Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bad to the Bone -- Stephen Smith & Prince Fielder

Who Needs Pro-Wrestling: Players Beating Up On Each Other

In the spirit of being the most omniscient, timely source of information, commentary, and reflections on the human state, RMF is reaching out to those hardy few in Sports Nation, the NFL fans, who must be in total withdrawal by now as they're deep into the second month there is no action on ice whatsoever. we're providing you with what freelance physical violence we can find in the other major sports. In the total spirit of this article, we provide honorary mention to NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver, Carl Edwards and Crew Chief, Bob Osborne who blew a little hissy fit at each other over their radios discussing the finer points of pit strategy during Sunday's Pocono race.

Teammates beating up teammates, could this be a new trend? As if fights in hockey aren't bad enough or one of those bench clearing brawls where major league ballplayers get in girlie fights with each other, the past week might have brought about a new alarming trend: teammate against teammate violence!!

NFL Offensive Player Clocks Fellow Player

OMG!!! First, in Carolina Panthers training camp, veteran WR Stephen Smith busted up teammate, Cornerback, Ken Lucas. The three time Pro-Bowl star of the Carolina offensive leader will be suspended for the first two games of the regular season whie Lucas sustained a broken nose, black eye, and bruised ego after the dust-up.

Using the popular vernacular, the dude has anger management issues. Smith was suspended a game back in 2002 for a little smackdown on practice squad player, Anthony Bright.
For more details, CBS Sportsline account:

Bad Blood in Baseball: Prince Fielder - Tough Guy Veggie

Barry Bonds.....Manny Ramirez.... next please!

Our ace research staff might have found it's next best bet to keep the tradition alive beyond Manny Ramirez, and like Barry Bonds, this fellow is the son of a noteworthy a major league player, the truculent Prince Fielder.

Check out this article and video from MLB.

Now that's bad ass!!! It's not enough to whack the dickins out of an opposing pitcher's fastball, but your own player? Zounds!!! The victim, lefty pitcher, Manny Parra had just given up six runs before being lifted for a pinch hitter. As Parra headed toward the club house, Mr. Fielder wanted to be most emphatic that he would appreciate his teammate would develop more effective pitch selections in his next outling.

The often sulky 270 lb. one man wrecking crew is so mean he won't even talk to his father, former Tiger great, Cecil Fielder. Not even the Bonds boys, have a father/son duo who both hit 50 home runs. Over the winter, Fielder became a vegitarian. One might infer a big man like that who hasn't had a nice juicy steak for several months might want a nice meaty piece out of something so why not rack the ribs of a fellow player?
So as that great American philosopher Rodney King once implored, "Ah, can we, can we just get along?"

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