will scold them rather than perhaps rephrase the criticism in a little more presidential tone. After awhile, this starts to sound like that nonsense during the Republican debates on who the “real conservative” was. Nobody’s going to vote against a Republican candidate for being too harsh on Obama’s patriotism or love of country, but boo-hoo-hoo HOO-HOO!!! Play the violin, Obama baby. What’s the big deal? However, the screaming never stops from you, your surrogates, or the lapdogs who wag their tales at your every word in the news media.

So hear goes, just today, Tuesday, August 19, 2008, Orlando, Florida:

“Let me be clear-I will let no one question my love of this country. I love America….”

Obama addressing VFW convention.

Let the media and campaigners say what they will, I don’t need Mr. Obama’s permission to let me question his love of America or patriotism. Andrea, Chris, Keith and all you other MSNBC folks, can you help me talk to your buddy, Can you please tell him: “Roll up your sleeves, put up your dukes, because I’m coming after you.”

I wrote Barack Obama a letter. I hope he reads it. I’m trying to be nice. I worked real hard on this, honest.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear Junior First Term Senate Neophyte Barack Obama:

Can I just call you “Barry” like your buddies used to when you were doing all those drugs a long time ago. Barry Scary, that’s you big guy!

I’m going to get something out of the way right off the top. I don’t like you. You’d probably see me as one of those “typical white people.” I live in Maryland and I don’t appreciate what you said about my neighbors to the north in Pennsylvania who you said were bitter, that they “cling to their guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…” They are Americans, Mr. Obama, and they’re my friends. You’re stereotyping them in a very wicked sort of way suggesting they are essentially not too bright bigots. Religion and guns are BAD in your world, aren't they?
You’re a guy who acknowledged in your audacious Audacity of Hope book you had the audacity to have told us you never had a clue about religion until Reverend Wright brought you to Jesus. Whoa, baby, what kind of religion were you drawn to" In your book, you praised Reverend Wright. You said he influenced you. I’ve heard his words too. He hates America. He said our government created the AIDS virus to kill Africans. Your wife, who you’ve also dared us not to criticize said she wasn’t proud to be an American until you were running for President. For her to say she loves America rings pretty shallow. You’ve hung around with guys like William Ayers who tried to blow up the Capitol. He doesn’t love America. This is all very creepy. Those people around you, they're not just creepy, they're mean!

You say you love America, but I doubt it. Maybe you do, but it’s not the kind of love I think of as love. It’s one of those kinky, dirty, abusive kind of loves, you know -- whips, chains, duct tape – that perverted stuff that makes “right minded people” really sick.

I’ve seen you’re pretty good with red tape. I can’t get over this picture of you tying up my love, my beautiful Lady Liberty with red duct tape and then making her do all kind of sick things to satisfy your perverted ego.

She’s a good girl Mr. Obama. There’s not a hungry mouth she won’t feed if you ask her. She’ll even provide food to folks who don’t like her. She doesn’t care if she’s not invited to the dinner table. Just tell her where to drop off the food. Just please make sure it gets to the hungry people like the typhoon survivors in Burma. No matter what country suffers from a dreadful storm, an earthquake or any other kind of natural disaster, who’s the first one to show up, it's the lovely Ms. Liberty just asking, “How can I help?” Are there ever any strings attached?

When things get bad around the world, when bullies are hurting the little guys, Lady Liberty has lots of guys who love her. They love her so much they’d sacrifice their lives. These guys will go anywhere in the world not just to protect her but to keep others from getting bullied around. However, you want to tell her guys to butt out and go home.

You go over to the Middle East and Europe and give fancy speeches about all your fantasies and telling the world that Lady Liberty isn’t doing all she should be doing and even suggest she might be a part of some very nasty things. We heard your speech in Berlin.

Lady Liberty is a rich girl, that’s for sure. She’s probably the richest gal on the planet. But look at what she does with her money! She spends lots of money all around the world building schools, hospitals, and highways. She looks after the kids in America who have to go to crappy schools because she doesn’t want any child left behind. She is spending tons of money on old people and the handicapped but guys like you and a bunch of lawyers have tied her up in more of that red duct tape making it harder for those folks to get what they need.

All these wonderful things, and all we here from you is change, change, change. You want to change Lady Liberty. You want to make my girl something she’s not. When you're done changing Ms. Liberty, no one will even recognize her. You'll probably try to make her look like one of those Hollywood "ho's" who love you so much. You even want to make her go around and rob all those people you think are too rich and then give their money to all your friends who think they need it for something. More and more red tape, you keep wrapping it around her, keeping her quiet, even making her look the other way so you can let doctors kill babies like you did in Illinois, poor children ready to live in the outside world whose mothers didn’t want them. You’d just kill them. I think you’re a mean man. You don't care about babies. They're too little to kiss your arse.

If you love Lady Liberty so much, why do you want to change her so much? I kind of like her just the way she is. Maybe she could try a little bit different hairstyle, freshen up the makeup, maybe get her toe-nails fixed up, but she’s like family to me. I rather like her wholesome all American looks. She stands on that Island in New York Harbor welcoming folks from around the world. Come one, come all, but just play by the rules when you’re trying to get here. Fair enough?

But all I see from you is someone who’d treat her like Patty Hearst was treated when some guys who think a lot like your pal Bill Ayers kidnapped her, brainwashed her, and got her in big trouble robbing banks. Maybe you got some of your ideas from them on how to treat Ms. Liberty. You sure were friendly with a lot of those kind of people. That guy you read who made such a difference in your life, that Malcolm X guy, he didn't like America either did he?

Hands off my lady, chump! While you’re at it, you might want to ask that mean woman you live with to say a few little “I’m sorry’s” to Ms. Liberty. If she keeps it up, you’ll see a cat fight like you’ve never seen before, and Mrs. Obama will be the one who gets bloody and bruised. Lady Liberty has had much tougher competition that the angry woman from Chicago. Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Jane didn't get anywhere, did they?

I love America, the girl next door, the Statue of Liberty, that beautiful love. You don't know true love. You want to hurt her. I'm voting for "let well enough alone." She's been so good to me all my life and I'll do anything to keep your dirty hands off her bottom. Leave my lady alone!! I’m not backing down. Lady Liberty has given me so much to be proud of in my years on this planet. I won’t let an idiot like you screw with her.


Sincerely yours,

A very angry and protective big brother
Ms. Liberty’s Right Minded Fellow

PS. Could you please just go away? Go back to Hawaii or Indonesia. I hear the weather’s pretty warm in Sri Lanka. You can go there. I’m getting very tired of seeing you on television all the time. I’d rather listen to Billy Mays sell Oxy-Moron Skin Cream or watch that Sham-Wow guy “you know those Germans always make good stuff" do his obnoxious commercials than see your stuff. That test pattern with the colored bars and electronic tone isn't so bad either. You ill me through and through with your fake hip black accent and pseudo intonation. How old were you when you heard your first real American born and raised African-American speak, huh? You're a fraud, a damned lying fraud, and you're messing with my lady, you fool. Lady Liberty doesn't care what color people are. She loves them all, but people who don't like you -- hmm, there's always something very wrong about them in your eyes: they're racists or some other kind of sociopath. Enough already.
PPS. My mama doesn't like you either, and she's ninety years old!!!


If you don’t like my choices, maybe that nice old man, John McCain, could find you a job on the Marshall Islands or make you ambassador to Fiji.

That’s all for now. I’ll be writing again if you don’t get your dirty little act together. How’s your buddy Johnny Reid Edwards doing these days? Gee, and you were going to give him a big important job weren’t you? Awh shucks!!! Bet you wish he were living it up in Sri Lanka or Boingo Boingo right about now, don't you? He reminds me of you, big guy. I wonder why.

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