Friday, August 8, 2008

Obama on the Take from Firestone???

Barack Obama's "Inflate Your Tires" Campaign is Part of a Major Marketing/Public Relations Campaign Sponsored by Corporate Giant, Bridgestone/Firestone; Racing Icon, Mario Andretti Involved

Get Involved Darn It

My friends (as John McCain would say, your ol' buddy RMF has realized something. There has been an on-going "inflate your tires campaign" underway for some time. Its source was television spots aired by Firestone with racing legend, Mario Andretti, as its spokesman. These were informative spots, ending with Mario staring into the camera, "Please Inflate Your Tires."
Firestone and its parent company, Bridgestone, have setup a website, where they introduce the M.A.R.I.O.S. (Mario Andretti's Real Information on Safety), an informataive program on what drivers can do take care of their vehicles and practice proper safety techniques to be safer drivers. A handy .pdf booklet can be downloaded for detailed information. The overwhelming point this presentation wants to public to keep in mind, Please inflate your tires. This is actually a pretty informative site that would be worth drivers reviewing as a little wake up call on for some of their driving and car maintenance techniques.
The only cynical question RMF has, could this fine program be the result of a law suit brought against Bridgestone/Firestone. At the peak of the surging SUV bubble around 1997, problems were rapidly being identified with the Firestone all-weather tires supplied as standard equipment on the vast majority of the Ford Explorer/Mercury Marriner fleet. Some Chevy products were involved too. This lead to a massive recall where after much wrangling allowing SUV owners to exchange their tires at their Ford dealers for a different safer tire many of which were manufactured by arch-rival Goodyear. Firestone offered in its defense that the tire problems resulted mainly from customers not maintaining proper tire inflation!!!

Okay RMF readers, well all of America for God's sake, WAKE UP!! "The One" was on to something wasn't he. If his say so isn't good enough for you, please for the sake of life and limb not just providing for total energy independence for the United States, seize this moment, it's your duty as an American citizen. DO NOT WAIT FOR PARIS HILTON TO WEIGH IN ON THIS SUBJECT -- PAST BEHAVIOR SHOWS AUTOMOTIVES MIGHT NOT BE HER STRONGEST KNOWLEDGE BASE AND EVEN MORE SO DON'T WAIT FOR THAT "WHITE HAIRED DUDE" SHE HAS SPOKEN OF.

My Friends (again alluding to Senator John McCain's catch phrase), if you can't do it for yourself, do it for your country, INFLATE YOUR (BLEEPING) TIRES!!!!!

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